Sam Sparro - 21st Century Life Lyrics

When I was a little boy
Living in the last century
I thought about living in the future
Then it occurred to me
I turned around, the future was now
The future was all around me
Nothing like I had imagined
It was totally confounding

21st century life
I got swept away
I got 21,000 things that I got to do today
21st century life
Well what can I say?
The new world's got me feeling so dirty
Think I need to get down and play

Well now I turned on the TV just in time enough to hear what the Pope said, Pope said
And just a few tiny words later
Somebody wants the man dead, oh
Well what about famine and disease
Well they said its too bad (oops)
Because I'm never alone
Its not just a phone
Its a stereo

21st century life
I got swept away
I got 21,000 things that I got to do today
21st century life
What can I say?
The new world's got me feeling so dirty
Think I need to get down and play

Now I'm not a little boy
I'm in the 21st century
Well you might think we've come a really long way, but theres still no equality
Mmm hey hey
I watched the news on my computer screen
Talkin' 'bout buying my weed out of a vending machine
You tell me I'm free
Well how can that be
When you're always watching me on the CCTV?

21st century life
I got swept away
I got 21,000 things that I got to do today
21st century life
What can I say?
The new world's got me feeling so dirty
Think I need to get down and play

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Sam Sparro 21st Century Life Comments
  1. ii Breezy

    last month of the 21 century tomorrow.


    ii Breezy 😂 u got it wrong bud this ain’t the end of the century


    I heard this song in Iraq when I left Babylon

  3. J Music 30

    This shit SLAPPED in 2k17 bruh... dat slap bass is COLD!! 🔥🔥🔥

  4. ravenjmain

    This song and Ridin round are the two best songs from 2k

  5. Myles Hawley

    Y’all miss 2k17 too huh?😔

  6. daquan shermont III

    Fuck nba 2k17 I was bumping this shit in primary school

  7. Rahmel Malloy

    I wish i was born in the early 80s or 90s

  8. Dr Ivanhoe

    2k nostalgia bro 😭

  9. _ Hawk _

    My sharpshooter would brick every shot, and my team would scream my name as a "sellout", but when this song was playing, it hurt just a little less 😂👍

  10. Pootisbird 3000

    Not usually one to use emojis but this is straight🔥

  11. anthony jordan

    2019 anyone ?

  12. Team Nitro Type Official Channel

    Thanks to 2K17 (which I got for my birthday), brought me here!!

  13. J1boogz HD

    Miss 2k17😭😭

  14. Breeze

    This is a very dope song

  15. Cat Of The Year

    10 years old playing this on an iPod mini. Fucking memories

  16. dajizzal

    U know why I'm here Beast Mode vc #2k

  17. Benjamin Wright

    2k19 anyone

    Dorian Conway

    Benjamin Wright 2k17 Chief

  18. Swish Mamba

    Good times... whenever years go by, gotta love these old songs from 2k.

    Ryan B

    Yea sometimes I just randomly remember this and have to listen to it 2k is really great at picking songs

  19. gov3rnor

    I always turned up in the park when this came on🔥🔥

  20. Ashlee Johnson

    This song brought me here from 2k17 one of the best songs on 2k I love listening to it it's tha realest songs ever

  21. Fortnite Epic Trickshots & Build offs

    Listening to this 2 years later. The memories from nba2k17

    Legend Da Great

    HSV Guy2007 !! We on 2k19 now. I like 2k17 music better

    Ashlee Johnson

    Ouu lawd time goes by fast! 😭😭😭😢

  22. Tender 10der

    Why am I still playing 2k17...

    Datwhiteboi i.

    Tender 10der 18 is trash lmao

  23. Demonitization

    My mind: I’m gonna be the first one to talk about 2k


  24. RR Tariman

    damn 3k

  25. Jalen Thomas

    Played 2k to this song today.

  26. MrHoff TV

    2k Everyone 2k

  27. TAAM Yt

    Who else knew the song before it came out on 2k17...... NOT ME

    Cat Of The Year

    Jammed to this on an iPod mini 10 years ago lol

    Kyler Scott

    2k17 brought me here, and I’m happy it did

  28. Crisanto Mariano

    NBA 2k17 best song

  29. Kenny Michael

    Sam fuckin put it down on this track. Excellent

  30. benhurzz

    bro i thought this song was fairly recent, it came out on 2008 😭😭

    Ashlee Johnson


    Ashlee Johnson

    I miss 2k17😭😢😭😭

  31. Virtuozzo!

    Sam Sparro brought me here back when it came out !

  32. Brandon Minikwu

    Realest song ever tho.

  33. Monique Morris

    Candice Patton brought me here.

  34. John Bills

    21 centry life

  35. SpiderAidin

    NBA 2k17

  36. Guilherme C

    2018 10 years

  37. Ye Boi Champagne

    for some reason this reminds me of 'I am Number Four'

  38. Turbo-Fan

    underrated song

  39. Tyronne Davis

    Best song on nba

  40. Sleepy Bones

    this song has been stuck in my head for nine years

  41. double O

    Forced diversity but I love it

  42. double O

    2k bring me here......all late lol

  43. 2021 student15

    this song is so lit fam

  44. Tray J

    I thought it was a old black dude at first

  45. oshane griffiths

    That's what my opponents in playoff say 3:19

  46. Carmeun

    2k brought me here

  47. Derek Johnson

    2k n17ba brought me here

  48. Shane Santos

    A great song when half my points were fast breaks

  49. Virginboy3D


  50. Janet Dixon

    So many people here from NBA 2k... 😂😂😂

  51. Sam Mcsam

    i'm here because i'm a proper fan of Sam not like all you posers!
    get a life basketball nerds


    Smh you're only a fan because your name is Sam you poser


    g a t e k e e p i n g

    sean don

    If your a fan u should be happy more ppl knw about an artist u like

  52. brandon burcham


  53. thaear

    Who else was 39 when this song came out

    Pootisbird 3000


  54. Squeaker Nation

    Top 5 pump up 2k songs

    1:21st century life 2k17

    2:Downtime 2k11

    3:Ride 2k6 and 16

    4:Amazing 2k10

    5:red roller skates 2k11

  55. Squeaker Nation

    When I heard this song I scored 103 points in one whole games and I technically beat Bryant's record of
    100 or 101 I think

    bone crusher

    BobPlays you mean wilt Chamberlain

  56. Cristi Cebotari

    nba2k is juste the best game ever

  57. Hermon James

    2k got the hits

  58. MERP unclediddle

    rock on bro thanks for this song

  59. Bob Rogers

    reminds me of being in the city

  60. Dazenik

    No 2k I brought myself here all by myself !! ;)

  61. Kevin Stiff

    Don't know why, but I feel like T.I. would be on a remix to this.


    Kevin Stiff Pharrell would be tight too

  62. bradyn zinda 2

    first 25 seconds had me like 😁😁

  63. Lance Hatch Boxing


  64. KiritoTv

    NBA 2k17 rules

  65. KiritoTv

    2k songs is life if you agree like this or reply

  66. Braden Ullery

    2k brought me

  67. LIT YY


  68. Lyrical Girls

    this my favorite song

  69. Josh Summers

    who is else look this song up because of 2K17 ???

    Ren Smith

    Josh Summers exactly me

  70. Live and Direct

    2k using songs from years ago smh

    Nick Pettitt

    who cares how old it is if it's good music

    sean don

    I’m glad they did with out 2k I would have never heard this jewel

  71. Chris Ward

    dis song on 2k but its old :)

  72. Jay Jay

    who else go sent here because 2k17

  73. Carson Whisler


  74. CaNd_ E !

    I heard this on 2k

  75. pepsiguy52883

    2k17 brought me here

  76. ChampBoy13

    he sound like kenan thompson to me

  77. justin martinez

    makes me wanna splash on ppl at the park

  78. Meme Force One

    NBA 2K17

  79. bssk szn

    I beat my brother then this song came on at the team selection screen I was Milly rocking😂

  80. King Phil

    Nba 2k 17 xD

  81. OTis W. Thomas III

    I turn off most of the other tracks on 2k17 just too let this one replay feel me!!! True slaps!! #ThankYou

  82. Shayla Barfield

    This is so catchy. Why am I just discovering???? Prince reincarnation

  83. Chris Williams

    this song makes me laugh

  84. Jahflakes

    Does anyone else hear a PS4 Ding when you're controller needs to be charged.

  85. S2 Kriptix

    I'm listening to this song while playing 2K

  86. S2 Kriptix

    2K brought me here too this is an amazing song!

  87. Eric Adams

    Thought homie was black 😮😂 song 🔥🔥🔥 tho (2k)

    Luc Renwick

    lol. same

    Scott Brown

    Pretty sure hes a white aussie


    Yeah lol

  88. yung pineapple

    The memory's

  89. dope retro

    I love this song it is my 2k17

  90. David Hurtado

    Man 2K17 brought me to this man what am I doing with my life

  91. Mikhail Smith

    Song is so lit

  92. Wavey Check

    My friends got so annoyed with me cuz on 2k I'll always say "21st century life" alot. lol

    too gigantic

    nice pic, lel

  93. shitheguy 1

    the original 21 savage

  94. Mass JiuJitsu

    Sounds like Ceelo

  95. Nashi Ritz

    Who is here to listen because of NBA2K17, because I know I am! They always use the best songs.

    Luke Marlow

    Nashi Pear ate you sure you aren't here because of a shitty Minecraft parody

    yung pineapple

    Nashi Pear yeah


    Ngi (translate from Zulu to English)