Sam Fender - All Is On My Side Lyrics

The dirty haze of drinks with cannibal eyes
In a club you despise
But you go where all your friends are
And question whether any of this still real
At a spinning wheel
And it's sitting in the back of your head

Oh, the night is almost over
Take me back to your bed
All is on my side when you're on my side
And the time is getting closer
Take me back to your bed
Take me back to your bed

Some drink for fun, some drink to never remember
But you're not the latter
'Cause we all know someone that is
And wonder why we do the same things in the same town
When there's no one to be found
Got to know where you can get it

Oh, the night is almost over
Take me back to your bed
All is on my side when you're on my side
And the time is getting closer
Take me back to your bed
Take me back to your bed
Take me back to your bed
Take me back to your bed

Oh, the time is now for me and you
Oh, the time is now for me and you
All the lights are out for me and you
Oh, when you told me
When you told me

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Sam Fender All Is On My Side Comments
  1. Demagz

    i love this song soooooo much

  2. Mark K

    This seriously reminds me of The War on Drugs. Sam Fender is an incredible talent and it is unbelievable when I think he is only a year older than me :') p.s. come to Ireland soon


    ı just watched back to black cover and now ım listening to this masterpiece

  4. Uwe Auffahrt

    Great!! Can`t wait to see him live!!

  5. MrFritsjePhilips

    Fleetwood Mac X Bruce Springsteen X The War On Drugs

  6. Chloe Parry


  7. Mirto Galanopoulou

    The dreamiest 'The War On Drugs' vibe, yet another true gem

  8. Annika Braun

    good shit, seriously..

  9. SequinBun

    Love you so much Sam!!! Ive been listening to your music for a long time now and your music means so much to me. ♡!!!

  10. Taylor Withers

    he played this at Community festival in 2018. It was a really fucking long wait to hear the studio version and it was so worth it

  11. João Daniel


  12. Christian Nicolai

    Live Musik und Musikvideos sind echt der Hammer. Nur leider als CD sagt sie nicht so zu

  13. Fresh Alice

    Thanks for dropping this song❤️ I really love it. I listened to it for the first time an hour ago and cannot stop listening to it now.
    Your music has something magical. To be honest I fell in love with a guy when the "will we walk" MV came out last year...but we no longer talk unfortunately...however I always will have a special bond to this song. (And that guy... he has a special place in my heart... I hope he still thinks of me sometimes too because I cannot forget him)

  14. Fiona

    that sweet girl on the left at 00:39 is my girlfriend (I love her very much) and I'm commenting from her accout loool

    Hughess 212

    Fiona naw it isny

  15. Kiwi_ ymA

    THIS 😍😍😍

  16. Duy Anh Nguyễn

    who tf can dislike this?

  17. Lefty -XM82-

    Love Sam 🥵 such an artist man

  18. maddie ansell


  19. lauren palfreyman

    I'm seeing him in April. So excited

  20. JEEP McCann

    Best song of his in my opinion

  21. Emily Kate

    oh my god i am in love with this song

  22. Antonio Val

    ótima música!

  23. Josh B

    Fleetwood Mac vibes in this song, sounds a little bit like Dreams!

    Sarah Murphy

    Josh B I agree, also maybe a little Roxy Music. A wonderful track... 💗

  24. Charlie

    why is this not on the album?!

  25. Peter W

    Such a good song. Shame it's not on the album

  26. Becci Harvey-Vocalist

    At last 🙌🏼been waiting so long for this song ! and on Spotify too 😀🙌🏼.... all I need is ‘hold out’ now another belta of a song from mr fender unreleased ! ....

  27. di di

    Am I Listening a the war drugs song?

    Lucas Tangen

    I'm trying to get into War on Drugs. Could you give me an example of a song that's similar to this?

    di di

    @Lucas Tangen The War On Drugs - Pain

  28. Ezra Rollinson

    A song that has stuck with me since seeing you perform it live at the Boileroom in Guildford. Love it!

  29. Chris S

    I could listen to this over and over and over again

  30. kath Gardner

    Absolutely lovin this song

  31. TrashyxPeach

    Their best live song is finally out. I like this song so much that I want to eat it. But I can't, so I decided to cover it. It's easier.

  32. Alex Barston

    You can tell that Sam is a War on Drugs fan ha!

  33. mandy 1

    Another fine tune from Mr fender 🎵🎶 keep them coming ❤

  34. Anbessa Lea

    the moment you realize he was perfoming in your city and you didn't even know 😥

  35. m malina

    Thank u, mister

  36. Tom Craig


  37. Niall Forde

    Songs are getting better and better....keep em comin sam 👍class !!!

  38. _Jacob Green_


  39. Richard Armitage

    Another awesome track, smashed it this year...

  40. Lucrezia C

    It's been almost a year since I heard about him for the first time... god bless that day!

  41. - Maxi-M -

    Bru my mum is in this

  42. Rob Ashton

    The sonic equivalent of one of those books people leave out on coffee tables.

    Micey David

    ☝️The comments equivalent of one of those books people leave out on coffee tables. Yawn.....zzzzzzz

  43. Hannah Montgomery

    God I'm in love with him

  44. grace cadman

    ily w/ all my heart

  45. Paula Jem Nanquil

    I love every song that you release, mate! 🙌🏻 I just love the vibe of this song, really reminds me of the 80’s... very nostalgic yet still fits in this modern time. Can’t wait for the next album 🥰

  46. Callum Lewis

    Can’t wait to get this on vinyl and the album. The saxophone and Guitar Solo 👌

  47. Dan Macleavy

    Will it be the UK doe 😳🤨

  48. Eita K

    So. Many. GOOSEBUMPS. 🙏🏼

  49. iamthebyron

    Looking forward to the U.S. tour!

  50. Lynnie Heal

    Very talented musician .#SamFender

  51. El Diego

    Adam Granduciel says hi.

  52. Georgina Timothy

    How did this not make the album?!

  53. J-Vlogz

    6k views should be on a million !

  54. Aisling McCrudden

    Brilliant tune.

  55. J-Vlogz

    Got to say might be my favourite from Sam! Classssss 🔥

  56. Kitty-Mae McCormack

    what a bunch of legends honestly

  57. Diego Desirello

    Come to Italy!!

  58. East Coast

    ngl I always thought this was a cover man 😂

  59. Ashley J D


  60. 한반도누나

    I want an Asian tour video in 2020

  61. Esther Bellefroid


  62. Ernesto Tito

    take me back to your bed

  63. Jhonatan Narciso

    Hey Sam, come to Mexico City. 🤟🏻

  64. Matt Bond

    So much heart.

  65. Sam Walker

    Change the lyrics to “take me back in your sled” and you’ve got the Christmas number 1 easy.

  66. Fra Tm

    This sound is so peaceful... thank you Sam🖤

  67. Stephanie Bertram

    FINALLY!!!! My favorite song ♥

  68. Ella Dungey

    you are so incredibly talented and deserve the world
    can't wait to see what the future holds

  69. Andrew Sheard

    We’ve waited so long for this! We all need to stream and buy the hell out of this for Sam! 👊🏻

  70. Diana N

    Jack Whitefield: how many music videos from gigs do you want?
    Sam: Yes.

  71. Suzies Place


  72. Brecon Dobbie

    How is it that everything you do Sam just makes me fall even more deeply in love with your music? It’s almost criminal !!

  73. Iris Wijnker

    my man sam’s done it again
    (have been waiting for this to be released since you played it in Amsterdam 🙌🏼)

  74. Naomi OOTD

    2020 goals to be in a Fender video.

  75. eleni

    the song, the video, the way both fit together - everything about this is so so so beautiful!

  76. Steve D


    Steve D


  77. Joshua Hunter

    I love this!

  78. Jack

    Coming to see you in March, hope you play this ❤❤

  79. Coolaught Rainer

    Is this a single already?

  80. Karl Williamson

    Written so long ago but sounds so current. This is why you are starting to make shock waves Sam.

  81. Elysia Oliver

    coming to see you tonight in. london can’t wait🖤

  82. FATIMAxK

    This whole video feels like a declaration of love

  83. Mike Elliott

    Him and Harry Styles should be mates

    Jon Raggett

    God I hope not.


    Different scene bro and I hope it stays that way


    Delete this hate crime of a comment

  84. drewzyboy

    First song I looked for when the new album came out.. !

    Absolutely criminal this was left out

    Brian Alexander

    Superb album great live great track keep it going

    Hughess 212

    Yer clubs deed mate


    @Hughess 212 yaaawn ZZZzzzz....

    Hughess 212

    drewzyboy sorry



  85. LC G

    Iconic song, anyone who’s seen him live will agree we’ve been waiting so long to be able to stream this.

    Emma Hall

    He's one of our own! Loved that at Newcastle but the singing to leave fast on Sunday just wowed me totally gotta love him ain't ya lol

    duncan miles

    Emma Hall Gave me goosebumps multiple times through the show especially during leave fast and dead boys

    Emma Hall

    @duncan miles totally! Just no words, pics or videos will ever do his gigs justice for what you feel... Dunno about you but deffo a family feel among fans it's awesome to see

    Teresa The1975

    yes heard it live and immediately fell in love with the song!!

  86. Christian Nicolai

    Sam Fender is the best Guitar Player from and my Favorite Music Star ! I Love the Guitar Sound it Makes me Happy 😊😊👍

  87. SamMTB

    Ya reet bud me dad loves ya music and I also do.see y

  88. Khulan Erdene

    Is that Dean beside Sam in the thumbnail?

  89. emilee

    i just know this took so long for his videographer to edit since he did it by hand 😬


    try gibson read the description!

  90. sophie c

    christmas came earlyyy 🤪☺️

  91. charlotte bro

    this is such an iconic song go and stream the hell out of it

  92. Rosa Boer

    Legend!! 🙏🏻

  93. Larpi Castañeda Paz

    Studio version sounds so good

  94. Chloe Haymond

    This is such a good vibe woweee

  95. Ben Palfrey

    The sign of a great artist in my mind is to release a great debut album but then continue to release music alongside it. Best example of this is Oasis the Masterplan album. Sam Fender could easily hold music back for second album but he’s putting it out there for the fans now. Take a bow, Mr Fender!

    James Harrison

    The Masterplan came out in 1998 though, 4 years after their debut. Although they did release a lot of physical singles with good B Sides which people don't do much now

  96. Chloe Haymond

    Yasss sam

  97. Manuel Perez

    I am waiting for the video and for Sam Fender to como to Mexico

  98. Noelia M