Sam Cooke - No One Lyrics

Oh how I love you
every moment I can see your face
Oh how I love you
no one, no one could ever
never will take your place

oh how I love you
every moment I know I see your face
oh how I love you
no one could ever take your place

every morning when I rise
I can almost see you standing before my eyes
and every night when I go to sleep
my prayer is our love will keep
I long to see your smiling face
I long to feel your warm embrace
how could anyone ever take your place

oh how I love you
every moment I know I see your
oh how I love you
no one could ever take your place
oh how I love you

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Sam Cooke No One Comments
  1. Mary Godwin

    Found this from Sam amazing cant stop playing it.. Love it. Sam you are the greatest.. Xx💕💕

  2. Marlene Leebody

    No one can ever take the place of Mr Sam Cooke ...The one and only Master of Soul 👌💕💕

  3. Levan Moore

    Speechless so great gospel soul the best

  4. Lindell Patterson

    Learned to sing this song so I can sing it to my baby Pamela who I've loved for 40 plus years!!

  5. Tony Lamar

    It's amazing how talented this man was, he literally took a Soul Stirrers song (the recently issued "Oh How I Love Him") while they were in the studio... he adlibed the whole thing off the top of his head and released it. REAL TALENT!!!

  6. Mossy Bottom Records Vinyl Junkie Clubhouse

    Soul Stirrers Singing the wonderful back up vocals I believe.

  7. La Shone Bryant

    Sam Cooke ...Idols and soul

  8. jeffrey conyers

    Cooke produced his own hit better with Jimmy Outler and the Stirrers.

  9. jeffrey conyers

    On Joy In My Soul the title is Oh, How I Love Him?

  10. Tyrone norfleet Norfleet


  11. Lynessa Famous

    Forever love this man, Mr. Soul SAM COOKE ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Ruth Davis

    This boy could just out right flat foot sing!

  13. MrEarleybird

    This song is divine. A true jewel from the best ever

  14. Robert Paulin

    Mr. Soul Sam Cooke sang another great song with golden voice

  15. Tesoro

    Whoa how I loooooove Sam Cooke!!!!!!!

  16. blueaziza

    I Love This....What A Voice ....It's Said That Sam Died So Young

    Rest In Peace Mr.Sam Cooke Remembering you always <3

    Lynda Martinez

    Americans,generation after generation will forever adore Sam Cooke

  17. 777

    @starbright1973 I've known about Sam Cooke for the last 3 years or so. I went to Alaska where I met a girl and the whole time we were there, we'd dance away the night to Sam under the biggest sky ever. Headed out to Los Angeles to see her in a few weeks.

    Sam is universal.

  18. Neil Soulman Hagan

    Sam Cooke "Mr. Soul" was the apitamy of sweet soul music, he had the midas touch, one if not The greatest gospel and pop tenors of the 20th century, he was a pioneer in so many things, I can't figure out why hollywood never made a movie, except for maybe jealousy of him. The young people need to re-discover the man and the legend, and what a tragic ending to his story, everyone I tell it to that isn't familiar with Sam say's What??? GOD bless you and the family Larry, much love from the heart

  19. larrycancooke2

    When my mother was sick, I use to go in her room and sing this....RIP mom...No one will ever take your place.....Cooke

    Floyd Stevens

    larrycancooke2 so sorry lost mine too

  20. Elisangela cesarino


  21. James Brown

    Love This Song. Thanks For Posting.


    Thank You for posting this long misplaced gem!!!