Sam Cooke - Frankie And Johnny Lyrics

Frankie and Johnny was sweethearts
At least that's the way the story goes
Frankie bought everything for Johnny
From his sports car to his Ivy League clothes

Aw, he was a man alright
Oh, but he was doing her wrong
Just to show you what can happen

A friend came running to Frankie
She said you know I wouldn't tell you no lie
I saw your man ridin' in his Jaguar
With a chick named Nellie Blye

Oh, if he was your man honey
Let me tell you he was doing you wrong
Let me tell the story

Frankie ran around the corner
And peeked in a swinging place
And there she saw Johnny with a woman
He had his arms around her waist

Aw...he was a man alright
But Frankie could see that he was
Doing her wrong
And oh let me tell you

Frankie reached down in her pocketbook
And up with a long forty-four
She shot once, twice, three times
And Johnny fell on the hard wood floor

Aw...he was a man alright
But she shot him because he was doing her wrong

But the last thing he told her was
Frankie, you know I love you
Why? Honey, why did you do that?
Frankie, I was telling her about you
Frankie, you know I love you
Frankie, you know that I love you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Now Frankie, you know good and well that I love you
Frankie, I'll always love you baby
Frankie, you know I can't do without you
Frankie, you know I love you
And I know, and I know I was doing wrong
You wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong
Frankie, baby, you know I love you

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Sam Cooke Frankie And Johnny Comments
  1. Riogi

    Sam placed his own unique signature on this song and I love it! :).

  2. Lokthar

    Oh Frankie....

  3. Lachario New

    Hi edagdwg when your friends see you with. Someone else mind your business let them find out for themselfs might know already don't want to let go sad but true Linda j. love hurts ❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈🌈

  4. annafrancan

    Do you think Sam Cooke was a Marvel Comics fan?

  5. Calda Clarke

    Rip to the greatest sam cooke. On this day dec 4 1964 sam got kill.sam u music will never died sleep on sam .its 65 years and lord sam u are allways in my heart

    Tommy Jones

    God only mad one sam cooke

  6. B A

    This is the definition of perfection.

  7. Anita Walker

    If he was your man honey

  8. Meezan Hampstead

    Awesome version

  9. Franco Viglioni

    Argentina 2019...

  10. Rufus T Washington Smartybritches

    Thanks for taking the time to post one of the best cheating songs ever.

  11. Bill Snyder

    Still like David Allen Coe's version alot better..

  12. Cesare Z

    il 2000 like :)

  13. Victoria Johnson

    My momma loved him. Rest in peace momma!😑

  14. Jason Taylor

    How ruin a classic.

  15. Shaun Stokes

    The irony is how Johnny was shot in the song because of an affair with another woman and how Sam Cooke is rumored to have allegedly died.

    Sam Andros

    That's not "irony", but it is a tragic coincidence, or eerily prophetic.

  16. Curtis Platt

    One of the truly greats. Classic singers!

  17. Mirian Anonat

    26th day of July 2019 Friday. Timeless classic.

  18. jessica hannon

    were they fruity?

    Shell Spaulding

    Frankie was a girl

  19. fyah kush

    My brother told me that Sam Cooke got shot by a jealous luvr. thru music

  20. A.asghar Ahmadi

    i am here because of Al Pacino

  21. Debra Harris

    Frankie shouldn't have been buying Johnnie everything. He just took her for granted!!

  22. eva lena escobar

    I have to sing the line "He was a man, but he was doing her wrong" in a scool projekt and I have been listening to this all day...

  23. Anita Walker

    Ahh if he was your man honey...

  24. Kurt Adams

    RIP brother Sam Cooke

  25. Kurt Adams


  26. Tristan Lockhart


  27. Michael jones

    Greatest male singer of any era, of any race. Simply, the best to ever do it.

    Kurt Adams

    Totally agree. One of my favorites

    fyah kush

    Why compare,its music ITS NOT A G.O.A.T,musicians HONED they skills back in those days,everybody was original....

    Lynda Martinez

    no one has ever come close! that tone he had that opened up your heart. How we miss him!!!

  28. Stephen Gardner

    What a song. Timeless.

  29. chanel 2018

    One of the best oldies. Love this song. 💜

    Margie Clevenger

    chanel 2018 I know every word to this song.
    💜 the oldies !

  30. Meg Wethington

    Whoever posted this video clearly didn’t listen to the lyrics or know how to spell “sweathearts”.


    @Meg Wethington That all depends on the version of this song. The original song was a little different than this one.Earlier Louis Armstrong sang the version you speak of, but later this song had a spin put on it. Sam Cooke displays it in this short version.

    Kenneth Nielsen

    People are here because they love Sam Cooke's singing, which is the same reason Jayne van der wijk went to the trouble of posting this. No one is here to listen to your complaints, especially the one after Jayne van der wijk's very restrained and polite reply to your first comment. Regardless of how much you attempt to justify your actions no one cares about your motivation only your arrogance and lack of grace.

    Anita Walker

    Really? That bothered you. !lol Im bothered that you let that bother you lol greeeezzzz

    Wali Shakur

    Now now... It is just a simple error which is human. I love Sam Cooke and I appreciate Jayne for posting it. What is truly important is that she accepted her err and even more important is throwing that sucker in jail for murdering my Brother!

  31. John Rees

    What a voice............ Wow.............. Murdered by some low life scumbag who one hopes all these years later is still in prison........... should have been hanged.

    arthur daniels

    she was never convicted of his murder the motel manager or the prostitute he was with he was set up

  32. Vanilla Rose

    my mom loved this song

  33. Steven William Bayless Parks

    The one and only.

  34. Daniel Douglas

    Sam the lyrical storyteller Cooke ladies and gentlemen, just to show you what can happen

  35. Billy Murray Fan


    Jesusgirl _86

    Then don't listen.

  36. Alonzo Neal

    The Real G.O.A.T. bar none. Once in a thousand year God given singing world reaching POWER. REST IN HEAVEN SAMUEL COOK.

    Lynda Martinez

    so well said!!

    Reekie Gardner

    Yea but a rip off from Jimmy Rogers

  37. Marla Ann Figueroa


  38. Marla Ann Figueroa

    Nothing like Sam Cooke to put the sexy in a red rooster

  39. J W

    44 Special in a "Pocketbook" ..... yeah, OK

  40. ductileiron98

    Guns & love don't mix...

    Sarah McGee

    Cheating and lying don't either!!

  41. Gary Shields

    He didn't want to get shot again, he wasn't stupid.
    Did she spend, Christmas ..Jail❓

  42. Susan Beckwith

    What a classic

  43. fluid wings

    as a kid, concepts too adult to grasp, yet, song scared me juxtaposed with Sam's death tale.

  44. Richard Julius

    I wish I was Johnny...nobody ever gave me a dime but hell...

  45. Marty Buoey

    well in hassan he was unbelievable what a voice

  46. Marco Plo

    so....he sang of his own murder then.....

    J G

    Marco Plo Seems like it doesn't it.

    Soca Lover

    That wasn't nice, lol

  47. Christopher Brown

    old blue eyes not in same class for that matter frankie had no class

    fyah kush

    Fuq sinatra

  48. Gary Daniels

    Where have all the good singers gone... THEIR DEAD!!!

  49. Robert Haigh

    Pure magic! Simple as that.

  50. Fin O'Suilleabhain

    The year after he made this Cooke would be shot dead himself. In both cases a verdict of "justifiable homicide" was returned. "Just to show ya what can happen."

    John Rees

    Wrong........ he was shot murdered by some low life scumbag who i think ran a motel ?

  51. Bob Dobalina

    Heavenly. What a voice. The black Frank Sinatra. But sorry, no need for comparisons, he can stand on his own as the greatest african american soul singer of all time. Its a shame on this country what they did to him. But I will remember him by listening to this.


    Your comment doesn't tell us anything we don't know about Sam Cooke, but it does reveal a lot about you.

    Jacob Conley

    @Hasan x Amen to that.

    Jacob Conley

    @Mike Moore And Amen to that, too!

    Jacob Conley

    Regardless of black or white, Sam Cooke, in my humble opinion, is leagues ahead of Frank Sinatra every day of the week. But factoring _in_ race, Sam Cooke isn't the "black" anyone. He's one of the greatest artists of all time, and by far in the upper echelon of soul singers in the American soul canon.

    Lynda Martinez

    @Hasan x that's right!!

  52. Ed Brown

    This song makes me chuckle, Sam could sure tell a lyrical story...

    Bromega 3.0

    he didnt write it. its ages old. many versions. 4 years late but hopefully you've heard a couple more :)

  53. BLeeK ATX

    I love Sam Cooke. I have a 7" 45rpm vinyl record of this song for sale on EBay . Fast cheap shipping anywhere in the US!

  54. Earl Coleman

    way I see it is Johnnie got exactly what he deserved.

    Yonis Ali

    Earl Coleman Maybe you should keep that information to yourself. No need to be encourage these dames and giving them such counterproductive counsel. Just cuz you ait gettin any don't mean you have to ruin it for others. You sound the type of person who snitched on Johnny and put him in such unfortunate predicament.

    Ni In

    @Yonis Ali lmaooo calm your tits yonis it aint that serious
    are you that scared of your wife finding out you use the phone behind her back?

  55. joseph perry

    What a voice, full of soul, sheer class. Grew up with this soul singer, who once was a gospel singer. Awesome.

  56. pollardmark

    Ill allways love you baby :-)

  57. Lacopiean90

    Most 13 year olds don't like this kind of music, but I do!

  58. Ethel Stevens Love

    I tuned in to hear this great classic..... January 9th, 2015

  59. Jojoba THornberry

    nely bly needs to check herself...

  60. Elliot Smith

    Only 12 year old here... With no memories of this cuz I found it myself without my dad....


    Very pleased that you are hearing this wonderful music! Enjoy!!

    shandell reid

    17 here

    rosha kasravi

    ..The one & only
    SAM COOKE ...

    ... how ever
    no ones worth dying or killing for.
    Don't dig two graves

  61. michaëla

    Amazing voice!!!!

  62. Amy Bella

    cant stop playing this :)

  63. Gilbert Reyes

    love this cat, my favorite of all time, even though he'd been dead for over 2 decades by the time I was born. Pure genius. Pure talent.

  64. Aussie038

    A favorite, thank you!

  65. Ed Brown

    That damn Nelly Bly she always gets you in trouble...But I was telling her about you baby...

    Daniel Douglas

    Ed Brown Nelly bly the nosey homewrecker

  66. Mango Mayhem

    This is the best song ever!

  67. marwray1

    This brings back memories London town 1985 -90 parties we all had at Elaines house. Great times. Might be two or it might be three time dont mean that much to me.aint felt so good since i dont know when and I dont know if ill ever feel this good again. Haha how true. Great version Sam.

  68. AnotherCountry2

    Ah, sh!t... Sam Cooke The greatest singer of all time Rolling Stone '08, really brings back so many good memories of my father, who I will always love and adore! So many good ole memories especially those summer and weekend road trips to New Orleans or Vegas listening to Sam Cooke. Love you miss you Dad...

  69. Matt Brown

    No dislikes, now that's what I like to see.

    rosha kasravi

    SAM COOKE - Such a charimatic soul singer.♡

    I guess we didn't know how good we had it ... seems all the Greats come out of gospel ...

  70. 80YDY

    pure class

  71. Rob Green

    love this song:} thanks for uploading.

    michael glover

    There are no more Frankie's Frankie's all trying to get paid