Sam Fender - Saturday Lyrics

Overtired, overworked, underpaid, under pressure
Always tying up loose ends
The unchained melody out of tune, remedy for the weekend
To cure the weekday blues
Raise my heart rate, inflate my pupils, give me something
Just to smoothen off the edge
Call me dumb, call me scum, call me plain and simple
As I'm holding on for this

And if Saturday don’t come soon, I'm gonna lose my mind
And if Saturday don't come soon, I’m gonna lose my mind

Inhabitable hole, skint, living like an animal
While they try to take my dole
Black mould on the wall
Must've made a thousand calls to get it sorted
But my landlord hates my soul

No power, working zero hour, making some cunt rich
Who will never understand what it's like down here
I raise my beer

If Saturday don't come soon, I'm gonna lose my mind
And if Saturday don't come soon, I'm gonna lose my mind
Oh, and if Saturday don't come soon, I’m gonna lose my mind

And if Saturday don’t come soon
Oh, oh, Saturday
And if Saturday don't come soon
No, no, oh yeah

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Sam Fender Saturday Comments
  1. Darren Wigmore

    Another cracking tune good luck at the Brits.

  2. Candise Eigenberger


  3. T Rex

    All these Peep Show refs are sending me 🤣

  4. jamie cawley

    Playing this on a Sunday... well spicy mate

  5. Paul O’Donnell

    Went & sat in the Lounge , first time this year , this baby came on ....... perfick 👌👌

  6. J0iNt *

    This whole comment section makes me feel like I’ve walked in on a conversation I haven’t heard the first half of

  7. Jamesdeer tv

    You can move people so much if you dance like that that would be fucking crazy 😂😂😂

  8. Zaf Mo

    The cringe get the random guy dancing music video crap lol

  9. Darren Ashton

    It's a cheap weapon of choice video

  10. a prole

    This song and it's chorus just makes me wanna grab life by the goolies man.

  11. Rowan Sharkey

    Superhands! Peep Show

  12. Stui White


  13. Jack Left

    Peep show brought me here

  14. Andrew Pitcher

    i love this music video, makes me think of just waking up to the world after a hard day at work.

  15. Ivan Sorola

    Damn clicked by accident ...

  16. mrbojangles977

    I'm 59 and i got tickets for Cardiff 31/03/20 cannot wait to see this awsome talent...

  17. Aku From the future

    Oh thank god.
    My sister trolled me. Said since i can't stand the song "friday", she was gonna play the saturday song.
    That one rich spoiled girl that sang that VERY nasal and autotuned song "friday" made a sequel song "Saturday" as i learned recently...

    I cant think of her name.. but she had a face like a pickle.
    Pickle lookin bitch.

    Oh! Rebecca Black is her name.

  18. Aaron Bower

    Listen to this song, can of coke and a ciggy and you'll be right as rain

  19. TheBeverleyBiker

    Superhands off his nut

  20. Aidan Underhill

    It's about time somebody sections Super Hans

  21. Aneil Panesar

    Here before a milli

  22. tv box android

    The mush in the video is funny as fuck , who is he

  23. Saro Stone Guitar

    An hungry Buckley

  24. Christina Reuter Mitchell

    A great lounge act but beyond that .... move on.

  25. charles nashh

    Can you not say crack, Jez? Not now. Because you saying crack, makes me think of crack, and i love crack. So, can you not say crack.

  26. monster jesse

    man i need to dance like that

  27. ExSapper MadMan

    Who knew Sam was moonlighting in the chippy?........

  28. Glenn Coppack


  29. 1000 subscribers without videos Challenge

    He reminds me of jay swinger from tgf

  30. D Nero

    The secret ingredient is crime

  31. Joshua Wilkie

    Hey cheers Sam Fender

    Saturday is a real hit. I totally respect You as a popular artist, the pitch chosen really sits well with your range dude; well done! I look forward to coming across more of your creations. The film clip an interesting one, I like the Camera angle of the cancelled Guy aside the Poster stating just that.Also the Dancing Train made up of You all behind Him, filmed too success. All My best wishes sent your way for 2020.

  32. marcella m.

    Cook’s dad looks like hes doing better

  33. Æthelfæd


  34. Caroline Foley

    This looks like it was filmed in the Terminus....

  35. Дульсинея Тобосская

    Какой классный клип:)

  36. Quirk

    This song is beutifull

  37. Men’s fashion Guide

    Who saw super hans

  38. josh kirkwood

    This is in the tradition of Radiohead, and is quite excellent

  39. Irish Spurs

    Sam Fender and Super Hans

    Men with ven

  40. Deb Humble

    This makes me think of fat boy slim video for weapon of choice

  41. Craig

    Sounds like the kind of stuff we'd do

  42. Craig

    Nobody said it was bum rape Mark

  43. Kloe w

    why did I recognise the first bit and the tune before listening to it

  44. Erin Vinson

    When your band manager is your biggest fan.

  45. Laura Di Martino

    the actor who dances in this video looks like John entwistle

  46. Leita Jones

    Saturnalia Day 😂
    Congratulations on Manifesting your Dreams on Earth 😍

  47. Will Backhouse

    I am in loco parentis,
    I’m the last remaining contestant on the apprentice,
    I am the home trained dentist,
    Ah yai yaa yai yaa yai yaa yai yaa yai yaa yai yaa yai yah.


    Hahaha amazing

  48. I Like Trains

    Just realised Sam Fender doesn't have the verified tick next to his name 😕

  49. Tkim1999

    mad Jeff Buckley vibes in the best way

  50. David Power

    JESUS FEST . lets get head rushes

  51. Sean Kilburn

    What a first album . Obviously some songs were stronger than others but they're all great . Only one I really dislike is white privilege.

  52. Kowalskiy

    I Love you ♥

  53. DANYI WU

    Oh my superhans

  54. SimonViper 3

    67k fans we were all here when you get in the millions! See you at London with the killers next year sam gonna bring you a newcastle t shirt I'll be at the front haha

  55. Eva Simorangkir

    best song on the album

  56. Kyle Davis

    Anyone know where I can buy Sam's sweater? Or at least, that style?

  57. Finners

    Hope I can see this in concert soon

  58. EportChris

    Superhands, "this crack is really moorish"

  59. Adele Taylor

    Great song and all the Super Hans quotes are making me happy

  60. Josh Cook

    My girl showed me this track, and who said women are only good for one thing eh

  61. Geoff Maltby

    Had a sorta road to Damascus flashback

  62. Karol Jabłoński

    I love you

  63. Shaun Hooper

    Always liked hozier 🤔

  64. Big Al

    i'll tell you what, this song is really moreish

  65. Mad T

    Came for super hands. Stayed for dancing super hands. Looks like he’s back on the crack.

  66. Illiterate Beans

    damn just waiting for this dude to blowup

  67. Shagrid Basher

    Well in Superhans

  68. Carma Trace

    musta been a Mundee!

  69. Schillerate Von

    The pub's called: Free the Paedo

  70. Kane B

    Constructive criticism: what you really need to do is create a powerful sense of dread.

  71. Faizurrin Nisha

    Big love for this guy 💖

  72. thisnightsrevels

    Catch me fucking *V I B I N G* to this

  73. A Voice Of Your Own

    I've been depressed and in the house all day. This came on for the first time while I was letting it spin and I instantly got good vibes and jumped up to like and sub. Much love and thanks

    Leita Jones

    Gday 🌺 Music, a Tool you have discovered that can help you change your mood. You still had to let yourself raise your vibration. You did it with this awesome tune that hit the right note in you to assist you to get up again and sing your song. You taught yourself a priceless lesson 🎉 funny thing is depression was just a tool you used on yourself to learn it 😊 miss used tools become weapons 😈 of self destruction
    ☀ Have a Wonder Filled Day Beautiful Soul ☀
    Lucky 🌺
    South Australian Woman ☀


    @Schillerate Von why dont you shut up ya gimp.

  74. OllieGunnerMad

    Plumbing’s just fucking Lego. Water Lego.

  75. Andrew Conneely

    Fucking yellows !!! Yellow belly's !!!

  76. Charlie

    sounds like hoizer


    Do you know my Auntie (Annabelle Robinson)

  78. Shaun Brannon

    This is amazing, Love this! Wow oh wow

  79. Dan B 0809

    Tel you what, this crack is really moreish.

  80. JacobFarrell11

    I’ll never forgive orange if they’ve cancelled Dave candle

  81. Amy Morgan

    This video makes me smile. I like to smile!

  82. tomalyd

    What British music has needed for some time.

  83. Lily May

    Someone get hans a bit of crack

  84. Darren Brown

    I think the best thing about Sams music is none of the melodies feel familiar
    Its refreshing

  85. JSBC 10

    No logos in the foam

  86. Rachel Louise

    Jeff Buckley vibes

  87. Super Hans

    This is what happened when I arrived in Windsor

  88. John Flothmann

    But why would Super Hans go to a Justin Bieber concert?

  89. rastamouse1988

    One for the Men in ven

  90. adro894

    "Jeremy!!, i need you to come and get me, i have accidentally ran to Windsor"

  91. Bret Kindell

    This band has giant potential. Digging it

  92. Kevin Jones

    My mam wants to know where's the whippet.

  93. Steven Fugatt

    “Oh what so now we’re working we can’t smoke a bit of crack” fucking love super hans!!! And Sam fender of course ;)

  94. Nick Usher

    Thought this was the new video from Mama's Kumquat, or was it The Hair Blair Bunch? Sorry no it was Spunk Bubble

  95. Ines Silva

    Heyy!! Is anyone willing to trade a ticket from the 27th march with one for the 26th???

  96. Moni Cat

    What a cool video😂👌👍Im gona loose my mind 🤯😜

  97. Cerys Evans

    0:56 this is Cook’s dad innit

  98. Tilda Chapman

    Just don’t say crack

  99. James Nicholls

    1:37 Yeah, well if you're leaving now don't even fucking dream of coming back!

  100. Josh Sharpling

    Initially thought it was “if Santa don’t come soon”. Was buzzing at a Sam Fender Christmas song