Sam Fender - The Borders Lyrics

We were like brothers
Everybody said we looked the same
You we're a little taller, and broader, and bolder
We were afraid of your mother
Hell, she used to hit you so hard
And your dad took off when you were a baby
And you still hate me for my dad stuck around
You pin me to the ground
Eight years old with a replica gun pushing in my skull
Saying you're gonna kill me if I tell
Never did and I never will
That house was living hell
Come on!

I remember when my mother when she found a new man
And your mother thought she found a partner
A father for you, no wonder, you can't stand me
I can't stand me, too
I can't stand me, too
Oh, your God mother, repaired the anger in me
Spoke with me like I was an adult
Who didn't take sides and didn't turn me against my dad
Then she took those pills and now she's gone

See her in the night
In the corner of my eye
And I see her in the night

Heard you glassed a boy back in the borders
Some naughty family boys are after you
You pinned me to the wall and said my mother
Stole your inheritance from you, oh yeah?
We ain't got a penny between wuh
Holding up this tin that we live in
You pinned me to the wall and smashed a bottle
Your eyes, the door to Hell and all within

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Sam Fender The Borders Comments
  1. Abril Romero


    verso 1]
    Éramos como hermanos
    todos dijeron que nos veíamos igual
    eres un poco más alto, más ancho y más audaz
    le teníamos miedo a tu madre
    demonios, ella solía golpearte tan fuerte
    y tu papá se fue cuando eras un bebé
    y todavía me odias por mi papá atrapado
    me clavas al suelo
    ocho años de edad con una pistola réplica empujando en mi cráneo
    diciendo que me matarás si te digo
    nunca lo hice, y nunca lo haré
    esa casa estaba viviendo un infierno

    [verso 2]
    recuerdo a mi madre cuando encontró un hombre nuevo.
    y tu madre pensó que había encontrado un compañero.
    un padre para ti, no es de extrañar, no puedes soportarme
    no puedo soportarme también
    no puedo soportarme también
    oh, tu madre desaparecida reparó la ira en mí.
    me habló como si fuera un adulto
    no tomé partido y no me volví contra mi padre
    luego tomó esas pastillas y ahora se fue

    verla en la noche
    en el rabillo del ojo
    y la veo en la noche

    [verso 3]
    escuché que engañaste a un niño en las fronteras
    algunos chicos traviesos de la familia te persiguen
    me clavaste a la pared y dijiste a mi madre
    te robó tu herencia, ¿sí?
    no tenemos un centavo entre wor
    sosteniendo esta lata en la que vivimos
    me clavaste a la pared y rompiste una botella
    tus ojos la puerta al infierno y todo dentro

  2. Camilla Santamaria

    Happy music sad lyrics

  3. Tool Box

    This song feels so close to home

  4. William Ese-Okorare

    Who's who😕🤔

  5. MakeMakeShift

    You can hear echoes of his history and the history of the place he’s from in his voice,. Epic.

  6. lecocksportiv

    The Borders (Pedro Goya Synth Pop Remix)

  7. Mark Kingston

    Well that made me cry!

  8. Kenneth Law

    Sam Fender i love you ❤️ you make the best Musik. Thank you for your Spirit 💪🏽

  9. East Clintwood

    This is just great! Especially the third verse after the sax solo.

    Ricky Larchston

    That 3rd verse really raises this song from a very good song to something absolutely brilliant and emotional.

  10. Razwan Akram

    Sounds like this song is from the 80s but it's not ha

  11. Euan Jones

    Holy shit this put me in a good and bad mood at the same time

  12. amber de bruin


  13. Jamiea94

    Love this track. Think I’d say this is my favourite by him, he’s bloody brilliant.

    If you like this, then check out a band called The War On Drugs, this song wouldn’t be out of place on their album 👍🏼

    Jay O'Brien

    Great shout !!! The War on Drugs are a phenomonal band & sadly very unheard of in this country.


    Jay O'Brien They’re brilliant, love their album, proper chill out record!

  14. rozie

    I'm not usually reduced to tears by a song a video but cried really hard after this one especially when you read the lyrics. both the song and the video are works of art.

  15. Tommy Towngas


  16. Blurr

    Perfect song <3

  17. Reus

    im from italy but i have to say a big thank you to patrick topping for making me discover such a great arist as sam fender

  18. George Andronis

    It smells Springsteen all over the place. A very talented young man

  19. DaFunniestClown

    This song is so bad it's good

  20. Andreas Klee

    The new Bruce Springsteen is born 😍🙌🏻🤘🏻

  21. laddy

    to aq, ta feliz louis tomlinson?

  22. Michael

    I don't get what the fuck was happening here im so confused

  23. Tyrrellstown Tyrrellstown

    Found this gem on xmas day
    Thanks for the xmas present
    What a tune

  24. Daniel Lankford

    Where have you been my whole life!!!! Ahhhhhhh. So glad I found this. Really digging the Springsteen vibe in the guitar and drums. Xoxo


    And the sax! Don't forget the sax!

    Daniel Lankford

    WildestNothing , of course not!, nobody puts "sax" in the corner #baby LOL .

  25. TheMercyBeat

    I can't describe how much I love this song and this video at all! It's undescribable! Classic in every way already! What a power and emotion! My hair stands on end everytime I listen to it!

  26. Emily Harfst

    can someone please help me understand the full story cause I’m a little confused :((

  27. sharon mason

    Bloody loving this artist.... so many stories in his lyrics

  28. Cosmic Centaur

    my mind is officially blown. Not only is the music good, the video is simply perfect.

  29. AzureJake

    Can somebody explain the video to me? I don't get the ending.

  30. Lana Del Rey Videos

    Just saw his music video on VH1 and I'm amazed but still don't get why is he so underrated

  31. timn fuzz

    This is a true modern classic, it gives me 80's Springsteen vibes 🎸🎷

  32. MrPoserGalore

    Sam Fender > Sam Smith = Don’t @ Me...

  33. Mohsen.swimmer

    Love them from IRAN,that guitsr solo killed me

  34. Escan 85

    No me canso de escucharla. Es una mezcla tan buena de tantas vertientes. Magnífica

  35. Joey M

    Sam Fender. The best new artist I have heard in a long time. There is still hope amongst the dribble that is released these days.

  36. Koko

    Absolutely in love with this. Heard it in a jukebox in Hampshire and had to look it up. Touching, heartfelt lyrics with real old school vibes. Take it far, Sam!

  37. akanshya

    Louis Tomlinson introduced me to Sam Fender and honestly? I'm thankful.

  38. Andy Dnetz

    Its a bit 80s/Synthwaveish, great track!

  39. Justin Medrano

    Sounds Just Like An 80's Song, Good To Know There's Still Good Music From That Era Still Around

  40. RedSnackz

    Can someone explain the ending please?

  41. buzzcity01

    Nice. Sounds a lot like Brandon Flowers from The Killers

  42. chesh21-0

    His music rips through my soul and I genuinely can't get enough.

  43. Tom Scott

    Fuck, this shit is hot

  44. eyal kanfi

    M.S.G.A- Make Saxophone Great Again

  45. Silkie Shag

    Das good shit

  46. Johnny Doran

    How is this only at 326k 😮

  47. 0407luke

    It does sound like the music from Key & Peele’s aerobics, though...

  48. Tania Bravo

    this video scream BRITISH lmao i love it

  49. Tania Bravo

    He's so good! I can't wait to see him live

  50. andrew kennedy

    Very powerful video and song. Amazing done man.. Keep these coming sam lad. ❤️

  51. Tawhaki

    I was picturing the song to be such a different story line when i first heard it now ive seen the video it all makes sense and jesus man your a good story teller absolutely class

  52. Danny Walker

    Incredible Love this song, Amazing track. Sam sounds so much like Brandon Flowers

  53. CamM

    90s/00s indie vibe. Almost Euphoric.

  54. Cory

    What a fucking song😍

  55. MircheYT

    1:1 The Killers copy. Pathetic.

  56. Nathan Torode

    I still get a shiver up my spine when I hear this. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  57. ellis 11

    All the best ones come from the north-east🤩

  58. Ultrahest

    More listens than i'd like to admit. Stills sends me chills down the spine. So damn good.

  59. Sebastian Vagabond


  60. Joselyn Pao

    I saw him in MTV fusion my gosh

  61. Francisco Pérez

    His voice makes me feel the same stuff that Jeff Buckley makes me feel every time i listen to him! It’s like superstars are reborn!

  62. Accent Girl

    I first came across Sam on a tv ad for his album hyper sonic missiles. I liked what I heard and later went on Spotify and looked him up. I was amazed. His songs were so deep and personal. They really made me think. I’m probably one of his biggest fans now and bore my friends to death listening to his songs on repeat. I seriously hope he continues to make music as good as this. Thank you Sam for making today’s world of music so much better.

  63. Theorem

    Sam fender and Jake bugg are my favourite

  64. Muhammad Aidil

    Came across this song on MTV. Such a catchy song! Consider me a fan from now on...

  65. Andrew Cruz

    *Just saw this video and it made me feel like an arse for being so mean to my brother*


    I hope you said sorry

    Andrew Cruz

    @Firewater I've apologised numerous amount of times . It's been 3 years since we've talked . I miss him

  66. Giovana S.

    essa música é maravilhosa. sucesso, sam

  67. ManderleyDreams

    This is totally 80's...

  68. Der Jambo

    Absolutely amazing. I can’t stop listening to this song.

  69. Archie Archdale

    Indie Geordie shore lol (yeah I know he's not from Newcastle) Don't want to sound negative but I'm guessing it's mainly teens/20s on here and basically when you invest that much of your sound, lyrics, personality into being working class to chase this dream of being famous and '' making it'', how you gunna write songs like that once your rich and famous? Obviously it ain't gunna work mate, it's not legendary, it's not the best British artist of whatever time it's just average and his next album will be really difficult and just won't work because you're a rich celebrity who rolls in certain circles that you've dreamed of doing all your life but then you'll wish you could relate again in a way proper to working class people cos that's what made you famous, rappers to rock stars, English to American all follow that same fate, only very few like say Noel Gallagher, Alex Turner, Nas even make a carreer out of it after the difficult 2nd album.

  70. David Mendoza

    Just heard of this artist but I'm instantly hooked

  71. Ciaran PlaysGames

    Does anyone get Bryan Adams vibes from this? Love it, i listen to it like 3 or 4 times every day really good beat and melody!

  72. lord bawnchie

    Sounds like the killers

  73. Should Of Filmed It

    I don’t think my day is fully complete until this song has been played at least once. Especially in the work commute drive. Masterpiece.

  74. Nina Sharko

    I so love your beats, your attitude, this fulfilling atmosphere that fires hope and and warmth in my heart and on my lips..
    Just want to give my huge support and love to you, man. So glad that Dodie helped me find you.

    With *love* ❤️

  75. LEE T-POP

    Thanks for revive music to be alive again

  76. Phoebe Purtill

    WOW now THAT is a video

  77. Phoebe Purtill

    I LOVE blasting this song and screaming along to the last verse while driving. Heart breaking song and so powerful!!

  78. vermale deit

    this song is like a caffeine shot right to my heart🖤🖤🖤

  79. Ian Jones

    The album is superb but this is the best track by far. Takes me back to the 80's, very Springsteen.

  80. zefirunaway

    So true story in this video

  81. Jim Canavan

    Sam Fender and Brandon Flowers would sound awesome together.

  82. El Noor

    youtube recommendations finally did something right. this guy is going places

  83. Callum Lewis

    I don’t know what to else to say? about wore Sam. He just keep coming up with brilliant tunes and more importantly what them tune are about.

  84. Peter Keogh

    Sam is a top notch lyricist, his head is certainly not buried In the sand, I say to my son who likes to write music, listen to Sam's lyrics carefully, much of it it observational about current issues, learn from it!

  85. sophie c

    one of the best songs i’ve listened to EVER

  86. Mary G

    My favourite track on the album, I can't stop playing it. Love the beat, guitar chords, everything (a little like early Police) and he tells a great, if sad,story.

  87. MissEfellini

    Have been listening to this song for some months now and it’s strange to see the images and a complete story with it that are different from the ones and the one I already had made in my mind. Good video though and the song is amazing!

  88. K o p e

    Blown away. Feels 100% received, brother.

  89. Fer Ga va


  90. catcatcatMeow super

    This was amazing

  91. AnameLessMind


  92. Thirishavacado

    wow beautiful

  93. atsuya k

    I'm sorry I might be a little slow today or something but could someone explain the mv to me please I feel like I'm missing something to fully understand

  94. thisnightsrevels

    I love how just listening to this is like **confused bopping**

  95. Gabriel Meneses

    i think the buzzcut kid is gay but the other is not, i mean, who never fell in love with your straight best friend when you're growing up and not sure of your sexuality, and changes and problems at home

  96. Trine

    This is beautiful Sam.

  97. Ricardo Delgado

    For those who are a bit lost about this story... Sam is talking about his childhood in Kelson. More specifically about a friend he had called Joshua Watson and his family: the mother (Andrea) and the Godmother. It was a toxic friendship, Joshua was always looking for troubles and he got his. The Godmother was mentally ill, she was housed in by Joshua's family due to it and became a close friend of Sam's mother. Shortly after that, she killed herself. Later Joshua's family moved out to The Scottish Borders when they currently live in. Btw, Joshua and Sam were playing cowboys when the gun episode happened.

    You're welcome

    Peace, Pizza and Kiah

    How do you know though?

    Ricardo Delgado

    @J M That part refers to an episode that happened when Joshua was drunk. It appears in the news, he ended up paying for damages

    Ricardo Delgado

    @Peace, Pizza and Kiah Lot and lot of researching. The Joshua's mother talked about it in some blogs

    Peace, Pizza and Kiah

    @Ricardo Delgado tbf I live in Kelso and a few people have said its true