Sam Fender - White Privilege Lyrics

Start up my motor, eat, drink some burgers and cola
Feed my addictions and vices, oh, how my iPhone entices
My echo chamber media, regurgitated trivia
Befall the left and the right, catered for privileged whites
Signing online petitions, thinking I'm making a difference
Don't wanna hear about Brexit, them old cunts fucked up our exit
My generation was duped, the youth were left out the loop
Lies on both sides of the fence left me completely bereft
My bio reads public figure, light and full, check out my figure
Don't even know why they're famous
But God, they're so entertaining
I wanna copy what you eat, how you look, who you fuck
Wanna be anybody but me

I wanna be anybody but me
I wanna be anybody but me
Wanna be anybody but me
Wanna be anybody but me

Everybody's offended, the joke that just keeps on giving
I'm not entirely sure the nitpicking can count as progression
I'm chewing popcorn, sitting in the back row
Watching while the whole damn thing implodes
Nobody talks to each other for fear of different opinions
They call the bigots dumb for buying into fear from the papers
Smug liberal arrogance, working class don't fuck with it
It's all just ammunition for the right-wing press
The patriarchy is real, the proof is here in my song
I'll sit and mansplain every detail of the things it does wrong
'Cause I'm a white male, full of shame
My ancestry is evil, and their evil is still not gone

Their evil is still not gone
Their evil is still not gone
Their evil is still not gone
Their evil is still not gone
Their evil is still not gone
Their evil is still not gone
Their evil is still not gone
Their evil is still not gone
Their evil is still not gone
Their evil is still not gone
Their evil is still not gone
Their evil is still not gone

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Sam Fender White Privilege Comments
  1. Jeff Mason

    So many people getting offended at this song.
    The truth hurts!
    Keep up the great work Sam lad x

  2. sarahhelizabeth

    Damn everyone’s so triggered. Calm down 😂

  3. Bypasscz

    The lengths some people will go to for fame

  4. 24jamlepas

    love him or hate him but he be spitting facts doe😳😳

  5. wujidao

    Is this song Leukophobic or not?

  6. Don Brogan

    How sad. A silly little boy feels guilty of the past. This is the most selfish, me,me,me generation ever to exist. Not to mention stupid. This prick has been duped by his own stupidity.

  7. Winston Wolf

    Youtube hard at work deleting dislikes/comments.

  8. Igor Rodrigues

    So many triggered ppl here just proof the point of the song

    Anthony Ryan

    Africans used to cannibalise and enslave each other, and still do. Their ancestry is evil, their evil is still not gone...

    Don't get triggered by this comment or else you're just proving what I said

    Igor Rodrigues

    @Anthony Ryan yes they used to, like also did a dozens of others civilizations around the world back in the past. The point of the discussion is not that. It's about the legacy that the colonization left to us,
    how that influenced our culture and how does this work in the actual society.

  9. Anthony Ryan

    Can't tell if this is intended to be ironic or not

  10. Ross Heathorn

    Their evil is still not gone. You hear Brexit every day on news and he is only singer to sing about it. It's nice that he sings about something else than love.

    Anthony Ryan

    English working class people wanting to take back control over their borders is 'evil' to you. Ok scumbag

  11. Ross Heathorn

    Best tune on his album hands down. Just my opinion. Check out merry go round Rosco. Just ruff acoustic but ideas there. Peace world x

    Winston Wolf

    Peace? Not when you're advocating the genocide of our people there won't be.

    Anthony Ryan

    @Winston Wolf He's not bright this one

  12. Wilson Sc.Jordan

    Sam said the truth. So it's OK to be offended. Because truth hurts (Not that Lizzo's song).

    Anthony Ryan

    It's okay to be white.

  13. angelika fi

    Nice song... nice voice and look hot;P English musician what sing about something else not just about ass;) have nice weekend?;p

  14. Jack Mounsor

    Sam fender is a cunt.

  15. Paul Davidson

    this guy needs castrating

  16. marge 222

    He's no Jack hwite is he?

  17. Sarah Baker

    I love this song..

    Anthony Ryan

    I too love going on songs that criticise black people and commenting how much I love them, because they make me feel good about myself and give me validation

  18. dobbsiancant

    all these comments are not an you suppose they just stumbled here on their own? still,they confirm what the song lyrics are saying. now they should all go watch kid rock videos.

    Winston Wolf

    and you should eat a grenade.

  19. GNVS

    Wow what's with the dislikes? Have these people never heard Bruce Springsteen?

    Anthony Ryan

    People don't like being told their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so are 'evil' just because of the colour of their skin...

  20. Winston Wolf

    I've been to North Shields, not a pretty sight. The people Sammy boy left behind can be called anything, but privileged isn't one of them.

    Anthony Ryan

    Something he actually acknowledged in an interview as well... I dunno the boy doesn't seem to be the brightest crayon in the box

  21. Eddie Weston

    What a gimp . If he feels so guilty he should give all his money to victims of Muslim grooming gangs

  22. kate quinn

    Almost feel sorry for this twat.

  23. primo

    so many triggered people here lmao

  24. Tony Franchise

    Brainwashed or a nod to his masters.
    Never trust or listen to someone who HATES their own people. Read a history book.

    Take a look at parts of England, France, US. Most diverse cities prove diversity is a cancer... seen the footage? The homogenous white nations (Or Asian nations) are thriving. A reckoning is comin... ☘️14

    Bétaïna Sabri

    Honestly, at literally no point in that song he expressed hate for white people like wtf !?

    And also you would get that if you were not a racist piece of garbage !

    Cheers mate 😘💃

    Anthony Ryan

    @Bétaïna Sabri Calling all our ancestors 'evil', alright mate

    Bétaïna Sabri

    @Anthony Ryan He didn't say all and when he said ancestors he obviously intented the nazi ones, the ones who participated in slavery and so on stop being so triggered, weren't those people evil !? You have literally no reason to feel attacked right now lmao 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️


    Anthony Ryan

    @Bétaïna Sabri No, he isn't 'obviously' on about the 'nazi ones' you fool, do you know who fought and defeated the *German* Nazis? Other white Europeans and Americans, including British people. I am white, and he is saying in an indiscriminate way that white Briton's ancestors are evil and implying we've to atone for it or that we're still perpetuating that evil. So yeah, I do have a reason to be upset.

    Did you know the Trans-Saharan slave trade was responsible for way more enslavement of black Africans than the Trans-Atlantic was? So I guess the Muslim's ancestors are evil too and they must now atone. Should we make a song about it so?

    I've now read your reply twice and there is no logic to it. Trying to somehow imply I don't think slavers are evil, are you mentally disabled? You think and argue like a child, your use of emojis confirms this.

  25. Super DuperChap

    Brainwashed victim, the media and education system are pushing this marxist far left nonsense.

  26. Shelby Cobra

    I'm hope this is satire

  27. groove central

    What a loser.

  28. nomusa nzama

    True Sam... ”Their evil is not gone”

    rory cock

    feck off

    Anthony Ryan

    How bout you fuck off back to Africa.

  29. zarzarbeast


  30. zarzarbeast

    Go trans now Sam!

  31. polifatts


  32. BL1TZKRI3G

    lmao look at how he repeats "their evil is not yet gone"

    remember that nobody is immune to propaganda

    Winston Wolf

    Maybe he should slit his own throat to speed up the process.

  33. Robert James Fischer

    You know it’s never too late to throw yourself off a building.

    (In Minecraft.)


    ay tone

    Robert James Fischer

    BL1TZKRI3G lol bl1tzfag

    Anthony Ryan

    @BL1TZKRI3G wooden doors

  34. Cool Cat

    I guess he could be satirising the ridiculous concept of “white privilege” 🤔.......anyone?

    Brian Syme

    Unfortunately not, just watched an interview with him talking about this song on Radio X.

    Anthony Ryan

    It does come across as satirical or ironic... I dunno maybe the fella just isn't that smart, seems very conflicted

  35. Lisa Weaver

    Who hurt this fool where he's ashamed of his skin colour. And far leftists wonder why everyone laughs at them....

    Anthony Ryan

    Imagine unironically saying 'my ancestors were evil' thinking you've to atone for it.
    Actually no love, your ancestors were probably just normal, decent people just getting on with their lives, same as most people today; for most of history they were probably peasants toiling away in the fields

  36. Flyster

    Dear god this can’t be real can it 🤮

  37. TexanerinLondon

    SJWs can't innovate. This is why the Soviet Union sucked.

    Lucas Waggoner

    Hey, Soviet films were far superior to SJW media. Even they produced good works.

    Anthony Ryan

    It were Jews that originally agitated for mass immigration from the third world in America back in the 60's

  38. K 110

    This has to be a joke?


    @J D he's not a rich kid though

    J D

    primo He’s got a UK number 1 selling album and was due to headline Glastonbury in his first year and you’re trying to tell me he’s not rich? 😂 Come off it you absolute clown. I don’t care how or where he was raised. He isn’t sipping council pop anymore mate that’s for sure

    Anthony Ryan

    @primo yeah what makes it even weirder is that he comes from a working class area and talks about how all the white English northerners have nothing... I don't think he really has a clue what he's on about, very conflicted youngfella

    OJ Baldwin

    @J D not being funny mate but you're an absolute mong, hes not exactly what youd call a privileged wealthy white person, he makes songs that resonate with actual people who are middle or lower class. But if you got wealthy from doing your job and having a passion for it, would you be up for people slagging you off? If you've worked hard for it then why the fuck not, people like you get triggered about everything and unfortunately probably dont have a clue how many people in the North of England live.

    J D

    OJ Baldwin Not exactly wealthy? He’s got a number one selling album you absolute dunce 😂 He’s probably got more money than this comment section combined. I think that puts him in a privileged position you fucking “mong”
    If you can’t see the irony of a white Rockstar using his privilege to complain about “white privilege” then you’re thicker than you sound.