Sam Feldt - Just To Feel Alive (Breathe Carolina Remix) Lyrics

Been waiting till the morning
Tell me what you think you know
There's something on your mind
Don't know what you're hiding for
I don't wanna tiptoe
I just wanna sleep sometimes
Next to a heartbeat
That's always in sync with mine
Look me in the eyes
Tell me what did I do wrong

Why we fighting?
Is this a dream or what?
I gotta pinch myself some time
Just to feel alive
Just to feel alive

Just to feel alive
Just to feel alive

Hanging in the ballads
How are we still holding on
We can make it through the daylight
We got time the night's still young
Problem is this house don't really feel like home
We run from the truth cause we know it'll hurt us both
If we keep it in the dark
Then what are all these lights here for?

Why we fighting?
Is this a dream or what?
I gotta pinch myself some time
Just to feel alive
Just to feel alive

Just to feel alive
Just to feel alive

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Sam Feldt Just To Feel Alive (Breathe Carolina Remix) Comments


  2. Tyrell Van Brederode

    I miss the breathe Carolina with the songs:More than ever(best song), hero (satellite), anywhere but home.ruins, Vanish.Come back you guys.

  3. Jefferson Oliveira

    Comentário aleatório
    Mas fala sério, quem acha que ficou meio sem emoção no "frita🔥 frita🔥" ou som do refrão que sai do acústico para o eletrónico de um jeito diferente?💔 Mesmo assim, parabéns por ter feito um início muito bom!

  4. Cyber Nuclear Sound


  5. John Boom

    Promise land x antoine has same sound pfff

  6. State Of EDM

    Empowering the original song with that drop is very nice

  7. Hiếu Phạm

    ii kove it


    beautiful remix i like it

  9. Light Dark所属PoTqt0君

    日本陣✋( ◜௰◝ )

  10. amora steven

    wow sow bire nice

  11. DVIAN

    Producers! I'm part of a sound design project and we just dropped our first professional sounding FLP. Please check it out and let us know what you think.
    Cheers! 🎵

  12. Dutch van der Linde

    good job boah

  13. The anonymous Listener

    Woooow😍😍😍........I was just waiting for something like this.....Finally 💖💖💖

  14. JOGH

    Sam Feldt Is great Producer And Spinnin'Records Thanks for go up this music 😎

  15. Леша Терн

    прикольно. создает настроение

  16. DisperatoEroticoStop Lolefante

    I don't like Intro


    Awesome Xddddd

  18. Monique Schregel

    Boss remix breathe Carolina with Sam Feldt


    Me encantò <3

  20. Alexander Konovalov

    Looks like DYSYLM, so it's cool😎

  21. J.RO. Official

    I love this remix, sounds like a Breathe Carolina and Sunstars Collab!

  22. T. L.

    not bad cruising music or bootyshakin track

  23. Roberto Mikel

    Too calm!! Too romantic! I don´t like it.

  24. Productions WRLD

    This song is 🔥
    We have an ID of Hardwell & Mike Williams on our channel. Do you mind to check it out? That would be awesome!

  25. DJ DEN

    Standard sounds

  26. braian dominguez


  27. DJ Black W


  28. Jhandre Smit

    omg fucking love it

  29. Josef Henokh

    It's difficult, is it bass house or future house/bounce or electro house

  30. Xavier Ríos

    Like si eres latino 🙌🏻

  31. Minh Anh

    great music

  32. elizane Araújo


  33. Milton Quenott

    Add me @miltonquenott Instagram

  34. Tuệ Quỳnh Hoàng

    Future house ?

  35. FRAST

    Check out my YouTube channel I do animation dancing to dubstep and electro music and if you like it please subscribe

  36. Joel Lee

    Breathe Carolina never disappoints!-

  37. Angel RG

    Se lo robo a sunstars xddddd.. Pero me gusto xD

  38. Daniil Evtyunin

    I wanna hear this song this summer haha

  39. Yefri Jonas

    style sunstars

  40. Enzo Tiago

    Melhor música

  41. Kęstutis Kęstutis


  42. Juan Esteban 123

    Jueputa toda las canciones de estos suenan igual. Ya cambien ! 😒😡😡😡😡

  43. muriel mottet

    Thank you spinnin records 😄 👍

  44. KetchupBeats

    El drop me suena de alguna parte but I don't know where from

  45. Music - Life

    I don't see the original mix :/ it's all remixes !!!

  46. Christian Ozorio

    Finally 🔥❤️♥️

  47. the angel

    Never dissapoint

  48. Lucas GuRy

    🇧🇷grupo de 🎶 eletrônica no ZAP quem quiser chegar

    Mateus Ghaldino

    manda link[]

  49. JoyNoy

    Spinnin have so boring tracks...
    Where's is the times iv'e been waiting for a track and enjoyed really... 🙄😓

  50. NAZZ Loreba

    yes this is the best remix!! this remix reminds me of Breathe Carolina and Sunstars

  51. marco d'alfonso

    Really good, but there is an error on Spotify ☹️. Please resolve

  52. nathalia silva alvitres

    Wow, great remix <3

  53. BSSKRFT3RS43

    Sounds like Sunstars also did their job here..

  54. Franco Nicolas

    Sam Feldt - Just To Feel Alive (Sunstars Remix)


    Soon Be my first 100 subs and I'm Proud of it ;)

  56. Stevengc47㕕

    Good song sunstars , ups breathe caroline

  57. Panda Galaxy

    Sunstars sounds.

  58. Gabriel Divulgações

    Music Top

  59. Majesty

    Vibe Positiva 🔥🌴

  60. Breathing Zykia

    This song is cool!

  61. 주형

    Ghostproduced by SUNSTARS

  62. Ngọc Dương

    I love your video and i love song so much 😚 😚 😚

  63. Zip Box

    love that melody

  64. Valentino Vitoschi

    Please spinnin records Tony Junior & Jetfire music please please please😖😖😖😖

  65. bk-x records 記錄

    B e a u t i f u l <3 <3 <3

  66. Bruz Fernandez

    Like si te gusta sus canciones

  67. Louis Mannschatz

    Nice track man. I'm a 16 years old producer and would be happy about some feedback on my new remix so if you want to just check it out on my Profile:)

  68. DJ SRI

    Ooooooh That drop just kicked it in!!

    Great Job Breathe Carolina

  69. TheTomatenfritz3000

    Breathe Carolina is on fire lately with their remixes!

  70. Ahmad Obeid

    steff da campo remixing this would be insaaaaneeee

  71. Future Live

    Thank informession, to you friend🙋

  72. Coder

    Breathe Carolina with the fire

  73. Pra Tocar No Paredão

    - Great remix (d'-'b)

  74. Saul Herrera

    Sunstars ??? 😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂

  75. Trap Astronaut

    Nice! I love it! Great upload 😃

  76. Isaias Rivera

    Breathe Carolina & Sunstars Remix

  77. DopeMusicPlaylists24/7

    I can see Feldt rockin' this remix. Good one !

  78. Jeison Niño Vanegas

    Great song⚡

  79. IANN

    Another shit of breathe carolina😢

  80. Infinity Mao Space Gumball Angel Music

    I love Future House style and this remix is awesome.

    Infinity Mao Space Gumball Angel Music

    @The Crack Exkius mi.

  81. wuinder rivas

    Extraño avicii Como duele su partida

    Juan Esteban 123

    Ya supéralo hijueputa.

  82. Radoslav ŠIŠKA Dezert

    My instagram siska_dezert

  83. Radoslav ŠIŠKA Dezert


  84. Lago Brian

    That break is so cliché.. hurts the music lover in me..



  86. Sr. Tec DivulgaçõesVEVO

    🎬👏🏻😍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶♥♥♥ Top

  87. Guadalupe Jarlon

    Hola todos

  88. IGD

    Cool drop!

  89. Juan Sebastian Garcia Agudelo

    Bad , Nice, ummmm, Amazing <3

  90. Tom Britton

    Is it only my spotify which skips a bit

  91. EDM Claupas

    Breathe Carolina starts strong 2019! Good Remix, better than original!

  92. Prince Punia

    5:54 bassjackers & blasterjaxx - switch vibes spotted🙃🙃

  93. Mustafa Sadik

    Lo mismo de siempre 😬😬

  94. SSL Music

    *Love it!* 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  95. Jorge closas

    Este Breathe Carolina la clava en todas, vaya boss

    Juan Esteban 123

    Vaya mierda. Esta canción se parece a todas las que está sacando

  96. Juan Diego

    Sunstars ghost remix 😉