Sam Fender - Use (Live) Lyrics

Emphatic, over-dramatic, pathetic stories are spun
About me and my loose tongue
They'll have the jealousy pouring out as you sniff up the filth
And text a tirade of hellish stuff
I'm not here to hold you up
While you pick away at my foundations
Save me your story of woe
Unwrap your colour world and spare me this for start
Oh, no

And use, me all the time
Use, me all the time
Use, me all the time
Use, me all the time

I'm crawling out of the stagnant hole that you're wallowing in
So don't you claw at my ankles
They use my name as a scapegoat to cover their back
But I won't ever attack, I move against the compulsion
Dig my heel in the ground to think that you had the notion
That I wouldn't make a sound

Use, me all the time
Use, me all the time
Use, me all the time
Use, me all the time

Oh you love her
Oh, oh you love her
Oh hah
Oh you love her
Oh you love

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Sam Fender Use (Live) Comments
  1. Tom Wykes Music

    do the crowd wanna be any louder ffs. this is a beautiful song and the crowd don’t fucking appreciate that!

  2. Richard Herstell

    Anyone else hear the influence of London Grammar, especially in the second half? Terrific song.

    Johanna Weitz

    Yes! I love it!

    Finn Sullivan

    Yep, the chords also remind me of the bridge part of You and Whose Army by Radiohead. Both great songs

  3. Happy Mrs Chickahhn

    That voice though.😍
    The people talking in the background were making my piss fizz.🙄

  4. The Rock Music Channel

    Terrific, last song on the album I hope!
    Why are people chatting away in the background, bloody listen. Appreciate how lucky you are to hear this guy sing such a beautiful song and more poignantly before he explodes!

    Allan Riach

    Yes agree it would be a great closing album track. I'm afraid talking at gigs is becoming the norm nowadays

    Jonathan Bithell

    This is now the last song on the album, officially :D Good call!

  5. Craig Somers

    Talented boy this one with the backing of his brother. He’s on his way up. His first full album will be massive. I just hope commercialism doesn’t stunt his creativity

    Allan Riach

    Yes Liam is great too. Don't get to see him live as much as I should, it's been just over a year since I last saw him

  6. Noa Nieuwenkamp

    thanks, its my favourite song

    Noa Nieuwenkamp

    Bethany Matthews its an original!

    Allan Riach

    Mine too. It's the only song that I've seen him play live with him on keyboard