Sam Cooke - When I Fall In Love Lyrics

Maybe I'm old fashioned, feeling as I do
Maybe I am living in the past
But when I meet the right one
I know that I'll be true
My first love will be the last

When I fall in love it will be forever
Or I'll never fall in love
In a restless world like this is
Love is ended before it began
And too many moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

When I give my heart it will be completely
Or I'll never, never, never give my heart
And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I give my heart to you

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Sam Cooke When I Fall In Love Comments
  1. Ozzy Gonzalez

    I really love this version.

  2. Barbara Brown

    Just heavenly. We'll never have another Sam Cooke. We miss you Sam, your spirit live for ever., you will always be my heart. R.I.P

  3. chaniqua smith

    Ready for that sam Cooke movie!

    Lab Mfecani

    chaniqua smith they will have to settle the ending , the death of Sam, before it can be taking to tasks, too much evidence to show that it did not happen the way bertha franklin said it did, did she break both of his hands? did she break his right arm? this is in the autopsy report, yet it was ruled justifiable homicide, the racial atmosphere made it to easy to cover the death of black males back then but Cooke wasn't your average black male, it was clearly a setup, to make a man with such integrity, class, sophistication and money look like a drunk, raging fool, was Sam a saint? No, but to use a man's weakness to trap and kill him says a lot about those who stood to benefit from his death. No black artist was on his level back then, like you i would like to see a movie on his life but it should at lease represent the truth.

    chaniqua smith

    Lab Mfecani Wow I didn't no all that happened to him. I no he was set up by some Asian bitch and a black lady shot him. Still would like to see a movie made about his life one day.

  4. Donna Smith

    "When I fall in love it will be for every, and the moment that I can feel that way too.

  5. Lourdes Guerra

    El mejor intérprete de esta canción. Thanks for this video

    Malz Cuatro

    Es porque es el mejor vocalista de la historia!