Sam Fender - Leave Fast Lyrics

Dark grey vistas of this weathered place
The blue star on the Nautilus
The old boys like chimneys
Mass of filth and rubbish outside the houses
And broken fridges and torn up sofas

The boy races, tearin' down the Beehive Road
Leadin' out to coastlines
Where kids freeze their lungs and
Run amongst the rolling dunes away from everyone

Oh, leave fast or stay forever
An old man told me to leave fast or stay forever
Leave fast or stay forever

Boarded up windows on the promenade
The shells of old nightclubs
And halfway houses
Intoxicated people battlin' on the regular
In a lazy lowlights bar

Poor souls sleepin' on shop front doors
Being turfed off by the council
Forgotten by our government
And selfish little baby with no responsibility
Watching people die in the cold

Oh, leave fast or stay forever
An old man told me to leave fast or stay forever
An old man told me to leave fast or stay forever

Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

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Sam Fender Leave Fast Comments
  1. Scarelec

    So underrated...

  2. Rosie Jones

    Wow I am glad i found a new fave lyricist

  3. Daniel McVay

    The people who know the places he sings about and have walked on the streets in the video are the best kind of Sam Fender fans

  4. jakobervorhood

    i am heartbroken and uplifted at the same time. this song is an instant-iconic. <3

  5. Fer Leoz

    lo mejor del mundoooo ❤

  6. Generic Weatherman

    This has Jeff Buckley running right through it. Top to bottom, side to side. It is fucking awesome! This guy is something else!

  7. Nieve Hearn

    I seen Sam fender at a concert like if you have it was the best time ever

  8. Martin Concannon

    Love it!

  9. Thomas Kotze

    Love this soooo much 👌🏼

  10. Jay Liebenberg

    Who else is here from Dodie?

  11. Diane Aisha Monday

    Here from Dodie's cover. Nice! 👍

  12. julia

    cough syrup vibes

  13. Brians Mind

    Dodie brought me here.
    Class work mate, you've got a new fan

  14. Leyla Charlotte Saffarian

    Thanks dodie

  15. Definitely Not Dingse!

    Leave fast, die young, bad girls do it well.

  16. Lucas D

    Who else is now stuck here because of dodie? Cause I am! 😂
    What an amazing song! ❤️

    Elizabeth Ostler

    Lucas D me!

    Trang Hà

    Me too!

  17. steven rutland

    You been listening to Elliott & Jeff



  18. Tam t

    Im getting some Cough Syrup vibes (by Young the Giant)


    exactly haha life's too short to even cafe at all 🎶


    rrr care* lol

    E O’Rourke

    That’s exactly itttt!

  19. angiepangie57

    I fancy Sam fender 🤤

  20. Chris Craig

    Shout out to those that know where the beehive Road is!

  21. Manuel Perez

    I fucking love this song!!!

  22. Mark Paul Abare, Jr.

    The Brits have to come again and save my faith in music. Cheers.

  23. Catania Willis

    My brother met him today

  24. tatiana saliola

    Adoro ❤️❤️ 🇮🇹

  25. syham1

    fave song off the album without a doubt

  26. Juliana Marcelino Baus

    It should not be legal to look that good🔥🔥🔥


    Simply beautiful. That guitar sound 😘

  28. soulsi Tiamat

    Meravigliosi !

  29. nufc2014

    Love this song.. "Down the Beehive Road" Whitley Bay.... "Shells of old nightclubs on the promenade", Sylvesters, Deep, Whiskey Bends etc. Bout time we had another good Geordie lad killing it. Good stuff.

  30. Andrew Cruz

    Im crying this is fucking good . Like I get chills with the solo and man it's so melancholic .

  31. Liam Davies

    anyone knowing the tuning for this?

  32. David McDowell

    Think this is his best song to date... this is stunningly accurate heartbreakingly true

  33. Nigel Hancock

    "Poor souls sleeping on shop front doors
    Being turfed off by the council
    Forgotten by our government
    A selfish little baby
    With no responsibility

    Watching people die in the cold"
    Such heartfelt words, from someone so young. Good on you


    Absolutely fabulous, It reminds me of Teesside, until I escaped, You have one hell of a gift in your writing, put together with a fabulous voice and we have a winner, Hometown glory by Adele gave me that feeling, Just like her you will be global by 2020, Enjoy your success. Thank god for musicians like you, so sick of bubblegum pop.

  35. James Barker

    awesome guitar 3:00

  36. john conroy

    Alan hull would have been proud of that one

  37. Phoebe McHugh

    Keep coming back for that riff at the end

    Emily Back

    Rosa luna it’s been in my head all day , it’s exactly what I came here for just now

  38. Alli Cripe

    I frucking love that chord change

  39. geo x

    the prettiest

  40. nikki turner

    Why doesnt this song have more views?
    It's bloody brilliant!

  41. joe solowyk

    Finally some new music that isn't by someone middle class.

  42. Betsy POIRIER

    Rip Betsy et Frédéric

  43. Stuart Morton

    Unreal music and video, reminds me of a shane meadows piece.. Beautifully depressing

  44. S t r e s s e d O u t J e m

    His voice is just... Wow

  45. Callum Lewis

    I still can’t believe that most of this video was actually filmed on my doorstep , Blyth power station and Cambois and Newcastle. Sam will always be a Home town boy. But I don’t think I’ve ever had a tune, that makes me feel this proud of where i come from.

  46. leo simoni

    jeff buckley-ish...

  47. re-la-mi

    i just love youu

  48. ravi Cj

    Rock music is not dead yet.

  49. thedok

    Jesmond Dene.

  50. Donna Scheunemann

    What a perfect song for all.

  51. Unbroken Flower

    GREAT 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  52. Cj Silva

    one of the most perfectly eloquent on point songs I have EVER heard. I'm in total love with your soul Sammmiiieeeeeeeeeee booooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  53. GunslingerUK

    Love how this my home, its spot on, every next to the old ship yards in Byker, see the grey coloured skies, live the gloomy lives, working as a Trade in the this wonderful city shows you many lights and many darks.... but this is my home. Newcastle Upon Tyne, the city that you can never truly leave behind

    jules ju

    Poetry 👍


    @jules ju That..well fuck me...that was not intentional.

  54. Cj Silva

    omg lysm sammiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee boyyyyyyyyyyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  55. Cj Silva

    go oooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn Sammmmiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee boy! Thanks so, so much for tonight in Bethnal Green you were outstanding, just as I knew you would be. Take a Jordie lad over any other selfish, money orientated cunt all day long. God bless you young man xxx

  56. Alex Allen

    ‘The beehive road leading down to coastlines’ mint to see someone from the same area as me grow big 🖤 keep it up lad doing Newcastle proud !!!

  57. Cj Silva

    genius xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxc

  58. Cj Silva

    pure beautiful genius xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  59. Cj Silva

    fuckin love you sammy boy what a lad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  60. Luigy Lemon

    The Brexit song!

  61. Ian Chisholm

    Great talent well done kidda

  62. Cj Silva

    fuck brexit and fuck fox=hunting cunt

  63. martin wright

    This tune is pure class..... Sam's voice is stunning for better a word.
    22years old ...... seems like a very old soul.
    Can't stop listenig. ... and telling everyone I meet about this guy. My kids are like "dad..... please stop trying to be hip"..... well they said it in there young people words.....
    Good music has no age. .... as beautiful as it is timeless

  64. Cj Silva

    hate being a lezza sometimes lol

  65. Cj Silva

    just the most beautiful song I think I've EVER heard....GO ONNNNNNNNNNN SAMMIE BOY XXXXXXXXXX

  66. Cj Silva

    viagogo might be a greedy cunt but hey ho

  67. Cj Silva

    brilliant son xxxxxxxxxxx

  68. Cj Silva

    most brilliant social comment xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  69. Cj Silva

    # perfect xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  70. Cj Silva

    go on my son xxxxxxxxxxxx

  71. Cj Silva

    go on sammie boy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  72. Lucy Smurthwaite

    shields <3

  73. Cj Silva

    fucking beautifful son xzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  74. Cj Silva

    absolute genius xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  75. Tears

    *Crying because he is so underrated*


    This time next year watch this space.

  76. Tears

    *Crying because his so underrated*

  77. Despott

    Stunning song. The guitar work reminds me of mid 90's Thom Yorke. The strong vocals are reminiscent of Jeff Buckley. Both artists I absolutely adore. Sam Fender really is something very special.

  78. Alan Goodwin

    Torn down the Beehive Road myself a few times when I lived in Whitley Bay (where the shells of old nightclubs are)! Great stuff, Sam.

    George Markham

    Ye same mate

  79. Beth Robinson

    Gotta admit I acc fancy him so much

  80. Alice

    saw this live at community fest summer '18, so gd <3

  81. *Anne*

    Thank you for turning me into an emotional mess everytime I hear this song

  82. Dirty Gears

    That’s North Shields!

  83. kevthompson1982

    You're doing Shields proud lad, keep up the good work! NE29!!

  84. JR MUSIC

    2:28: Goodbye I will always remember you. My dear aunt


    JR MUSIC rest in peace, so sorry my guy 😢💔


    I wish for you all the love in the world

  85. Olivia Button

    It’s so amazing to know someone with so much talent comes from the same place as me.

  86. Reweek 1

    I love this song ❤

  87. Worraz

    Its gets stronger and more haunting towards the end 👍 and the lyrics really resonate, thank you

  88. JamesJB26

    Loving the Liam Gallagher umbro jumper from maine road

  89. Charlie Hanlon

    This song is just perfect

  90. Hugo Wango

    Cutting amazing lyrics. Love ya Sam

  91. magicmomentsify

    raw talent!

  92. Jasper

    It reminds me a little bit of Strong by London Grammar, the feeling that I get when listening this.. and that is good!

  93. sammi lee

    🎶 tunnnneee

  94. Shantam Kar

    Love your music Sam! Keep up the great work brother. I am an artist too..not as big as you though. But YOUR music is inspirational brother. Keep making great music. The world needs it.

  95. Marta

    Reminds me of Muse

  96. Daryl Pugh

    An old man told me the same, should of listened.

    Sepsyz Art

    Daryl Pugh *should‘ve or should have

  97. Amanda Nolé

    Algum brasileiro além de mim?

  98. D M

    A wizard...... ❤