Sam Brown - Walking Back To Me Lyrics

Slipping away 'til it's dim in the dark
The flame that was strong has become just a spark
But I'll wait for you
Now when we talk your eyes look away
The thing that we had has wandered astray
I'll wait for you
Further and further we're drifting apart
We knew this would happen right from start
But I'll wait for you
Caught up in troubles that don't mean a thing
You're ready to fly for a prayer on a wing
But I'll wait for you
Say you were never in love with me
But I'll still wait for you
Oh it's just the way it's meant to be
You tell me no but in won't be long before you see
You're walking back to me
The road you are following it's a dead end
And who will be there when you need a real friend
I will wait
How are we gonna get back to the start
They're too close to home these matters of heart
Say you were never in love with me
But I'll still wait for you
Oh it's just the way it's meant to be
You tell me no but in won't be long before you see
You're walking back to me
You're walking back to me
Ducking and diving
Sneaking and hiding
These worries
And these troubles
Don't you know
They'll catch up with you
You're walking back
You're walking back to me
Oh it's just the way it's meant to be
You tell me no but in won't be long before you see
You're walking back to me

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Sam Brown Walking Back To Me Comments
  1. Pine Cone

    I miss these times! Great song!!

  2. Катерина Алексієнко

    Тоже ищешь коменты про Ига?


    Кто овощи зимой сажает?

  3. Таня Гостищева

    Сук, пздц

  4. Натуральный Тактик

    Сук пздц

  5. hilrant


  6. David Gordon

    Awesome !!!!

  7. Иван Крысолов

    No Points...So well The Great Gig in the Sky.

  8. Francois Theron

    what a great little tune. and I dig the goldtop les paul too.

    Paul Bangash

    Francois Theron 🙂 in fact , on the record it was a 78 ‘ de luxe

  9. sershX

    Now i know why i associated her voice with the band :D thanks!

  10. gafferc


    17 people need to balance her body of work and talent against a single concert

  11. creativeforce11


  12. dudleyguy42

    I just keep watching sam's videos over and over ...... AMAZING!!!!

  13. Bo Os

    i love this song it is such a real story


    she was a backing singer on the great Too Rye Ay album of 1982 by Dexys

  15. Bo Os

    wow i get goosebumps when i hear this song

  16. barttheanorak

    I saw about thirty seconds of this video back in the day. Always wanted to see it again - gotta love her in those boots!!!

  17. Support4MySingers

    @hannahpearlmusic Same! I have her first 2 CD's! Her songs are just strange. She should have sung songs others wrote! Her second CD is beyond boring and she hardley even sings or shows her voice! I won't buy her others!

  18. Support4MySingers

    She reminds me a lot of Cyndi lauper when she sings!

  19. Poli kaizer

    shes great - the only word that fits her well enogh

  20. hannah pearl

    shame she didnt have better songs to sing. Stop is amazing but the rest...mediocre.

  21. danmist

    Mad as a fart?

  22. lexi finnin

    I llllllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvve her and i think she's so fantastical!

  23. Agnieszka Włodarczyk

    hmm, uwielbiam taki potężny, kobiecy głos, niegrzeczna, ale czarująca kobieta :)

  24. Niople's Elself Thenow

    lol she looks like hollabackgirl XD i like her :D !

  25. Rinat Mandelboim

    great voice and great music

  26. RussianPizdets


  27. Tony Croshaw

    great backing singer for pink floyd...

  28. saltwatercb

    It's a mystery to me too why she was not a huge hit in America. Cathy Dennis hit it big and they share quite a bit--clear, strong voices, attractive looks, etc. Seek out all Sam's albums on eBay, etc.,--you won't be disappointed. Also, if you like Sam Brown you need to also check out Marti Jones, Sam Phillips and Marie McKee--three other brilliant singer-songwriters from the same period. Each have memorable, distinctive, wonderful voices.

  29. enilegnave21

    I am not at all surprised to read this...
    but why allow spite to get in the way of making BIG MONEY???? Makes no sense!
    Who did she piss off????

  30. zaki bangash

    record company politics,complete with spite.

    Paul Bangash

    zaki bangash why say that ? Just wondering And i guess we are related !!!

  31. enilegnave21

    is that Xtra Large Medium? ;-P
    Anyway, thanks for the comment.
    She really is lovely!!! and her voice
    is stellar.
    How she flew under the radar all these years just flabbergasts me!!
    Those are good artists you mentioned were on your tape.
    What begs to be told is which cuts?

  32. enilegnave21

    Although the video definitely looks dated, the music still has a contemporary feel to it.
    This could be a hit today if it were the old days when youtube and limewire weren't around. Now, with the advent of these internet sites, she is a hit! (despite w/out the paycheck to go along with it!!)

  33. enilegnave21

    Why didn't she ever cross the atlantic?
    She is better than Gibson...even Blondie...
    and her music still has a timeless quality that makes it transcend the 80's.
    Clear voice. Pretty girl.
    What happened to her? Why did we never hear of her in America?