Sam Brown - This Feeling Lyrics

Take it all
I would willingly give you everything
this could fall
if you want it to
or we could take this time now and move
I don't want to lose it
I don't want to lose it all
I don't want to lose this feeling
Where you are
is it really where you want to be
has it gone too far
did you want it to
is this time to find out and move
I don't want to lose it
I don't want to lose it all
I don't want to lose this feeling

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Sam Brown This Feeling Comments
  1. margus kiis

    good video

  2. hilrant


  3. Julian Egan

    This is my favourite song of Sams

  4. David Jacob

    So sexy!!!

  5. S Foster

    Such a sensational song - I am not as fond of the single mix as the album version. But it's still magnificent. Perhaps the best song on Stop! along with I'll Be In Love .... while April Moon will be in my Top 10 albums ever, this song shows what a lost talent Sam is

  6. Timo Kuusisto

    She looks so sexy when doing her crochet.

  7. Brazenlinx

    We love your songs, especially this one!

  8. Craig Brown

    I love  this song its quite emotional if you let yourself think about it.
    Thankyou Sam

  9. Kate Ellis

    I love this song. I remember singing it with my band, when it came out. 

    Kate Ellis

    @***** Oh my. The worst thing for me is stage fright. 
    Or when I see someone I know right up front.   I'll get over it!

    Kate Ellis

    @***** Um..... All my friends and family will be hiding in the back, Lol!  I think its best that I get used to them up front.

    Kate Ellis

    @Sonic DJ  Are those Dr Marten's I see?

    Kate Ellis

    @Sonic DJ Well they are good for your feet!! 
    If it ain't broke don't fix it.  I've had mine for 17 years. 

    Kate Ellis

    @Sonic DJ That's a lot. I want to get the ones up to my knee. I'll wait until I go back to London. They cost less there. In Montreal they are pricy.  When I'm done with them, I donate them to Dans La Rue., they are a foundation that helps out street kids. 

  10. itsonelouder eleven

    What a gorgeous voice

  11. Bart Poelzer

    Love u Sam.....
    terrific voice you move me ....

  12. adventure002006

    Sam would have been a far greater star over here. UK why only #91 on the charts. What, was this at the time when you had to break guitars to get anywhere?:-)
    Tim Rice

  13. Constantine Tvalashvili

    David Gilmour Solo

  14. Domenico Guarino

    There are not so many songs like this. Sam you sang a masterpiece.

  15. bmp-226

    sam always throws in interesting vocal nuances. inflections so that her verse and chorus are never exactly the same. listen to the falsetto note she hits at 2:57 during the fadeout. fantastic.

  16. dudleyguy42

    Love all of Sams songs terrific talent and totally underated. Remember seeing her live must have been way back in the 90's at Wolverhampton civic hall ...... terrific !!!!


    so Good. Think her best song. Beautiful

  18. Ady Mawdsley

    seen sam live twice and she is amazing, wot a voice and fit too! This is my fav tune of hers and gilmour is cooking with the solo! Shiuould ahve been No.1 but its too good for that anyway! She is brilliant!

  19. m1ckeyjoe

    she's amazing... always loved her. so underrated... i love this video because i had a fox terrier at the time lol x

  20. adventure002006

    Wow, Marilyn Monroeish. what a voice and beauty.

  21. richl

    loved "I'll be in love" best

  22. Support4MySingers

    2nd best song from her! OMG NO! Why did she change her vocals on this vesion? TOTALLY ruined it now! CD version is AMAZING!

  23. Support4MySingers

    2nd best song from her!

  24. Learn Permaculture

    Yes, I prefer the album version too, but still great...

  25. Elijah G. Bortnikoff

    Thank you! I love her deep velvet voice so much!!! Amazing!

  26. zocc116

    @theawakener7 agreed...

  27. zocc116

    @theawakener7 what's tragic about one of best vocals ever?

  28. sqoouzy

    Pretty tune with Gilmour guitar.
    Romantic young Sam. Beautiful!

  29. felisdomesticus5676

    OH! I always loved this song!

  30. Frederik Willems

    Pff..amai. Van haar was ik u es goed zot se..Waar is de tijd.

  31. Pamela Juanita Cordero

    come back to pink floyd!!!

  32. fariethesun


  33. pitterpatterson

    is your wife sriously sam brown?


    this takes me back , i may have to use headphones to listen to the rest , x .

  35. usergently

    Haunting. There is so mutch to that. I've lived the most fantastic, falling in love of my life, thanks!....and I don't to loose it!

  36. Carlos Gómez

    Absolutely incredible

  37. Gabriel ter Heegde this one...have been looking for it for a long time!!!

  38. Doremi777

    amazing voice...