Sam Fender - Waiting For Love Lyrics

Where there's a will, there's a way, kind of beautiful
And every night has its day, so magical
And if there's love in this life, there's no obstacle
That can't be defeated
For every tyrant a tear for the vulnerable
In every lost soul the bones of a miracle
For every dreamer a dream we're unstoppable
With something to believe in

Monday left me broken
Tuesday I was through with hoping
Wednesday my empty arms were open
Thursday waiting for love, waiting for love
Thank the stars it's Friday
I'm burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday
Guess I won't be coming to church on Sunday
I'll be waiting for love, waiting for love

We are one of a kind, irreplaceable
How did I get so blind and so cynical?
If there's love in this life we're unstoppable
No we can't be defeated
Monday left me broken
Tuesday I was through with hoping
Wednesday my empty arms were open
Thursday waiting for love, waiting for love
Thank the stars it's Friday
I'm burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday
Guess I won't be coming to church on Sunday
I'll be waiting for love, waiting for love

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Sam Fender Waiting For Love Comments
  1. this is bloody amazing

  2. Neven Music

    2:22 even the bass player is in awe at how good this is

  3. NUFC-1892

    Putting Newcastle on the map

  4. Weronika Tessar

    From the first sec I knew that's gonna be something reallllly goooood

  5. MashItup

    I love how clear and “perfect” his voice sounds

  6. joe solowyk

    Only 2000 likes? :/

  7. Callum Macpherson



    ok im in love 😍

  9. amanda sofia alvarado salas

    This is the best cover ever!! I love this version is so great🖤

  10. S t r e s s e d O u t J e m

    Beautiful. Love Sam x

  11. entertainerzayn

    no words

  12. Giselle Mozzer

    Que voz linda, meu Deus... Perfeita interpretação. Amei

  13. Bill Breed

    Just curious...what’s the point of playing behind the plexiglass? 🤔

    Jason Allen

    It helps to prevent the sound of the drums entering the vocal microphone, which in turn, helps to get a better vocal sound/mix.

    Bill Breed

    Thanks Jason. Makes sense. 👊👊

  14. SimoLambo

    Seems like he's singing in playback. Amazing voice

  15. nini _


  16. Johanna Weitz

    This is just... everything

  17. Patrick


    Chris Z

    Haven't you a bomb to be making sweet, sweet love to

  18. Aly chan

    I think it's better than the original!

  19. Ugly Betty

    Could someone explain the setup of the backing guitarist? It's ethereal!

  20. Cj Silva

    sammy booooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Morgan Dawson

    The 2 people who have disliked this have serious hearing issues........

  22. Nigel James

    Goosebumps! Biggest new talent in years, he's going to be SO big, just hope sniffing agents, the money men & radio/media luvvies don't seek to monopolize & spoil something really special.

  23. Eliza 27123

    he's so fucking gorgeous 💕💕😘🎧🎧🎧 i love his music cant wait to get his dead boys cd

  24. Melody Moon

    Brilliant :)

  25. Andi Qui

    I can't get over his voice!!! I wanna cry he's incredible<<3

  26. Sarah Xx

    He's just amazing. Beautiful cover :)

  27. Cindy

    The clarity and tone of his voice gives me chills

  28. lara riesco lacal

    One the best covers I've heard in my life, so SO GOOD. I didn't like the song so much BUT THIS COVER made me LOVE THIS VERSION !!

  29. Sasha Marfoz


  30. King Aragorn II

    Ayyyy my boy is doing it again... 👏👏👏😂😂😂

  31. Eilish Hassett

    Unreal cover

  32. Becci Harvey-Vocalist

    This is just brilliant !! Loved avicii and loving Sam fender what a combo amazing cover .... this needs to be released x

  33. 666SIO

    His voice is so memorable and beautiful

  34. Blue master Kieran

    Can't wait to go and see him! Soooo good

  35. Jennifer Collins

    Best singer to come along for quiet some time.. his going to b BIG !!!!! Wishing him all the luck in the world!

  36. Betsy Poirier

    Tu finiras par conquérir la France aussi , je vous aime ❤

  37. Craig Somers

    This is a brilliant cover. Can’t stop listening to it! This boy’s going to be big.. I just hope it doesn’t ruin his creative freedom. If you search him out he’s got a bunch of original songs, as well as Dead boys, that are of a high standard. His EP is really good. Want to see him live before he ends up doing big arenas. His Atlantic City Bruce The Spring cover is marvellous. He has a voice as good as Jeff Buckley God rest his soul, Jeff Buckley that is😬


    Craig Somers saw him live yesterday, he played some unreleased songs of his new album, they were amazing and so promising! Sam is such a humble being i really believe he will get big without becoming a dick

    Chris Klinger

    He remembers me so of Jeff Buckley. Such a talented Songwriter an such an brilliant Voice!

  38. Betsy Poirier

    Merveilleux ❤

  39. Melissa A

    Uhm what? Sam is fuckkn amazing..

  40. Adriana Jacupemba

    Maravilhoso!! Amazing guy !!! cheers!

  41. George LCA

    The only way I can hear an Avici song.

  42. Carlos Ironman

    Well played 😂

  43. jess mcmillan

    beautifully done sam, i love that you’ve made it sound your own at the same time as paying tribute to avicii, bloody fantastic mate x

  44. Disc Jockey


  45. Millie Hawkes.:

    I'm completely in love with this guy wow

    Kris Shutler

    Love his voice and music

  46. mrmatthews27

    This is the fucking dogs bollocks.

  47. Claudineluo Loredo

    Perfect perfect forever avici tank you song

  48. Noir Louis

    Fuck I need a studio version of this so badly so good

  49. João Egidio

    Puta merda.. O Mundo precisa ver isso !

  50. Ayliex

    I love Avicii's music, and I'm blown away by the awesomeness of this cover. So powerful!

  51. Ana Flávia Miranda


  52. Elizabeth Jackson

    Literally my favourite thing

  53. Steve

    Haway the lads👌🤘👍😁

    Fisk Allure

    Steve it’s ‘Howay’ mate he’s not a mackem

  54. Isa Verhelst

    Hoe hij Church zong❤️💕

  55. Giels

    What a great cover! Echt helemaal tegek

  56. neil fraser

    Class Sam the band sound tight as can't wait to see you supporting Catfish back in the Toon

    joe solowyk

    catfish are wank

    Fisk Allure

    joe solowyk aye rights

  57. Rutger van der Velde

    heb m live gezien voor programma van dermot kennedy hij is echt goed

    Mikenel Ayaman

    Rutger van der Velde

    Mikenel Ayaman


    Second Silverback

    Has he supported Dermot Kennedy before? They are both incredibly talented artists with a fantastic voices! I would love to see them both at the same show!

  58. Laura Smidt

    Amazing! Love it :) 💙

    Mikenel Ayaman

    Laura Smidt

    Mikenel Ayaman

    ayapimx kemi

    Mikenel Ayaman


  59. Radio Veronica

    What an amazing tribute to the wonderful talent Avicii! 💙