Sam Cooke - Mean Old World Lyrics

This is a mean old world to live in all by yourself
This is a mean old world to live in all by yourself
This is a mean world to be alone
Without someone to call your own
This is a mean old world to try and live in all by yourself

I wish I had someone, someone who'd love me true
I wish I had someone, who loved me true
If I had someone who loved me true
Then I know I wouldn't be so blue
This is a mean old world to try and live in all by yourself

Lord, this is a mean old world to live in all by yourself
Mean old world to try and live in all by yourself
This is a mean world to be alone
Without someone to call your own
Lord, mean world to try and live in all by yourself

Sometimes I find myself dreaming I found a love
Sometimes I find myself dreaming I found a love
Sometimes I dream I really found a love
Someone who loved me true as the stars above
For this is a mean old world to try and live in all by yourself

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Sam Cooke Mean Old World Comments
  1. wes hill

    Yeah , ...OK, we already know " Vietnam by Ken Burns" brought you here and we are dully impressed.

  2. bren

    the great Sam Cooke..sheer class.

  3. Granny G

    TV Commercials have been using music from the 60's and 70's quit often. My grand children are hearing some of these songs in commercials for the first time and asking me how did I learn that song so fast. I have to laugh and say these songs were originally written decades ago. At the end of Ken Burns Vietnam movie this song came on and I immediately started singing. I told my grandson that this is "The Sam Cooke" and no one could stand up to his style today.

  4. Pure Inergy

    Going Out In Style...❤️

  5. jaskecry

    Who else is here because of Going out in Style?

  6. Peter Afflick

    RIP sam today is 11 dec 2019 the day you pass

  7. Alexander Brown

    I used to get my butt whipped to this song....Momma didn't Play....I miss those days

  8. Kenneth Ford

    Awesome enough said

  9. Frank Steele

    "Sam is the BEST"!

  10. patryk gola

    Was watching Vietnam war on Netflix brought me here

  11. Gabriel Rosenberger

    T-Bone Walker brought me here.


    Why was this not in Joker?!

  13. Clementine Moriarty

    Can't say enough 'bout Sam Cooke! Thanks for the Memories!

  14. Denise Sartin

    "MEAN OLD WORLD! 2019😒
    RiP Sam ❤

  15. Tavoi Aiono

    When the little girl didnt dob Morgan Freeman in for robbing the bank. Time to take back what is ours people, lets take the fight to our oppressors. Banking industry, governments, medical industry, education system, police force, armed forces........time to end the enslavery. Let stand together and say NO MORE!!!

  16. Kristal Price

    True song.. for sure

  17. Anthony P. Ramirez ll

    Damn Good.XX

  18. Elissa Schornstein

    Sam Cooke had a voice like honey. Smooth and velvety. You are missed so much Sam. I just love you and your beautiful voice and beautiful songs.

  19. Heather jo

    Yes it is brother..♡
    And your missed
    The Stars Must belong to the sky..👼

  20. Catherine Tillery

    2019 still listening to mr.sam cook.never get enough.

  21. Frank Goodall

    The Vietnam war on PBS also bought me here. X :)

  22. Kel Malik

    Ive been here since I was 14 Im 44! Any questions!

  23. Mary Dean

    Still ring true today....what a voice ..great post thank you been listening to Mr Cooke since a very young age now 71 ...still love it more ..ol man way down in TX...jd

  24. Kevin Since

    This is a MEAN , MEAN OLD WORLD.
    To live in. All by,ouself. To be alone... this-is a MEAN ole World.

    Kevin Since

    I wish I had someone. To Love me.. LOVE`d me TRUE. Then I know. I wouldn't be so Blue.
    I`M MY OWN MAN, so when oh When will ai Learn. .. all by myself...

    Kevin Since


  25. midnight

    Musica boa demais ✌🤩✌

  26. George Banger

    3rd. Generation G... here

  27. George Banger

    Memphissippi, my tobacco road..........

  28. George Banger

    #1 now.........

  29. Adrian Hendricks

    At 7 or 8 yrs old I fell in love with this song. Who would have thought at 38 I’d be feeling just like this.......

  30. LeoAero19

    Vietnam War brought me here

  31. Astro Genius

    wheres my love n this mean ole world

  32. Billy Jackson

    Touching ..I’m feeling this ...sing my heart man

  33. Arlin Thomas

    beautiful song but when you have a mean ass x that is so inconsiderate what a bitch Vanessa Meyers that's you

  34. Terrance Eddy

    Such a truly beautiful, moving song by the late great Sam Cooke. It really hits a note with me. This is the first time I've heard the entire song and I love it.

  35. How Depressing

    Old but Gold

  36. Brian

    Beautiful song check out Moonlight in Vermont he made a lot of wonderful ballads that weren't necessarily mainstream

  37. Heather jo

    Vietnam war .. what she said👇🙏

  38. mcstaford

    good taste in music brought me here.

  39. zjohn

    The documentary "Vietnam War" on PBS brought me here. I'd never heard this song before but the words of this song still ring true to this day.

  40. Allen Blasco

    "Night Beat" and that live album he made down in FL are my favorite Sam Cooke LP's...and I love 'em all...thanks for posting!

  41. Levi Miller

    Great true song,should have at least a million views

  42. Mauricio l'Irrévérencieux Audacieux

    I come here after the end of Red Dead Redemption II. Don't know why, maybe that was an anthem for Arthur.

  43. Hans Zarkov

    thank you ken burns

  44. Damian Harris

    This song hits home I just lost my girlfriend to foster care and I couldn’t do anything to prevent her family from sending her away...

  45. North Bay Chica

    Going in style

  46. Jeff Lin

    it is a great song

  47. Tony Cook

    my local record store brought me here.

  48. Sergey Larin

    The same to me. I have discovered this wonderful song watching "Vietnam War" the second part. It is really charming. Truly good things don't age.

  49. Mary

    Dang, this song made me cry 😢 Great song! Great singer! Gone from this world way to soon. Rest In Peace Sammy Baby. ❤✌

  50. Gisele Coleman

    I have always loved Sam Cooke voice. It's so velvety and silky smooth like shea butter💗💗💗💗

  51. Earl Gallup

    Sweet as Tupelo Honey.

  52. Granny G

    The day that Sam Cooke was murdered, it had an affect on my neighborhood that was more powerful then John F Kennedy being shot down.

  53. Jeremy Badcock

    Does anyone know where to get the piano sheet music for this version please?

  54. Granny G

    OH How I miss this man's style. I grow UP on this man's silk voice. I'm in here now pulling the music to this song and play and sing it for my Mother who is 97 years old. Yes, under her and my Dad, Sam Cooke had a seat in the music room in our house back in he "60's"

  55. Lifetimes with Kath

    Both parents gone, no grandparents either... But I'm hanging on in there. I love his music

  56. Vytautas Jasiunas

    Me to . As I em not American for me it is so American song even then I was not understanding English 20 years ago I was feeling USA in that mood. It just so nice music and voice.

  57. Maureen m

    jaysus christ i have found a sam cooke song i have never heard before, love it.

  58. jon mati

    good Music

  59. Mark Vanhorn

    Ken Burns The Vietnam war.... Thank you for turning me on.

  60. w starks

    Once again the late great Sam cook and yes this is a mean old world but I'm so glad there's a friend name Jesus

  61. Deon Hackstall

    Going Out in Style made me look this song up.. Old Sam Cooke.. Still true today.

  62. Isaac Graham-Marsh

    I used to sing this song walking to and frow to the store... this genius set a standard for soul music.... especially for black men in which we needed a voice to show that, we can LOVE and BE LOVED TOO.

  63. Isaac Graham-Marsh

    Who the hell would give this a thumbs down..smh....they should reevaluate themselves. Truly

  64. isisnmagic1812

    Ken burns documentary on Vietnam brought this song to me.

  65. Marina G.

    Heard it for the first time watching “Ken Burns Vietnam documentary

  66. drumcrazy72

    Beautiful vocal instrument :)

  67. Alma Carson

    P.B.S. Brought Me Here

  68. LOLO

    I love the movie Going in Style which this song is played. But we have to learn to pay attention to these movies, this movie at the end where the little Asian did not identify Freeman but she remember the watch. They offically ok mixing races, you notice Freemans grandaugther is Malatto, mixed raced. Thats why she did not identify the black man.Threy promoting race mixing.

  69. LOLO

    I heard this song on the movie Going in Style staring Morgan Freeman. He and 3 other elderly men rob the bank that stolen there penion funds. Funny but heart touching movie.

  70. riddley39

    It’s like rocky said, this is a mean world that will beat you down if you let it. So dam true.

  71. andy fox

    Wow, a Yeager add for this song, hmm

  72. Phyllis Clark

    I heard this song in the Movie Going out in style, good movie & great song to match in light of recent events, We need each other; Love, forgive,🙏 live your etenality now ❤

  73. james robb

    Sent from heaven with voice like that

  74. slipnpitch

    A travesty and still somewhat debateable manner in which he was killed. They really should have re investigated the circumstances around his 'justified' murder.

  75. Jennifer Zeno

    Heard this on an episode of This Is Us. Never heard it before. Should have known it was Sam Cooke. Love it!

  76. karen denise

    I haven't heard this song in over 35 years or more. beautiful thank you Dam Cooke!

  77. 351xa

    I know how to rob a bank going out in style!

  78. noah schaffer

    Going in Style also brought me here.

  79. omowunmi Tunrayo

    Believe me.. Just like the other fellas said GOING IN STYLE brought me here.

  80. Charles J Branton

    That clean piano and his voice pure diamond

  81. Charles J Branton

    Going in style brought me here

  82. susub75

    The Vietnam War by Ken Burns brought me here.

  83. Tammie Grady

    Going in Style brought me here as well. I love Sam Cooke and had never heard this song.

  84. Stacy Davis

    “Going In Style” made me love this song forever

    Dezmo Eskimo

    Me too :)

  85. Mary King

    Going in Style 2017 brought me here. I could listen to Sam Cooke sing the phone book.

  86. Charles McGregor

    Sam got millions of guys laid.....MY HERO

  87. Richard Bowman

    Purest voice ever!!!

  88. Preston Dust

    So many great bluesmen have renditions of this classic, including Tbone Walker, Muddy, Howling Wolf.Timeless and amazing.

  89. Preston Dust

    T Bone Walker does a great rendition....

    James Lewis

    Preston Dust

  90. Samurai Reflection

    this isnt on the first page of youtube, that's tragic.

  91. sandy Ashley

    Sharon too; that's why I'm here.  Quite a compelling documentary, wasn't it?

  92. Sergio Morales

    The piano is pure fucking gold

    Alec Broske

    Sergio Morales do you know the notes I literally can't find them anywhere

  93. Victor Lawson

    Same here sharon had to fine out who sing this song watching the Vietnam war documentation.

  94. wldennis1

    I love Sam Cooke, but never heard this one. I was watching the PBS doc on the Vietnam War and this played during the credits. I knew it was him instantly and came here. R.I.P. Sam!

    Brent Jackson

    wldennis1 Like you, I'd never heard it until the Vietnam War doc. What a great song. And Sam Cooke is the best!

    James Lewis


  95. Ellie Sings

    Just heard this during the credits of the Viet Nam episode. What a wonderful song by the great Sam Cooke. This song speaks to my reality now.

  96. J A Real trucker

    Ken burns "Vietnam war " brought me here...RIP Mr Hefner ....

  97. Miranda Nazzaro

    Unique voice. My pop booked Sam Cooke for the NCO club in Giesen Germany in 63. Never heard this tune before. Pop had been in the South Pacific in '44, Korea in the 50''s, said his unit was mobilizing to Vietnam, and thought with four kids and a wife, two wars were enough. Time to pull the pin. He learned that i n Jump school. This PBS series is teaching what we all should have learned in school. RIP Jerry Minikowski. I remember your Panama training slide show about your Army buddies who didn't make it back from Danang.

  98. Earl Burroughs

    my my my my goodness Sam Cooke absolutely untouchable. learning so much about Vietnam through this documentary thank you Ken Burns for showing us the truth

  99. PaulGreen11

    I'm came here from the PBS Vietnam Documentary broadcast in Las Vegas today, September 24, 2017, at 2:00pm. "It's a mean world to live in all alone."