Sam Brown - Whisper Lyrics

You woke me up in the middle of my life
And you shook me gently to make sure I was alive
You'd been watching and waiting, so patiently wise
Knowing that I knew I was living a lie

Whisper in my ear
Oh my darling
You're so dear to me
Reach out, I'll be here
Oh my darling
I will never leave
For as long as there's breath in my body
I will never leave

We've travelled these times down a rough beaten track
In our rusty old banger and I've never looked back
Our heads have been battered and our spirits have been worn
But I've never been happier and to be your wife I've sworn

Whisper in my ear
Oh my darling
You're so dear to me
Reach out, I'll be here
Oh my darling
I will never leave
For as long as there's breath in my body
I will never leave

I will never leave
I will always be here

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Sam Brown Whisper Comments
  1. michavandam

    Check Maria McKee's version.

  2. Светлана Пенкина

    Ну эт ващще..э.. бомба!

  3. David Jacob

    This whole album is phenomenal 👍💜😍


    Definitely. My favourite

  4. Gena Asencio

    background overpowers her lyrics


    I disagree. Perfect mix. Depends if have a good system to listen to it on or not.

    Gena Asencio

    ok i do like her and this song is good i just wish i could hear her vocals after the chores i forgive you which is powerful altogether give me that shock to the chest but when she sings its alright some grougling in the background is a lil disturbing expecially after that chores

  5. Harry New

    Best vocal delivery I the business ,sad she lost her voice it must have been almost like losing a child for her .when she sang even her toes were singing love her

  6. Harry New

    sam brown ,the girl next door with a voice unique .

  7. Chris Bate

    Fantastic song to hear live x

  8. fabrice augé-dedieu

    Sam, just a genius...

  9. lonetruthseeker

    I've just fallen in love with her voice

  10. Andy Carter

    Wow! What a wonderful song, what a wonderful performance!

  11. Paulo Borges

    It s a pity Sam is so under rated in the music industry

  12. John knight

    Truly beautiful song.
    Sam Brown is incredible. Such emotion and passion.
    She makes me fall in love with her every time I hear her song.
    Can't praise her enough

  13. Gordon fair

    Can you imagine Sam brown and maria McKee singing this song together as they wrote it. Mind blowing,


    @Gordon fair Sam sings backing vocals on Maria's version.

  14. mcadder

    Which record is this song from?

    Manuel Cebada

    @mcadder Box (1997)

  15. MrKapustaTomasz2112

    Sami, you are the best !!!

  16. Ben Scott

    Sam is almost right up there with Yoko Ono !  RELAX I'M ONLY KIDDING !  Just got finished watching some of Yoko's videos (both solo and w/John... omg).  Only making that outlandish comment to highlight what talentless spectacles have been paraded before the public eye, while truly talented Sam here has languished in relative obscurity.  She's right up there with Adele voice-wise, and yet more than a few degrees higher on the beauty chart I might shallowly add.  I only point that out because of what is wrong with the music industry... these unfairly balanced things happen because of what ? 

    Hasse Hackmeister

    Wow, did you just compare the super talented genious Sam Brown to that aweful Adele?!???


    I agree with Hasse Hackmeister's comment..i know what your a saying about Yoko Ono, but then you have lost all respect when you compare Sam Brown with "Adele"..come on Adele is very average. I think the youth of today have got so use to listening to x-factor crap and wannabe's that brilliant singer's like Sam Brown and even Kate Bush (the best talent ever to come out of Britain )have been overlooked. Then again to the serious music fan, maybe they haven't been overlooked but to the average joe in the street they have. Then again the average joe is a joke and couldn't tell inspired greatness from a pub singer wannabe.

  17. Michael Anderson

    Who knows who did what in writing the song, they are both brilliant singers- check out Sam backing Gilmour at the Ronnie Lane benefit concert in the 80s - and McKee's albums speak for themselves, criminally under-appreciated

  18. Bodge

    I so wish that people would hear Sam and the magic that she sings and she was so more well regarded.....just wow wow wow.....awesome....

  19. Rippershammer

    I agree totally.
    Such a beautiful song.
    yes - love to attend that tour. :)
    Thanks for listening and posting.

  20. lolaluvsshoes66

    I remember the first day I heard this song... I had just bought Maria McKee's album "You Gotta Sin to Get Saved" from Tower Records. The whole album is good but this song gave me both goosebumps and flowing tears. When I read the liner notes and saw that Sam Brown co-wrote the song it all became so clear as to where the deeply felt lyrics came from. Sam and Maria are two of the most incredible singer/songwriters in the business. Wouldn't a co-headlining tour w/ the two of them be the best???

  21. 1SenseofWonder1

    Yes, look for the version by Maria McKee. She wrote this song. What a fabulous sing and songwriter. She used to be lead singer with Lone Justice.

  22. Eddie Lyons

    The other version of this song to look for is by Maria McKee. Both of these singers make this song their own.

  23. Joanna Madziar

    Simply beautiful.

  24. Rippershammer

    You are welcome. beautiful song ;)

  25. Erna Imamović

    i THINK THE TITLE of your video, by the side written- amazing track- says it all! I searched this miracle of a song for years, and finally found it! Thank you for posting. :)