Sam Feldt - Drive You Home Lyrics

All of my strength is gone
I don't know what you want

I was never looking for trouble
I was only following you down
I remember when we were younger
Going round and round

If I hold you now...
I could almost not remember...

If I hold you now...

I was never looking for trouble
I was only following the sound
I remember when I was someone
But it's different now

Leave a little light on the radar
I can never know how far I'll go
I am just in love with the feeling
Of losing control

If I hold you now...
I could almost not remember...

If I hold you now...
I could almost drive home...
If I stay a while...
I could almost not remember...

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Sam Feldt Drive You Home Comments

    (ノ^_^)ノ amazing

  2. cata montecinos


  3. Simulator Studios

    One of my fav songs

  4. Josue Ryes


  5. Im2Nice Boi

    Lifeguard Video ✌🏻

  6. Yoga bøy

    Pasó Icardi y te dijo sin códigos

  7. Robin Villegas Arce

    it's an amazing track. i love it ♥ TropicalHouse♥

  8. Matthew Powell


  9. Aleksa


  10. Alejandro Huerta

    Alguien sabe cual es la version que toco en ultra o es un remix de quien?

  11. Denzo Warmbad

    chilled song, and it is that song that brings back memories

  12. Fairbanks

    It sounds like summer <3

  13. cristian palacios

    la buena musica son de ellos lo mejor
    son geniales

  14. Joseff Nic

    That typical hippie music vid... xD

  15. Onuoha jerome

    The tv series Suits brought me here...

  16. User 57

    this song makes me cry 😥😥

  17. Edinson Martinez

    esta super padre esta rola
    me encanta
    dios te bendiga
    arriba SAM FELDT 😄😳

  18. Lee Sanchez

    amazing!!!!!!!sam feldt

  19. Josh Howe

    They totally just jacked a poor retired guys boat. Just saying.

  20. yoosaul

    Anyone know where I can get the (King Arthur remix)

  21. gerda pleša

    1 year . . .

    Koen Hazekamp

    Gerda Pleša Time goes faster than my memories, last year seems yesterday to me. I do miss my 'younger' years but am also curious what the future will bring. Remember your best, reach your dreams and flow the oceans of the future! :)

  22. Gamerschuy 43

    muy buena canción 😊😊😊

  23. Melvin Hedlund

    Hahaha, in the first seconds of the video you can see the shadow of the drone that filmed it ;-)

  24. Fernando Cardenas castañeda


  25. gerda pleša

    i still remember how that evening (last day of summer) when this video was uploaded on youtube i watch this on replay mode almost 1 hour, but next day was 1st september

  26. Ronald Foks

    When i listening this song, i just wanna Summer 2016..

  27. josef Butler

    perfect song ... deserve more than this views ......because it's very similar to avici ....

  28. suka blyat


  29. Gabriel Valin

    cara ficou de vela no começo depois se deu bem.. hahaha isso que e ombro amigo ein

  30. Gijs

    Now the real question is: where did the leather jacket of that dude go at 3'59?

  31. Marc Bakker

    why you stealing a boat from an old man?

  32. Uvenula Difenbahija

    Summer vibes 😍😍

  33. José Ángel Zamora

    I prefeer the original version, that this shit.

  34. Jack D

    That awful sax sound ruined the whole great melody :/

  35. Nicolas Tirano


  36. Julito Zavala

    true love

  37. Kadek Chandra

    what a dick

  38. Yoselin LM

    La ame💕💋 MUCHO #TheBest

  39. ᒎᕰᗩᘉ ᗩᘉↁᖇᕮᔕ DOMINGO 737


  40. regan moss

    Thank God you're not making us any 'promisees' in this track! Awesome tune though, should of been a summer anthem!

  41. Andy

    Everyone dreams of having a girl like this!

  42. Serane Breukers

    Is die ene niet de zanger van son mieux?

  43. DrSE18

    So what I gathered from this video is that the guy and the girl was going out and he got drunk so she was pissed off and ended up cheating on him with another guy. So the other guy tries to get his own back by trying to get it on with another female on the boat and ends up getting caught by his cheating gf and end up fighting and getting pushed off a boat. Hmm interesting.

  44. Gabriel Amâncio

    COOL !!!

  45. luis cubilla

    I love this love song that I think 😘😘

  46. Alfredo Morfin

    Son este tipo de canciones que no hace decir más genera muchas sensaciones y recuerdos, se nota que este género va tomando terreno :))

  47. Guille Sanlés

    Mike Posner - Please Don't Go

  48. Alexander James

    Is it ever going to come out on itunes

  49. Alexander James

    When is it coming to UK Itunes store

  50. alejandro sanchez bengoa

    para ver el video con la letra traducida visitar mi canal

  51. Julieta Herondale Morgenstern

    face 0:54 like: me in love :(

  52. Mj Stemp

    I need a ride to see you and The Donnies The Amys together again...

  53. Miguel Gonzalez

    Hermosa Historia 💘

  54. Chicharito Hernández

    One of underrated songs ever from Spinnin' Records!

  55. FFS

    Why are there so many songs on spotify that I can't play?? This, Bunny dance by Oliver Heldens and so many more. What kind of rights problem causes that these songs can't be played in Norway??

  56. Alex K

    What happened to "Bros before Hos"?

  57. TomilloVideos

    Love this song! Greetings from Argentina!!

  58. Colichón

    Please someone put this on spotify!


    Actually is there

  59. Camila Ricalde

    What kind of music is this? can someone tell me please!!!

  60. Wesley Snoek


  61. Shani Louk

    the song and the video is amazing

  62. rob m

    Damn! kudos to you, apple is the Empire! Fight for your rights!

  63. Matthew Dominguez

    iTunes in the US?


    we just droped our Official Music Video, UNTIL NEXT SUMMER it's and original track, pls show us some support

  65. Monica Palomo

    How/where do I buy this song?

  66. JayMoto

    youtube need a replay button

  67. danzer0

    Recipe for current music videos:

    - travel in a cara ✓
    - young people ✓
    - sun ✓
    - people dancing/raving ✓
    - third wheel ✓

    This, Little Giant's "Lately", Chainsmoker's "Let You Go"...

  68. Mj Stemp

    Awesome..Sam Feldt & The Him they get it.

  69. HBA Power

    Such a beautiful song with a miserable clip :(

  70. NeiDroid G

    No Mola :/

  71. Jessé Bessa


  72. yudalver garrillo

    awesome,amazing video Sam Feldt & The Him featuring The Donnies The Amys - Drive You Home

  73. TheNightmare

    Sam Feldt & The Him ft. The Donnies The Amys - Leaving The Friend Zone (Finally Mix) :D

  74. BizaRRo

    very good very very good i love it song

  75. Mikhail Lulla

    my fuck is driving home

  76. C0rrad

    amazing song congratulation guys !!!

  77. Colichón

    SPOTIFY PLS! @spinninrec

  78. SARV5

    nice :)

  79. michael r bradley

    sam feldt been making songs for ages now but this year is been making songs like there's no tomorrow

    michael r bradley

    i'm just happy there's no tiesto edit

  80. Jesse H

    Sam boss felt

  81. Fer Ruiz

    Sam feldt & kygo los mejores djs *--*

  82. Martin Blomen

    >< TRACKLIST ><
    Sam Feldt & The Him featuring The Donnies The Amys - Drive You Home

  83. Distrito 32

    #Pillboxnosevende #Spinninvadesalida

  84. Distrito 32

    Hasta que suben algo bueno y no sus jaladas de Martin Garrix, cabrones.

  85. Z Rules

    hoes before bros XD

  86. Benjamin Padilla

    This sound like hey brother but is awesome!

  87. J L

    That trumpet beat tho <3

  88. Colichón


  89. Luis Jimenez


  90. Noodle


  91. Isolon


  92. Jason Ink

    what do you mean jutsin birebr ???????

  93. alejandro guevara

    the perfect song :)

  94. James Packard

    This vid sucks

  95. Avalon Studios

    I love the track! It's another collaboration from Sam Feldt & The Him! :) Great track, great drop, great everything! The Donnies & The Amys are doing great! Can I Drive You Home? xD