Sam Fender - That Sound Lyrics

Serotonin stole the moment
The best of me was left under the bed seats
On that somber mornin'
Dyin' for some REM
My mind is always troubled with where have I been
Where am I goin'?

When my head comes crashin' down
They're all waitin' at the bottom
Tryna claw me down beneath it all
Every night I beg that sound
It's the greatest revelation
It's the only thing that keeps me grounded
I need to hear that sound
I need to hear that

Loaded vampires butter me up
Drop names and sniff up residue
While boastin' 'bout their revenue
At home I face these green eyed beasts
Everybody wants to leave but no one wants to see you do it

When my head comes crashin' down
They're all waitin' at the bottom
Tryna claw me down beneath it all
Every night I beg that sound
It's the greatest revelation
It's the only thing that keeps me grounded
I need to hear that sound
I need to hear that

When my head comes crashin' down
They're all waitin' at the bottom
Tryna claw me down beneath it all
Every night I beg that sound
It's the greatest revelation
It's the only thing that keeps me grounded
I need to hear that sound
I need to hear that sound

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Sam Fender That Sound Comments
  1. Higher Peaks

    great chooooone boooom!!

  2. Puttatida Mahapattanakul

    i hope this lad make it big

  3. Richard Sylvanus

    This video is very similar to Liam Gallagher's Come Back to me at King Tuts

  4. Andressa Schneider

    quem veio e conheceu o Sam por causa do Louis Tomlinson

  5. MR Tinternet

    love that rift sounds so much like the verve

  6. Eighteen .5

    I love the voice

  7. Ryan Williams

    Proof of good song, only 545 dislikes 😁😁

  8. Tommy Towngas

    What a stomper

  9. LeonRFpoa

    Yeah this is a great song, no doubt about it. Got all the bases covered.

  10. Laura Inca

    Olha louis você me fez gostar de sam fender inferno

  11. Kyach Distent

    'That Sound' just noise. Underrated my arse.

  12. fototripper

    Outrageously good song. Strong melodies, killer lyrics, sweet groove. I've been needing this.

  13. x v

    El novio de Louis

  14. C Smith

    I am from his neck of the woods and he is a marvel. My only negative is that I have to concentrate on his enunciation and if I have to, then anyone else outside of Tyne and Wear is fucked.

  15. Kloe w

    this just should be like the song of the century or something it's literally addictive to listen to it

  16. Murdo

    The juxtaposition between the slow-tempo, languid guitar riff and the metallic lead guitar, cutting vocals and heavy drums creates a sound that transcends eras. Fender has forged a timeless classic that makes us reminisce about times we never had.

  17. Pauline Dominique Strek

    love him i wish i had boyfried like him

  18. Kev C

    INSTANT Classic!

  19. Dominic Whiting

    Sold out UK tour, Real music sells and we buy👌


    *2 0 1 9*

  21. March Santos

    Shout out to Louis Tomlinson for without hearing him recommend Sam Fender I would not have discovered this living art

  22. Yazzy Straker

    i’m here bc louis tomlinson told me to get w it, and i’m not mad at all. thank you louis.

  23. Sem Nexo

    Mano a musica e mó boa tinha que te feito mais sucesso

  24. Will Charlesworth

    Bit of U2 bit of Kasabian it's a winning combo love it ❤️

  25. Isac Martinez

    This song is so fucking shit!!!!

  26. MatthewYJB

    Think I got a stroke from the video. Great song though

  27. NitroOxygen

    must be nice with autotuned voice

  28. Hendrik Hendrikson

    Sound qual seems horrible, very "hissy" ?

  29. Zack Hernandez

    Suena con todo.
    Tiene estilos muy 2000

  30. Out Of My Mind


  31. Mona Lisa


  32. Franz K

    That guitar, definitely "The Sound" influence...


    Awesome song !!!!

  34. Silva Blume

    In love with this song

  35. Butcher B

    Great tune! Great song!

  36. Daniel Venter

    A Solid musician with great lyrics -will soon become a big time number to reckon with. Good candidate for the next Bond 007 theme tune.

  37. wayne thompson

    watch this space........he is gona take the world!

  38. D G

    Pretty good

  39. thomas stanley

    like this one to

  40. Teddy long

    My girl bought hypersonic misses on vinyl recently, just discovered this young lad, this is the best tune on the album in my opinion, it's great to see a fellow tyneside lad doing so well

  41. All Shall Perish


  42. IchGuckNurNachDöner

    Great Song👊👌👍... also Listen to this Great Newcomer. ☝Big Voice and Lovely Melody.....GREAT...

  43. robert craven

    Definitely a future FIFA song.

  44. Ashlee Hannahs

    Just found this incredibly talented man, rn. How??!! I'm *obsessed*

  45. Dominic Collins

    I just want a like

  46. Gregory Laskaris

    This is the best LP of 2019. So far. Authentic, real sound with a unique performance. It is like a melting pot where Bruce, Jeff Buckley and WOD are thrown in.

  47. Bishbashboshboshbosh

    Amazing that a consistently lame artist can produce a great tune like this. Make no mistake, everything else he's ever done is mush.

  48. Bruce McGuire

    Brilliant, glad to hear some decent new music finally. Years of absolute pish

  49. Joan 887

    Great song 🤘.This young boy is the hope of rock music 🎸.

  50. Isabella

    I never fell in love with a voice. This is my very first time

  51. Pro Wrestling Channel BR

    On FIFA 21

  52. andrew turvill

    He is the most exciting artist out there right now. He dowsnt sound like all the other male singers. They are pretty generic these days. It's nice to see someone so talented and so different

  53. Dicko Dickinson

    Takes me back to those early 90s bands but out his own unique stamp on it. Miss those heavy reverb big guitar anthems. Sam Fender is bringing it back


    The music review is shit

  55. porksiren those of us who are old enough to remember the band The Sound will recognise the guitar part...

  56. pete tippett

    Perfect for fifa 20 soundtrack?? Yes

  57. Darker Dark

    Big Cure rip off.

  58. Darker Dark

    This is the guy Louis Floplinson wants to be.

  59. Juliana Marcelino Baus

    Such a beautiful human being. I absolutely love his voice and style❤️

  60. Nicky H

    The girl in the dungarees is HOT 🔥

  61. jamie blackwood

    Sam Fender’s a Geordie, Sam Fender’s a Geordie, Tralalala Tralalala 🎵

  62. Dionne Mannion

    Geordies are so talented and I know because I’m from there

  63. Kp kp

    Kind of mad the fact that I barely discover him all alte

  64. Celine Hölscher

    please come to Germany 😇🤤

  65. BeQuietAndDriveFar

    Ah I got it. Kinda sounds like oasis all my people

  66. BeQuietAndDriveFar

    This sounds like a punch of songs and I cant recall any of them

  67. Pinny Minni

    Yeah no more noisy EDM

  68. Lee Redford

    Refreshing new music too listen too... sam fender class... hopeing too hear more class tunes from him in years too come...

  69. Josh ua

    Has he started singing about white guilt in his new songs? Fuck that. Unsub'd if so.

  70. Dave The jew

    Ooooowwww nooooooo! Just found out Sam is a self loathing white hating patriarchy believing bellend 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿!! Good lord this madness is everywhere

  71. Dome ski

    The sound of the early Smith's


  72. Yet1

    All these people saying he's underrated is a crock of shit. He's incredible and he's smashing it. Gonna smash America and be huge. Underrated don't come into it.

  73. Aram Joao Mestre León

    Me encanta esta canción.

  74. ST M.

    This song gives me mild U2 vibes.

  75. Barney C

    I remember first watch this video at 12k views 2.2 mil now that's just mental

  76. Vido Girodonno

    Why am i just now finding this wtf. Btw i love it

  77. Butler Jp

    Thoughtful lyrics worthy of poetry add a splash of grunge with a dose of 80s mix a huge portion of rock and a mass of takent. You have something spine tingling Mr Fender keep making you make the world liveable

  78. Ciggarets and Coffe

    god, i just discovered this at spotify and im so obssesed

    Trinity Ocampo

    Ciggarets and Coffe same

  79. Looby Lou

    Love your music so much ❤️

  80. Neon Waves

  81. StrawerPlays LP

    1000 Kommentare, cool

  82. Garret Byrne

    This kid is the best thing to come out of the uk in quite some time, proper rnr star for sure 💯🔥🔥🔥✌

  83. Charles Schilling

    Alright, my soul needed this!

  84. Andrew Kenny

    Anyone here from the Ashes??

  85. Magic Knight

    This guy is bloody good, great voice, musician and makes great songs.

  86. Nadz Has

    This song describes my mind

  87. PK75

    Wow, that is Awesome. You definitely found a new fan!

  88. Jessyp

    This guys fucking talented

  89. jackieec40

    His music pierces my soul! Beautiful and "wake up!!!!"

  90. Lee Kohler

    If Bruce Springsteen and Jeff Buckley could have a kid, this guy would be that kid. I am so inspired by every song I have heard from this guy. He's clearly a genius and is going to be huge. This year has seen so much good music happen- The Ocean Blue, Sea Girls, Tame Impala and now Sam Fender. Something is in the air, folks. And I'm super happy about all of it!

  91. Neon Waves

  92. Fernando Furlan

    My workout is 3, 2, 1: Banger

  93. ShannonAnastasia X

    My brother is in this music video

  94. Svea

    My favourite by you!! Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪❤️🎸💕