Sam Sparro - Hot Mess Lyrics

I know you fancy yourself as a sexy bitch
It's in the way that you walk
And do ya kiss your mother with those expensive lips?
You've sure got expensive talk
And well your lavish life might appear delicious
But not particularly nutritious

But you need it don't you baby?
No your nothing without their gazes
They don't love you
They're your strangers
Look how far you have come
You're amazing
You're amazing

Yeah you worked so hard just to shed your shackles
But when you need a tea,
Now every one knows you
And they all talking, but not favorably
If you wipe the oblivion from the mirror
You just might see things a little clearer

But you need it don't you baby?
No your nothing without their gazes
They don't love you
They're your strangers
Look how far you have come
You're amazing
You're amazing

And you wonder why the people can't stop looking
It's exactly what you want us to do
Well everybody's searching for their one hot minute
But we've all got to get a bigger piece of you
Baby, you're a hot hot mess

But you need it don't you baby?
No your nothing without their gazes
They don't love you
They're your strangers
Look how far you have come
You're amazing
You're amazing

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Sam Sparro Hot Mess Comments
  1. Iannelli mattia55

    CHUCK <3

  2. Florian Stoica

    Catchy beat, indeed :)

  3. Marie Chanel

    i remember this song from the toyota car commercial and i instantly fell in love


    nice reference to bolivian marching powder...

  5. Soundtrack



    sounds like prince in 1982,still damn good...

  7. Maria Emanuel

    "If you wipe the Bolivian from the mirror.."? whats that supposed to mean???
    *i'm bolivian

    grey eminence

    +Maria Emanuel Cocaine, as in the person Sam is singing about is (among other things) self absorbed and a drug user. So instead of using the mirror to cut a line of the drug. He suggests she take a look at herself for real.

    Maria Emanuel

    Ahhh okay. Thanks!

    Tracey Holland

    Maria Emanuel He sounds so much like Prince, it's scary!

  8. Peter Bonde

    Love this new Prince song! It's almost as good as the first version he did of it called "I Wanna Be Your Lover". Brilliant.

    Chew Bacca


    Seneca Nicholson

    I actually thought this was Prince when I first heard this at my workplace. #DSW SHOES soundtrack list# LOL!

  9. Chew Bacca

    chuck brought me here!

  10. Nikola Borbandi

    It sounds so wrong, but it is awesome

  11. Jacquelin Oliver

    I havn't heard a song from this artist that I dont love , this is unusual for me ! too funky for words !

  12. Brandon Roby

    lol saprro

  13. KinkyCoily Curls

    reminds me of prince lol

    Seneca Nicholson

    KinkyCoily Curls Same here. Lol!

  14. icklestick

    i expect you all to be strutting to this and/or dancing like a fool.

  15. CGEustice

    I can't stop listening to this!
    It sounds like if Jamiroquai and Prince had a musical baby :D

    Dyana Draeger

    Oh my god, I would die!!! That would be an unbeatable force.

  16. Destiny Webb

    Sam is Australian but he is signed with the British label Island Records. So I can see where the subject would be confusing lol. I thought he was British until I looked it up lol.

  17. Maria Tran

    Oh nevermind I knew that of course

  18. cirquedusogay

    nope he's Australian lol

  19. Maria Tran

    Hes British

  20. Makenzie Dunn

    Love me.....please xD

  21. iphestos

    exactly what i thought!

  22. KarmalBeauty

    Whoa!!! I just had a 1984 PRINCE FLASHBACK!!! omg... This is off the chain!!

  23. smatthews author

    I think you can hear Prince actually doing the background vocals...???

  24. Mojo Barnes

    sounds like a prince cut. nice.

  25. Mark G

    Change settings for mobile viewing bro

  26. Tre Jejuan

    funny how there was a commercial about MORMONS before this song lol

  27. nickie b

    @ItsEdGore born in Australia, but of Portuguese descent =)

  28. Tanya Gomez-Garcia

    omg wow this guy is so cool and definitly my style lol hahaha
    low key but crazy at the same time im feelin it <3

  29. wordofmouthrevisited

    this is like Har Mar Superstar meets Prince, only they both have more interesting lyrics, less derivative style, less synth....we all play synth. Yawn... great voice though, credit.

  30. cirquedusogay

    @justinb3bieber umm im positive hes australian :/

  31. loveedigveggies1004

    Prince!!!!!!! you can hear the influence BIG time.... I love you Sam Sparro

  32. allibeanie

    @PeneloWeazel Even though? How would any of these factors impede his ability to sing?

  33. ertoberto2

    well your lavish life might appear delicious
    but not particularly nutritious :P

  34. Vallentine08

    people keep posting things like: is he gay?!... people keep saying: he sounds like princ.... well you know what people, it really doesnt matter he has a good voice and thats all that matters right????????? lol

  35. daire15curran

    once again thank god 4 chuck

  36. ebonypocahontas

    @moraiho On the internet in certain sources it says he is. I dont assume that though cuz I havent heard him say it so it doesnt even matter.

  37. Xavier

    @moraiho yes

  38. Moriah Odom

    is he gay???

  39. mini mosh

    so Prince! I love it.

  40. Taegan

    @ItsEdGore Jeez. People can be so ignorant.

  41. mrsjamespotter210

    2:00-2:12 is the best!

  42. ikization

    @ItsEdGore ik! i thought the same thing.... kind of weird

  43. Destiny Webb

    I love his style. I don't dance but when I listen to his music I can't sit still lol. Sam is awsome.

  44. godislovewoo

    @acciopantaloon umm...okay that's not a fact, it's your opinion, i don't really care, i didn't even say anything negative. I just compared 2 people.

  45. PeggyKoneko

    They used this song for the latest 30Rock ad on Comedy Central ^^b Nice choice!!

  46. Destiny Webb

    lol. Prince's lovechild lol. That is so fricking funny.

  47. klovehottie

    @ItsEdGore lmao I did too!!! until I saw that vid and i hear it on SL really enjoyed it lol

  48. WeaverBaskets

    Smoke dank

  49. Gil Ferreira



  50. esria


  51. Jerrel Brown

    hahahha this shit is the bomb diggity do! =D haha

  52. Gil Ferreira

    go chuck season 4!!!!!! from lisbon

  53. bill will

    his voice sounds like Marvin Gaye in this song. I know what your Prince too: the layered vocals.

  54. CaptainSpork7

    What does he mean by "If you wipe the BOLIVIAN from the mirror," ? What is he referring to?

  55. Nina

    i said he was like a white prince..... but i did not know he was Australian... this boy can sing!!

  56. CaptainSpork7

    I love this song! I wish it was a little longer than 3:05 min.

  57. kat malone

    omgoshh thats where i recognised the voice haha! thought i was goin crazy!

  58. godislovewoo

    that looks like gabe saporta and cobra starship has the same name in one of their songs...coincidence..

  59. Ashenfly

    I am going to be so pissed off if you are lieng. I am his biggest fan, you will talk to me :] do you have a myspace?

  60. Michelle Tirabassi

    yea his music is amazzingg i lovee it!
    happy new year to u too!

  61. Michelle Tirabassi

    idk some how i dnt believe u esp when u spelt sparro with a w and thats not how he spells his name

  62. Michelle Tirabassi

    @chantaldegroat thats cool, i always wanted to kno his real last name, do u kno it?

  63. Michelle Tirabassi

    how do u kno sam?

  64. MrMiser27

    Prince is music in human form. He plays anything he touches flawlessly (except brass horns but he's still probably pretty good on those too). This guy is no where near Prince's dimension. Not even close.

  65. King Lucy

    Umm I don't know about BETTER than Prince. I mean, PRINCE, the guy's a genius. But I do hope Sam blows up very soon, he is extremely talented.

  66. MusicPhene17

    Prince without a doubt. Except in my opinion I think he will be better than Prince at some point he is just tooo damn talented not to blow way up sometime soon

  67. Heldor

    lmao, this album was released like a year and a half ago, and he only looks like Gabe in this picture because he's wearing white aviators and a cap :P

  68. Madre Deus16

    stupid people can't stand new data in their brain, that's how comparisons start... sorry, but it's true.

  69. Entranced.Occult.Matrix

    damn he is soo good and sexy!!

  70. tigeress1

    sam has a gospel upbringing, a voice born with soul and an obsession with funk &disco, what a combo, oozing with talent :)

  71. WesDavisJr

    totally sounds like Prince lol

  72. MrMuzikMan21

    sam is currently working on his next album i cant wait for it to come out

  73. cirquedusogay

    i thought sam sparro was black for a while... i just found he's white when i saw the music video for black and gold :O

  74. Krista

    He's good, but I don't fancy this song so much.

  75. Maya Brown

    Dear god yes.

  76. Missmuffinmcgee

    Prince's long lost lovechild

  77. fusion55

    same style and looks exactly like trouble andrew

  78. Aux

    I thought the same, followed by Gnarls Barkley 10 seconds later.

  79. cheezfri

    Definitely sounds like a Prince cover, lol. He also reminds me of Jamiroquai sometimes.

  80. umiabze

    listening to sam sparro is like having repeated audiorgasms. so fucking hot

  81. Hornytoad

    He's the perfect IT boy, and he's fun, and clever, and really talented, and doesn't posture about like Justin (I'm not a weasel: I'm a big tough heterosexual) Timberlake.

    Role model (and sex-bomb)

  82. Josh Reas

    This totally reminded me of Prince, too. I love this song.

  83. Chris Merc

    wtf is wagger?

  84. jorged06

    Cool tune, i love it!
    Reminds me of Prince a lot. The new generations need to drink more of that fountain...

  85. Xtrakoolness

    there will never be another like prince.. but i miss this sound.. i love it! sparro is great!

  86. Ryan Belknap

    Eat it. Prince and Michael stopped doing stuff like this years ago. Cottonmouth has changed my life, Sam Sparro I'm in love. Marry me in Vermont!

  87. J T

    GREAT SONG....he has a good vocal range!!

  88. duddmeister

    I agree he is bringing back electro funk

  89. mrsjamespotter210

    soooo sexy

  90. Brandon Patr!k

    so wonderful! i hope he does a video for this--and i hope it ain't half-assed like 21st century life. seriously, that video sucked. black-and-gold was such a beautifully crafted video... to follow it up with 21st's shitty video really sucked.

  91. Johanvdgraaf

    Yes indeed, start threatening...

    great song tho ;)

  92. Cash Back

    Well it's Not 1980 and Prince isn't doing the Dirty Mind Album anymore! Which this could easily put in the middle of and no one would never know!


    I meant dig


    Sorry I did not mean it like that, I am a big Prince fan, I just remeber the good old days.

    prince is a legend and i still did his music.

  95. Cash Back

    Prince has never Not been good! He just became less popular because he didn't make music to suit everybody else for a change! The Voice does sound very similiar on this track though!


    Sorry when prince was good, it also sound like it has a break from forewver in my life?


    Track reminds me a little of when prince good.

    Sam Sparro is Shit hot, check out his live stuff his voice has a great sound.