Sam Bailey - Compass Lyrics

When night is falling so hard upon you
and the world is hanging heavy on your heart
When your soul is stranded, you're barely standing
I will hold you, shield you, show you
I am standing by

And when you're lost and think noone can find you
I will remind you, you're not alone
I will be there, I'll be the one to guide you
My love will be your compass, I will lead you home

When life is painting your world in shadows
And you're left feeling left out in the cold
When you're in darkness, this world feels heartless
I will see you, hear you, greet you
I am standing by

When you're in the storm
And you're in the dark and lost at sea
Grab my hand, reach for me
I am standing by

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Sam Bailey Compass Comments
  1. Tanya Chewning

    I love this song Divine

  2. Evie Winkworth

    Love 😍 so much 😎 sam baliey power of love 😍 is my favourite album power of love

  3. Evie Winkworth

    Love 😍 you so much 😎 sam baliey power of love 😍 is my favourite album

  4. Evie Winkworth

    My favourite album power of love

  5. Evie Winkworth

    Love 😍 you so much 😎 sam baliey

  6. Evie Winkworth

    Love you Sam baliey

  7. Ivan Salaya

    The music is like never be enough at first. Love your voice sam.

  8. dh jmr

    amazing Sam

  9. Andres Happer

    Es tan bella esa voz me mata 😍

  10. jean maslin

    I hope you will be ok after you're accidentxxxx

  11. Edwin Pacheco

    Wow beautiful women for me second Celine Dion

  12. Ryan Alexander

    Why has she not been making music latley?

  13. Stephen amen

    my wife is besotted with this song. it's for all our 5 kids. :) x

    deboralovesjesus gods among us

    Stephen Mckinstry me I know I love this song so much. god bless xxx I love you all. my we family 🤗👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 👣👣👣👣👣💞

  14. Nik Salvino

    l love you Sam

  15. deboralovesjesus gods among us

    god blessed you with a beautiful voice. xxx

    Stephen amen

    Debbie&Steve Mckinstry hello love 🙏👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👭😘😇🙌🙌🙌🙌


    Sam Bailey is absolutely phenomenal! Her voice is pure liquid gold! Everything about her vocal ability is truly perfect! Her tone is rich and full(without a hint a nasalness(?)), her range incredible, her control is ALWAYS perfect, and her subtleties and nuances simply sublime! And the passion and conviction in every word she sings is simply undeniable. There is not a single aspect of her voice or singing style I would change. She's the only singer I've ever heard that I can honestly say that about. She's just SO damn good!

  17. Jerard Eleazar

    she's an angel. this song is tear jerking.

  18. Sensei King

    this song makes me cry!!! her voice is amazing, i love you Sam.
    i am an Algerian fan ;)

  19. olga vachtchalova

    Sam Bailey for ever! I love her voice: unique fantastic, deeply touching! Extremly emotional as an any her performance! I can listen to it again and again! Thank you Sam!

  20. Fabio Much

    OMG, this song is amazing! <3

  21. Jessica Lauren Fishwick

    I love this song

  22. Patricia S

    I am soo so so in love with this song than the opera singer version. Sam singing this song just gives me goosebumps.

  23. coucou امورة

    you really a present officer
    you should be a big star in the world 😙😙😙

  24. César Rodríguez

    I love this song ;-;

  25. Lauren

    OMG your voice is perfect...your natural ability, astounding!

  26. rain rain

    very nice you sam

  27. Srta Eri

    Linda demais. Desejo muito sucesso a essa mulher maravilhosa!!!Amo VC linda

  28. Viper Gaming

    she has gotten skiney

  29. Tawone Promecha Worldwide

    I've fallen in love with the way you sang in the contest. Keeping eyes on you, Sam.

  30. Cantor Thiago Gomes

    Hello Sam ...
    I follow your work here in Brazil, and has asistir their presentations at The X Factor , I am Fan , Congratulations, I am also a singer Gospel Gender, But An admirer of your work . Hugs

    Lucas Tomaz

    mais um fã brasileiro. achei que era o único kkk.

    Cantor Thiago Gomes

    Não msm rs

  31. Jerry Filla

    Love this song it touches my soul!!

  32. grassie rivera

    i am blown away with her song original or not.just loved her so much like an angel

  33. truus Praja

    Again wow

  34. Taesok Lee

    Sam I very like you

  35. Joana Vitorino

    Great singing, boring song.

  36. Edson Byamukama

    I have fallen in love with this woman! Her story is incredible

  37. Mathias Alatta

    Love your voice so much

  38. sianjey steven

    i love ur song so much and u are my fav singer

  39. Ivan Tenorio

    This is beautiful <3

  40. JohnFVideos

    You're still one of my favorite singers/winners from any reality tv show.  Just an amazing singer and person.  I hope all is going well for you and you are happy.

  41. Rux Georgescu

    dear Sam, I'm from Romania. I came across some of the videos with your performances at the X factor, myself being in the show, but only at the first 3 auditions. Anyway, you are wonderfull, a perfect voice, great woman. I am addicted to your voice, since then. I sit around for hours, until late in the night, to listen and learn from your performances. You are an outstanding native talent! Good luck and don't give up!

  42. Shreya Choudhury

    Wow!!! Sam really deserved this. She's got a marvelous voice and she sings from her soul. Well done! So so beautiful! <3

  43. Adriano Moreira

    Sam, i love you...Brazilian

  44. Trent Dade

    i may be late on the Sam Bailey bandwagon....but i am a fan forever......

  45. carlos lespier

    I love this women, your voice is amazing. you are stronger, powerful and incredible person. God bless you and you run away.

  46. Shweta Kumar

    I would be down for this woman to rule the world....

  47. DivineLuna

    This woman brings a tear to my eye and I don't even know her.. I'm so glad that she got to live her dream, very well deserved. It's so inspiring! She's got a VOICE. Something that's extremely rare to find in the music industry nowadays. Everything is revolved around who's wearing what. She's under rated and deserves much more success and awards for her talent for crying out loud. GET IT GIRL❤❤❤

  48. 蓝云

    admire you Sam bailey so much  ,  you are soooooo GOOOOOOOOD !!!!!!! big love !

  49. Dan and Krypto

    This is incredibly sung. Damnnn!!!

  50. Thomas Gibbs

    Only 132,00 views and it is  Dec 2014 now.  I don't know what kind of injustice
    you can call this.   Something is wrong with this picture.  Her numbers should be
    way higher.  This was supposed to be or very well should have been  a #1 hit
    and somehow it has been SWEPT under the rug.

  51. Constanza Rodríguez

    her voice ... just ... wow !

  52. curt wall

    I hope sam takes over america the whole world shes fab rich soul voice
    and tbh so do I one day

  53. debby eltanto

    she's "the one" that can compare to young whitney, mariah, and celine dion, though her age almost 40... not that overexposed ariana,etc..,.. -___- what a voice, what a talent... brilliant SAM! I love you since your first audition in x factor... =))

  54. Cheiro O

    Sam,  I would love to hear you sing a duet with Jay James.    I can see you and Jay singing Together on stage at some huge Las Vegas hotel.  Love you Sam and sending you this:  TOGETHER

    Cheiro O

    This is such  a good  one from Sam.  SAM is spelled PERFECT.

  55. DLY

    unfortunately most people only listen to trash like justin bieber one direction and rihanna, sad what the music industry has become. if sam had an album 10 years back she would've been famous.

  56. Gustavo BM

    What? Only 120,509 vews?
    Stop whatching singers who don't have any talent. 

  57. Vicky G.

    Emotionally <3

  58. AddictKaskus

    Gosh !!! Probably this is the best diva songs other than Senior Diva ( Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Etta James , Aretha Franklin )

  59. obtrusively

    I would like to hear her do Sam Brown's ''stop''

  60. Rabelais

    I thrill to the chills and goosebumps from this great woman of song.

  61. Thanawath Park Jimin


  62. Minha Vida

    Omg *-* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  63. Aranyjel

    Hihetetlenül gyönyörű hangja van! Végig néztem az 53 perces összeállítást, a Kezdetektől a fináléig. Ebben az az érdekes, hogy ilyent még sose tettem :) Lenyűgözött!

  64. arsenalmanic

    Fabulous voice

  65. Diego Freire

    Perfect voice

  66. TheLamaFest

    Rascal Flatts? but I prefer this :3

  67. Ammarin Butta

    i love you Sam

  68. Cef Balo-oh

    Inspired by Sam ur voice is soothing to the ears and Kuala Lumpur Loves you.

  69. Jaydi Rodriguez

    She is so beautiful and talented

  70. Marisl Malik

    I love sam 

  71. Orby princessjennifer

    Beautiful voice

  72. Josue Rosas

    wowww.. amaizing .. saludos desde MEXICO

  73. Debbie Steeves

    I love Sam Bailey - routed for her from the beginning. Her voice is like BUTTER!!!

  74. souleye1000

    Beautiful song and amazing voice :):)


    You are awesome, love you from Puerto Rico

  76. CatGoesMeWOW

    My mom is like your biggest fan! You're an idol to her!

  77. trevdpboi

    she was called so talented, so much great comments during the show. then debut album is literally a full cover album. well done, sam's record label. bad follow up single

  78. Craig Tilley

    Unfortunately, I don't recall a previous x factor winner who has flopped quite as quickly as Sam. Her demise was instant, from the naff song chosen to be the winners single, to only a few views on her next song Compass. It really grinds my gears because this lady has some serious talent, and I have no doubt she will have a better career now than she had previously, but at the same time, with some more helpful backing she could have been great. But alas, as with every other x factor WINNER (including Leona), Sam has flopped.

    Keta Pretorius

    Please prove where and how she flopped.  That voice doesn't flop, buddy, She's got it - period!!!  Unless you have more.  PROVE IT.  And should you have more, does that mean she has flopped?  From which perspective?

    Tempus Fugit

    Flopped...keep up with what's going on. Sam has had a busy schedule all through the summer,with personal and tv appearances despite being pregnant. And as Laura above has already,said her autobiography comes out in November. Then in January 2015 Sam's long awaited tour begins..and I for one can't wait.  As for Leona, when you're worth several million pounds you can afford to take time out as and when you choose. 


    Her album is being rereleased on December 1 with 5 extra tracks and she's doing a UK tour in January and February 2015 

    Tempus Fugit

    Contracts are a two sided agreement and when one person is not happy with what is being offered then they are not renewed. Sam has quoted she is 'happy' with the parting of company with Syco as it would probably mean her releasing more cover albums and this is not what she wanted. She has also quoted that there are new and exciting things in the pipeline. As for flopping...Sam has had an incredibly busy 14 months with TV and personal appearances in concerts, a book release and her charity work despite being pregnant with Miley now 5 months old. Sams debut album like her single went to the number 1 spot on the 24th March 2014 then to golden. She is currently in the middle of a successful UK tour. Since Leona was also mentioned as a flop, I guess when you are worth several million pounds like she is, being called a 'flop' is the least of her worries. Leona also left Syco, as did Alex Burke, also worth several million, because they were not happy with the style of music they wanted them to produce,  quick selling chart music, Sam you are worth so much more as the standing ovations at your concerts have spoken volumes.

    Tempus Fugit

    Then if that is the case, and not one I heard, all the more reason for Sam to work with better song writers and record producers and now her contract with them is finished she will have that chance. All Syco wants is to churn out money making chart music, That is why Simon Cowell is a very wealthy man. Sam deserves much better that that, she is not a pop star but an artiste with an incredible voice. Not forgetting Sam has Mrs O on her side and her connection with the music industry is great and a promise from Michael Bolton that he will see that Sam meets the right people. Sam will be just fine.


    Beautiful single ! shared it


    incredable voice 

  81. Heartu

    She look's thin now

  82. Blessing Bakhusele Bungane

    Now Celine Dion has competition...... Sam Bailey is simple incredible.

  83. timgaydos2

    I'm no music teacher,artist ect but I can tell u one thing if I hear ur voice I can tell u that u will go far and believe me or not when I heard this angel sing the heavens opened up and Gods tears of his love and appreciation of his creation came down there's countless talent and of all sorts we all just have to find it in ourselves and have faith and confidence to touch upon those talents

  84. Zetty Yusof

    This song was covered by Rascal Flatts too and i liked theirs better. Its more fitting. But thats just my opinion. Ive never heard of this Sam Bailey before.

    Tempus Fugit

    This Sam Bailey won 2013 XFactor UK with over a million plus votes. In just four  months Sam has had a #1 hit with her winning single 'Skyscraper' and a #1 debut album 'The Power of Love'...but who the dickens are Rascal Flatts.

    Zetty Yusof

    How about 12 #1 singles. Multi platinum albums. A grammy and 5 grammy nominations among other gazillion award noms and wins. Im just stating my opinion why do you have to say it like that?


    @Zetty Yusof They said it like that because you mentioned you'd never heard of Sam before.

    Maria J.

    @Zetty Yusof
    Only in the US, right?
    Personnaly I find Rascal Flatts boring:-( 

    Rosie Moore

    I prefer rascal flatts to there's is far better.! Rascal flatts are just amazing

  85. joyce miller

    shes a beautiful woman

  86. Rafa Celestino

    Amazing.... I love her!!!! 

  87. TAWACHIN林汉财

    She's so amazing and very absolute all the way. I watching more and more of her's audition.
    I <3 you

  88. Mongkolkrajang Chanin

    love you love everthing of you

  89. Angel Romance

    Absolutely beautiful

  90. Vida

    In love with this song!

  91. kiproulos


  92. Moh Aris

    i realy like ur voice, salam from Indonesia....

  93. Josué Medina

    Hermosa canción y hermosa voz! <3

  94. Kengio Nakamura

    hermoso! :D

  95. Eka Kurniawan

    Is the picture really her? Gosh! So Pretty!

  96. Baasansuren Batireedui

    Good luck Sam Go Go Go Go ! Go to the best star of world EVER !!!