Sam Cooke - Fool's Paradise Lyrics

I often think off the life I've led
And oh, it's a wonder I ain't dead
Drinking and gambling, staying out all night
Living in a fool's paradise

My mother told me, and Father told me too
Said my child, it'll all catch up with you
Drinking and gambling, staying out all night
Living in a fool's paradise

Though I've learned my lesson
Like all fools I've met
Oh, I've learned things in this life
That I haven't forgotten yet

My father told me, Mother said it right
Said my son, you're ruining your life
Drinking and gambling, staying out all night
Living in a fool's paradise
Oh, yeah, living in a fool's paradise

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Sam Cooke Fool's Paradise Comments
  1. michael jordan

    He wrote these lyrics for a reason lol

  2. Lindell Patterson

    Soulful blues at its finest sang by the Master! Makes Frank Sinatra sound like a novice. And I like Sinatra

    Robert Hill

    Lindell Patterson Sinatra was not even in the same universe as Sam was.

  3. charlie mai

    Great song to listen to after losing money gambling

  4. DEMETRIUS Avenger Ironman

    Love Mr Soul his music so iconic he lived he left a legacy of music soul miss him a lot through wasn't born till 80's

  5. seleonard roper

    the greatest singing voice to ever grace this earth!

  6. Lamont Mcclora

    sad but true it did catch up with him

  7. Pauline Stanley


  8. Derrick Sutton

    Sing it Sam Sing it

  9. 9887 nn77

    King of Soul

  10. Shelly O'Brien

    Ohhhhh. This album is SO effin good. Dang.

  11. L Cruz

    Qué belleza de voz! Sam Cooke, único e incomparable! Una elegancia, sensualidad y expresividad raras. Nunca superado y musicalmente eterno.

  12. tonya bryant

    sam was just the ultimate voice!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Cerl84

    Sam is mesmerizing, but God that band is so tight!

  14. Jose Ronaldo Nunes Dos Santos Nunes

    Ótima musicas americanas,gostosas de se ouvir e lembrar os velhos tempos.

  15. michael bates jr

    right said uncle sam i miss you mr velvet voice 

  16. John Benn

    I agree 100%
    WOW---What a glorious voice!
    Amazing sounds & so,so good.

  17. Sam Calin

    @Vel Omarr no idea whatsoever. Ignorance is the only thing that comes to mind.. I mean, even Justin beiber has a movie! Shocking stuff


    we all live in a fools Paradise till we see that paradise is just state of mind becuse we spend most of our lives listin to a other fools advice. Rip Sam your voice was not meant to be among foolish men . but all real ppl honer you

  19. george royster

    all signs point to a setup for sams death....reports were that he was not dead when shot but was finished off with blows to the dont say no to the mob but sam did and paid the price

  20. Bigturns33

    more like maybe the record company's who all had mob ties.

  21. Daniel Banz

    nah man he was killed in a hotel

  22. SAM Mixing

    Just got through watching a documentary on Sam. It's funny how this song was the very way he did. He was drinkin' and gamblin' when he met lisa boyer who later, at the Hacienda Hotel
    stole his pants while he went into the restroom. This made Sam angry and when he discovered she wasn't in the motel room, he rushed to the place next door where he'd heard a knock. The hotel manager told him she wasn't in their. He rushed in, and was later shot.

    Tristan Lockhart

    So they say

  23. snowfire1239

    he has a very nice voice :)

  24. TheIkawatay

    This song ME!