Sam Cooke - There I've Said It Again Lyrics

(love you, love you)
I love you, there’s nothing to hide
It’s better than burning inside
I love you, no use to pretend
There I’ve said it again
I’ve said it, what more can I say
Believe me, There’s no other way
I just love you and will to the end
There I’ve said it again

I tried to drum up,
A frase that would sum up
All that I feel, that I feel for you
But what good are frazes
The thought that amazes
Is you love me and it’s so heavenly
Forgive me, for wanting you so
There’s one thing I want you to know
[?] and that I love you so
Heaven knows when
There I’ve said it again
There I’ve said it again

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Sam Cooke There I've Said It Again Comments
  1. Miketer White

    Yes I said it Again Sam is the greatest singer that ever lived.

  2. QTee

    im any event and like ive said...

  3. Pierce Ryan

    Excellent singer with great songs for all to enjoy.Oui.There i,ve said it again.Oui.

  4. catherine murphy

    I love you, there's nothing to hide
    It's better than burning inside
    I love you, no use to pretend
    There! I've said it again

    I've said it, what more can I say?
    Believe me, there's no other way
    I love you, I will to the end
    There! I've said it again

    I try to drum up
    A phrase that will sum up
    All that I feel for you
    But what good are phrases?
    The thought that amazes
    Is that you love me and it's heavenly

    Forgive me for wanting you so
    But one thing I want you to know
    I've loved you since heaven knows when
    There! I've said it again

  5. John Phillips

    took a country song done it like only sam cooke can!

  6. Richard Julius

    The love we had...Yvonne! There I have said again,

  7. Mae Barnes

    Another amazing song by the great Sam Cooke...don't get any better than this.

  8. mr. warmth

    old bobby vinton song

  9. David Chernofsky

    what great rendition,have loved Bobby Vinton version for years but I think one is as good.

  10. sochi emoto


  11. Cynthia's Channel

    This song tells a story here........"There I Said it again"   Ahhhh Yes I Just Love it......

    Cynthia's Channel

    @Sheven718 Hi Dave on this Jan 18th-2019... Hope you are doing well.. Still hanging around here a lot..
    Google + is closing in April !!! Where we go from here, I have no idea...
    It's been a pleasure... Cynthia


    hi cynthia i thought i answered your commnt the other day i ? i think i'm getting old and forgetfull ha ha good to hear from you sorry to hear google+ is leaving ? we had some fun here thru the last few years didn't we ? yes it really has been a pleasure, it aint over yet , i'm always around cya soon [email protected]'s Channel

    Cynthia's Channel

    @Sheven718 Hi Dave, Google + decided to send me this comment today....What a joke.. Nice to hear from you, 4 months when all this is gone, where are we going from here, I have no idea.. I'll be around somewhere, Many are already gone... It's great to hear from you...
    Stay well my friend...


    @Cynthia's Channel you were first with the news of google's departure ? we have often wondered why they jurst cant leave things the way they are ? thats progress i guess , where we go from here ? who knows ? but we'll come thru and keep in touch, that my friend really is "a million to one " regards Dave

    Cynthia's Channel

    @Sheven718 Aww Dave , you hadn't forgot... Thanks so much...
    It's been a pleasure my friend..

  12. Raymi Lauren


  13. Cynthia's Channel

    1959 Wonderful song from The Best Of Sam Cooke......I So Love this song......"There I said again"........

    peter .farias

    now  sam  is  great     love  his  song     great  song  indeed   yes

    Cynthia's Channel

    Yesss Peter.....There I said it again.....What an amazing song......Love this one too.......

    bruce werner

    And my friend Cynthia--well, she is "The Queen Of The Oldies"--so she really knows her stuff on songs like this. Love your evaluation Cynthia.

    Cynthia's Channel

    @bruce werner Thanks so much Bruce, you are too kind...

    Toberr Drawforc


  14. Cynthia's Channel

    1959......"There I Said it again".......What a song from Sam Cooke....... Sooo Beautiful......


    So Beautiful...  all Sam's songs are so timeless, smooth and easy listening.. it brought tears to my eyes,
    thanks for sharing!  I guess it's just one of those days... 


    yep !
    what more can i say ?  we're bringing on back the good times now ! eh cynth ?

    Cynthia's Channel

    Hello Dave.....This is one of the best for Sam Cooke from 1959... Great song...
    Thanks for stopping over


    anytime my google friend ! ???

    Mae Barnes

    Yes such a beautiful song...and he does it so darn me some Sam Cooke

  15. Kirk Alexander

    To Dolce, I miss you.

  16. Cynthia's Channel

    Beautiful......."There I said it again"

    peter .farias

    bobby vinton sang this good one

    Cynthia's Channel

    Yes......I remember that too....1959...

  17. Cynthia's Channel

    I Just Love You...... "There I said it again"  Sooooo Heavenly......

    Cynthia's Channel

    Beautiful song....Thanks Peter.....This song I really like alot

  18. Lee Groce

    Thanks for posting. Love Sam Cooke...Peace

  19. Cynthia's Channel

    "There I said it again"... One of the Best of the Best... "Sam Cooke" I Just Love You.... There I said it again... ... .What more can I say... Believe me... I Love singing this song...

  20. Petra1001uk

    my most favourite song ever, by my most favourite singer. I adore it. Happy to see it's now on you tube.

  21. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1959 {November 9th} Sam Cooke's "There, I've Said It Again" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; eventually it peaked at #81 and spent 5 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #25 on Billboard's R&B chart...
    The song was originally recorded by Vaughn Monroe in 1945...
    And on November 30th, 1963 Bobby Vinton's covered version charted; on January 4th, 1964 it peaked at #1 {for 4 weeks}...
    R.I.P. Mr. Vaughn Monroe {1911-1973} and Mr. Cooke {1931-1964}...

  22. Akin Z

    awesome song by the greatest singer ever!!!

  23. ShooterKitty

    Was and still is!

  24. Cynthia's Channel

    Wonderful song,
    It's better to say how you feel
    There I said it again

  25. Alexis Ferguson

    One of my favorite songs by Sam Cooke.I've listened to nearly all of his songs.I saw him with the Soul Stirrers years and years ago in Memphis,TN at Mason Temple.'Love all of Sam Cooke's songs.Thanks for posting this song.

  26. Bigturns33

    No doubt about it. Man could he write songs. Secondly he could sing them like none other. I always loved the more suttle tracks where he just showed the complete control in his voice like this one. Hes the greatest.

  27. cs100443

    it's a real pleasure to listen to this song

  28. Leonora Ellis

    not only that he is so handsome but also he can sing and nobody could else imitate him.
    thank god am so glad for it' great artist

  29. mindseye52

    Booby Vinton has nothing my 'idol' Sam Cooke! Goose bumps!

  30. ant janky

    Legendary!!! nuff said!!!!!

  31. Jayne van der wijk

    I think 1959,

  32. Jayne van der wijk

    You are very welcome!!!

  33. Cynthia's Channel


  34. grega1972

    You could not have spoke the Truth more than that ! He is the greatest to ever sing a melody !
    As Jerry Wexler put it , "The Greatest singer ever No contest "

  35. charlie h

    What year was this recorded?

  36. Cynthia's Channel


  37. scottybroker

    He had a brother who sounded like him After Sam was killed, his brother LC. Cooke tried to launch his own career with limited success. the Amazing Soul Stirrers was a gospel group featuring also the late Lou Rawls..

  38. Cynthia's Channel

    Wonderful meaning in this song!
    I loved this song for-ever
    There I said it again!

  39. Carvaughn Cullins

    "Sam Cooke is the GREATEST MUSICIAN to eva grace the industry" and the validity in the previous statement ignites truth as "Rolling Stone" magazine named him the 4th greatest vocalist (1st in my opinion) and 16th greatest artist (1st in my opinion there as well). Sam Cooke is the absolute epitome of musicianship. May he rest in peace.

  40. timpit25

    What more can i say,believe there's no other way, i just love you lol

  41. postatility

    Was there EVER a greater voice???

  42. babshai

    This isn't the original but I DEFINITELY prefer this version.

  43. flowerrmb

    Such beautifully sung lyrics!!

  44. Jayne van der wijk

    Yes.. it is :)

  45. Music for The People

    great song pink twin : )