Sam Brown - One Candle Lyrics

At home
On this big old smelly sofa
That makes me feel like I'm five again
The end
Of the day
The hearth is ablaze
And I'm resting my weary brain

It's funny
There's a fire full of flames
And above it
In the centre
Of the mantelpiece
One candle
Dancing in the mirror
One candle
Holds my gaze
There's a fire full of flames
But one candle
Holds my gaze

It smiles
This room
And it's musty and it's rosy
And it's possible that I'll doze off quite soon
And so
To bed
Up the wooden hill we go
And say goodnight until tomorrow...

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Sam Brown One Candle Comments
  1. hilrant


  2. Graham Watts

    One thumbs down? I met Sam Brown when I was 18 my mate Pete Reynolds took me to see Sam for my first time at Jazz Cafe, Camden Town. I'm 40 now and I'm still listening to Sam. So here is a 🖕 to trade for your , you are obviously a waste of a sperm!

  3. David Jacob

    Absolutely lovely song!