Sam Feldt - Midnight Hearts Lyrics

Midnight hearts
Between now and yesterday
I know this time we’ve gone too far
Gone too far, far

You’re the only thing I know
But it feels so far away
Cause all we are is midnight hearts
We’re like midnight hearts, hearts

You’re the only thing I know [x4]

Midnight hearts
Between now and yesterday
I know this time we’ve gone too far
Gone too far, far

You’re the only thing I know [x4]

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Sam Feldt Midnight Hearts Comments
  1. TutorielMet

    Best track

  2. engineer jontez

    2019 still a banger

  3. Alejandro Vidal

    2019 y la quitaron de Spotify 😡

  4. Refat Bhuiyan

    Osame music

  5. OfficialMan

    18 April 2019. Just listening Miami 2015 Day Mix ;D Great year.

  6. Braian Ferreira

    50% / 50%

  7. Bri EDM

    we are like midnight hearts <3

  8. Drink Water

    Capital FM

  9. Neeve Ridley

    This song is so underrated

  10. Jahin Mahbub

    This song deserves way more views.

  11. Yankzzster™

    SMH! Why they gotta do bossman like that

  12. SMOKEZ

    Midnight FaarrrrrrrrrTs

  13. CXG

    If anyone's cares, that's girl isn't hot anymore. She got plastic surgery and looks wack af.
    Check her ig @ilserijnders

  14. Großer Piska

    wtf is this video

  15. Tomáš

    OMG memories

  16. Magno Videos

    Top de mais

  17. Rodrigo Figueroa

    que ganas de tomar un malibu

  18. Romario Thartori

    This song is the intro soundtrack of something please help me , its killing me

    Alex Brink

    capital fm outro! just figured it out now and it was also killing me!

  19. niels847


  20. Mohamed Kurdieh

    weird music video but great music regardless :D

  21. Daniel Carroll

    this is capital fm (uk radio station) youtube outrosong..

  22. David

    I remember when this was published a little more than a year ago :,)

  23. BB H MM

    lyrics? 😐


  24. Bilel Mahdi

    Spornnin Records x'D

  25. LARAM

    bangin' tune

  26. Umut Oktay

    i came here from porn hub 😅

  27. Chaima x

    Gefilmd in Amsterdam eej🇱🇺


    ese chino del final no es el de KARATE KID hahaha

  29. Alfredo Florez

    Sergio Ramos in the thumbnail

  30. Tyrone Karlsson

    I love Housemusic !!!

  31. FF7 paulwalker

    Malibu !!!!! 0:48

  32. Bart Krijnen

    This is a year ago, but it came out on my birtyday, YEY, but video is strange, people will come for the video, not for the music I think, but the music is just good


    searching an upload from spinnin this 2016 to watch your comment :V


    Holy shit you have the same birthday as me

  33. C. Yuen

    Almost a year and still my favourite. ❤

  34. FLSTF87

    They should of let the Mexican join in for some threesome convenience store action. Would of been the time of his life :p


    que tal música crjo

  36. Nana Botelho

    Ah guys don't be boring porn is cool

    BB H MM

    Sure 😍😍😉👍

  37. Nick Mamonov

    is it okay if i use this song in my video?

  38. Maruz

    Is this copyrighted

  39. Sanne X

    Sam feldt love you😱😍😍😍😍😍💕

  40. Synchronic Official

    Awesome vibe!!!!!!!!!

  41. JohnS1000RR

    who is the whore in the video?

  42. Julio Hernández

    Dum dum dum dum ►♫♪♫...

  43. Abraham Emmanuel Castillo

    una de mis mejores cansiones "ready forma the party'!!!!

  44. Jacob Proa

    where is the porn?.

  45. András Meszes

    Erre a dalra kb. 1 hónappal ezelőtt a Rádió 88-ban figyeltem fel.

  46. Kevin Loftus

    anyone one else have this problem where music like this makes you sad and slightly depressed?

  47. Jesse Reith

    Still one of the very best tunes of this year, such a shame it hasn't more listeners!

  48. nikoteck10

    Magic sound, i can feel the summer

  49. Frenk Bollermann

    Music 100% porno?

  50. abeycr

    Bad Azz

  51. Bruno Sampaio

    Pakalu Papito is that you?

    Jahin Mahbub

    Every indian man you see is not Pakalu Papito you racist.

  52. Me cago en Google+

    Primero, el tipo nunca se saco los anteojos ni para besarla..whattt??? Después, no solo q entran a un local de bebidas y tomando la mercadería, sino q entra el supuesto dueño, lo empujan y lo atannnn (uhh????) y ellos se siguen besando...mostrando el bello cuerpo de la chica en bikini (si, sea la situación q sea tiene q haber cuerpo desnudo de mujer, x mas q estén en la nieve o situación finmundista). A todo esto el flaco NUNCA se saco las gafas (es de noche!!! Y si estaba de pastillas, quien no se saca cualquier accesorio xra disfrutar de un buen beso).

    Los creativos se están extinguiendo y se esta implantando cada vez más la idea de vida como PRODUCTO EN SERIE. Bastaaaaa de tanta cosa trillada, repetida.,..

  53. Black Caviar

    deep houseee is the best electro music bitchesssssss

  54. Ben Jenkins

    This song is gonna get so popular, i can see this being number one

  55. Gigagalactic

    Wow .. Incredible track and mesmerizing voice!!

  56. Antony Flores

    hoooo yeaah so crazy

  57. JAYO

    2:11 = BONER!!!!!

  58. Nico Velázquez

    Muy bueno

  59. Daniel Rivas

    her shoes??

  60. Loquillo Alfaro

    translation pls

  61. Loquillo Alfaro

    Is-PORNnin records

  62. bob haley

    Ami the only one that sees a federal crime happening ?

  63. iNomNomAwesome

    Put your songs on Google Play, no one wants to use Beatport.

  64. Lucy Johnson

    Gonna be a banger this summer I can tell!

  65. Dallas Hartness

    Where can I get this song at?

  66. SlowFlowD

    Yesss i hear this music on my radio aswell love it so much

  67. Jon Marias

    Good buenisimo

  68. Nick Payne

    Spinning Records tricked us as on their sample is says "Pep & Rash – Oh Was Love¡ ft. Amba Shepherd" for this song,   aaaahhhhhh! does my bloody head in. good tune though.

  69. Evilz Tv

    this is porn not music lel

  70. Javier Andres


  71. Carlos Figueroa

    alguien mas cree que Spinnin' Records se esta haciendo muy "explicito"? / But someone thinks Spinnin 'Records is doing very "explicit"?

  72. Five Times

    Ladies an gentlemen !!
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    Please leave a like and subscribeee!! :)

  73. Berga

    I thinks Sam Feldt is actually one of the best producers!

  74. Erin Troup

    you dont have to actually pay for songs like this or any others songs:')


    @Erin Troup Yeah, this is miles ahead of his Show Me Love track

  75. Romerick

    Hola gente! soy un Dj/productor de Chile, ya he subido 4 de mis canciones, siendo la ultima ''Medieval Glory'', los invito a escuchar mi música y en el caso de que les guste, pueden suscribirse, dar like o comentar, ustedes deciden. 
    Desde ya me despido y espero que tengan un gran día!
    Nos vemos! 

  76. Moon Safari


  77. Stella S.

    This guy is hot!!

  78. TutorielMet

    Y a rien de choquant dans le clips..omg et bon drop

  79. Sanyi

    Spinning'records uses ''sex'' - IT WAS SUPER EFFECTIVE

  80. asanx

    Ohhh the reverbbbbb!!!!!!!

  81. menno van leeuwerden


  82. Juan Vega

    Amo esto

  83. Ante


  84. Manuel Gomez

    me gusto estevvideo

  85. Jimmy Kaloger

    sam feldt always delivers good music!!!love it!!!

  86. AG FG

    Y despues de mucho tiempo, un comentario en español :3

  87. MatchingMemory

    Would make sweet love to that girl ;)

  88. Dani Varga

    Hi guys: Im happy to announce: This is the Official 2.part of melodies' video!

    Hau5 Dawg

    @Oliver Varga Pretty sure its not. :-)

  89. TutorielMet

    Mdr sa sens la soirée disco ses du bon sa

  90. Creative Nocturnals

    King Sam Feldt, just cant stop producing hits after hits

  91. Marc P.

    Why the fuck is he wearing shades when he has to use a torchlight at the same time ??!! O.o

    Anders MCovin

    +alex s USA !


    +Marc P. To be honest, the music videos of these kind of songs are always so corny.

    Jack D

    +Marc P. hahaha true :D what a hipster dipshit

  92. Psilocin

    What genre of music is this?

  93. szorostaxisofor

    nem is rossz a porno alatt a zene

  94. hap j

    Love this music !!!