Sam Cooke - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen Lyrics

Nobody knows the trouble that I've seen
Nobody knows my sorrow
Nobody knows the trouble that I've seen
Glory hallelujah

Nobody knows the trouble that I've seen
Nobody knows my, my sorrow
Nobody knows the trouble that I've seen
Glory hall - glory hallelujah

Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm down
Oh, yes Lord
You know sometimes I'm almost to the ground
Oh, oh yes Lord

Still, nobody knows the trouble that I've seen
Nobody, nobody knows my, my sorrow
Nobody knows the trouble that I've seen
Glory hallelujah

If you get there before I do
Oh, oh yes Lord
Don't forget to tell all my friends I'm comin' too
Whoa, oh yes Lord

Still, nobody knows the trouble that I've seen
Nobody knows my sorrow
Nobody knows the trouble that I've seen
Glory hall - hallelujah

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Sam Cooke Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen Comments
  1. Imani M

    What a beautiful musician 💕🎤🎶 He sings like an angel 🕊

  2. Kenny Karlsson

    One of the best soul singer's that ever lived. His voice is hypnotic.

  3. Elliott Barowitz

    the absolute best singer ever

  4. John ELI Leffingwell

    Great Job….This song can be played in the key of “G" on your harmonica.. Now check out my Elvis song and join in:enjoy…Eli

  5. Chase Armstrong

    Born in 88 an I'll yell ya nobody knows the trouble that I've seen.... Nobody knows my sorrow.... Been on sam cooke since a kid and still jam him.. Timeless music

  6. RawOne911

    Ohh Sam do lighten up. Sing something with a little more bounce in it.

  7. Frank Smith

    I was in Hawaii when we finally got statehood (after Alaska, the necessary 'white' state). I went to a concert in Honolulu where he appeared. I was blessed.

  8. Jonathan Colby

    2019 🕯🙏🏽

  9. Shelley Brown

    A Voice,Talented!!!! 2019

  10. Yuhara Watson

    Very very special sweet song love it!!☝️

  11. Morris Williams


  12. Eartheternal

    Oh, okay! So Cee-lo Greene has just been doing his best impression of Sam Cooke. Cool! Good job!

  13. Sophie Lemaire


  14. John Snooks

    Brave man,great singer.

  15. Tralisia Lee

    Sam Cooke and Maliha Jackson the greatest voices of all time. Fasia comes in third.

  16. Jill

    I cry for Sam like a family member......I want him here !

  17. Richard Julius

    My life Sam Cooke in a White racist World in a land they call AMERICA!

  18. Linda Jackson

    Hi edagdwg love this song and video Gods children were more respectful then they are now but the Bible said things would change sad to say it's true linda j ☮️❤️❤️💯

  19. Richard Julius

    My man, Sam Cooke...!

  20. Richard Julius

    God knows what has happen to his children's in white America; living with Devils!

    The Crossing

    Only ❤️ YAH ツ knows what really happened and who has profited from this Incredible Music. Best of the Best 🔥 Sam Cooke is Legendary and Never Forgotten. We are blessed to hear His Voice ✨ Shine

  21. jean-michel rocksabre

    Remember singing this in a police cell decades ago, about 3 am. The custody sergeant told me i'd chosen the wrong career. How right he was. 😎

  22. ekul40831

    This hits home. I've been through alot and I'm still alive thank God. I got over 2 years clean off of heroin

    Cicely Brown

    ekul40831 thanks for sharing your triumph-keep moving forward-I wish you strength and grace.

  23. Felicia Wijnaar


  24. Epic Gamer

    How all here in 2019??? 👍👍👍

    510 Judo

    Not me 2016 here


    Merry Christmas 2019 and a Peaceful,Prosperous 2020!



    The Crossing

    💯 Respect. True Legend and Legends Never Die ❤️ YAH ツ

  26. Tamiann Salmon

    Know body knows our sorrows

  27. Tamiann Salmon

    Glory to God if true.

  28. Anderson Hilliard

    Sing from the HEART,the SOUL,nobody knows my trouble

  29. TheLibra926

    Straight phuckin fire!! I believe in the Universe but sheesh! Sam cooked this track! Played this song to the young me now I'm a Man

  30. Queenie Miller

    He may be had some trouble in his life i am soo sorry he had to go through with what ever was his cry

  31. R S


  32. candance foster

    His voice was a gift from God.

  33. candance foster

    Lord this man could sing lord yes nobody knows.

  34. Elisheba Leslie

    Nobody else but the Lord knows

  35. Debbie Nobbs

    Beautiful. What more can I say?

  36. Florence Ingram

    One of the great singer of our time. GOD gav him a special voice, now he is in heaven with the FATHER.

  37. Chocolate Fountain

    Typo in the title,well done

  38. Sylvia Havens


  39. beeala boobie

    If I Had A Movie About My Life This Most Definitely Would Play During The Beginning & End 🔥

  40. Jean Jean

    This is almost like magic. His voice is so beautiful, smooth & real. It brings one into the story that he is singing. It is as thou we are helping him carry a heavy burden. SIMPLY MAGIC... I can identify with you....

  41. Better futur

    Simply beautiful ...

  42. edgaro67

    27062018: Bravo pour le parolier!!!!

  43. Linda Avant

    From slavery to this along with so many other great talent in so many ways. Lord have Mercy.

  44. Don Abercrombie

    beautiful rendition by the late,great Sammy Cook!!!

  45. dic gosinya

    Oh my god this man is a bullshit.he speaks my heart in this song.100%

  46. beeala boobie

    Nobody knows the trouble I've seen 💯🙏

  47. J Zero

    Will Smith.

  48. nemanja123 brawl stars

    Kraljina si ti.

  49. nemanja123 brawl stars

    Svaka cast Majstore.

  50. AQTruthhurts

    My Mum loves this tune and she's 101yrs old.

  51. Khalid Habeel

    Zazu brought me here! : )

  52. Kamm Scott

    Love it... The 🐐. I'm sorry 👐👏🙌

  53. Steve Centeno

    Is that right

  54. youssoupha fall

    Magnifique Purée beauté rythme Songs voix extraordinaire totale Merci

  55. Pedro Parris

    Wether you believe in a higher power or not....Sam Cooke is that higher power

  56. Jamie

    Sam Cooke is the greatest singer ever. No one has ever come close and this is a true testament to the sublime voice that transcends all music.

  57. Ianthy Layne

    Indeed Sam, sometimes I'm up and sometimes i'm down, but God knows. Fitting song with heart felt passion.

  58. Richard Brown

    Soul from the heart......the very best ever! RIP

  59. Jeremiah Thompson

    Sam Cooke The Greatest Singer who ever lived.

  60. Jeremiah Thompson

    Renaldo is absolutely right. I saw the autopsy photos, and it is a fact that Sam was fighting for his life. It is a shame that people don't realize how things are in the world that Sam lived in. The story in the papers was completely fabricated. The truth is that Sam Cooke was a threat to Whites, and the Mafia was hired by those in the industry who wanted to control Sam Cooke's music. He was the very first Black man to own the rights to his own music. it wasn't Ray Charles, and Sam Cooke was bigger, and better than Frank Sinatra, and Elvis. The anointing on his voice was a gift from God. As his father prayed while Sam Cooke was in his mother's womb; the melodic voice of the Arch Angel whose name cannot be translated. A voice so melodic; that it has the power to heal, and change the very atmosphere. He was protected, but the murder of his son affected him deeply, and left him vulnerable. They drowned his son in the pool, and threatened to kill his entire family. Sam Cooke was in fact murdered by the Mafia/ Government; Like Dr. Martin L. King Jr., Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Otis Redding, and the list is too long to name all who was essentially murdered including Jackie Wilson, slipped him a Mickie. Let it be known that the newspaper printed fabrications of the truth surrounding the deaths of the aforementioned, and they continue to do so until this very day.

  61. Travis Murphy

    One of the best

  62. Labaron26

    It's a shame that personal problems ended his life.....and the World lost a great vocalist.

  63. Eamon Clyne

    The Greatest ever !!

  64. Troy Woodward

    I cant believe there are any dislikes, this is REAL music

  65. Gummy Bear

    At 3:04 I look up if Sam Cooke is alive... Then the results pop up and the ending fits it nicely... But I was close to crying...

  66. randall scott burress

    Sam Cooke gets right in your soul?? STILL*

  67. Zboy

    They need to make a movie about Sam Cooke and his travels through love and sorrows. Through music and blues. I would love to watch that movie time and time again.

  68. colsome miah

    Sam just has to sing the word "Oh" with its swirling rivulets for me....intoxicaing

  69. Timothy Davis

    Mr. Soul Sam Cooke
    The wonderful songs he leave us,
    He will always live forever in ours Hearts, especially my...
    Rest In Peace

  70. Tim Rijnbeek

    We the people make the glory glory hallelujah

    The Crossing

    ❤️ YAH ツ

  71. Rockout Montana

    When u finally realize that this is the song ZaZu was singing to Scar in a cage on Lion King 😂😂😂

  72. Sam Kr

    Still love the way Sheldon Cooper sing this song

  73. Johnathan Homes

    Sam my 👨 love the sick bets

  74. Ken Ellis

    Sam has a way of touching your soul.  He is dearly missed.

  75. colsome miah

    Sam had those inflections in his voice that underscore the lyrics in Boldface..angst ridden, pasionate and haunting

  76. robert courtney

    You sir are the best.

  77. Delroy Newton Grant


  78. Elissa Schornstein

    Beautiful Sam.

  79. Buck Lilli

    This is a Negro spiritual from the days of slavery. This is not a new soul song, but it is so beautiful.

  80. Elissa Schornstein

    Perfection. Sam could sing anything and make it so beautiful. Sam we were robbed of your great talent and miss you very much.

  81. Mohamed Farah


  82. Elg Dixon

    Nobody sings it better than Sam.

  83. little1shot

    Sorry folks but Al Green is right up there with him. It will always be a matter of opinion as to which is better..........

  84. Zwakele Mgabhi

    Only singer that comes close to Sam Cooke is Gregory Porter

  85. Tony Laurent

    Sam Cooke was and remains 'the man'. Nobody has matched him since. His Live at Harlem album in Miami is the best at a sublime peak. Only James Brown at the Apollo comes close.

  86. Nuh SAUNDERS

    Needed this this very night.

  87. Michael Givens

    I feel like you Sam.

  88. Golfnut

    The Seeker's version is better.

  89. Martin Walden

    Some boy sam cooke r.i.p!!

  90. Elissa Schornstein

    Great song and beautiful voiced Sam Cooke.

  91. Drucilla Fairway


  92. Liz Bayert

    Only one close is Jackie Wilson but Sam lead the way

  93. Maria Christian

    they paid to killed Sam for the gift that God have given him. that black woman is a bitch

  94. thathomeschoolthing

    Sam Cooke was the best singer of all time.

    Chanene Hawkins

    thathomeschoolthing I concur!!’

  95. Elissa Schornstein

    Love this song. By the one and only Sam Cooke. Mr. Cooke you were the very best and always will be. Misssyou very much. X

  96. Richard Julius

    Nobody knows the trouble the i've seen massavana

  97. Raymond Tavener

    Music like this... Satisfying and amazing. Wish i was born in that era.

  98. Bishop T

    this is a great song i like sam cooke. my best friend De’andre’s favorite song. he would listen to this song no matter how he felt before he passed by someone shooting him. #De’andreWillBeMissed