Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois Lyrics

Se um dia alguém, perguntar por mim
Diz que vivi para te amar
Antes de ti, só existi
Cansado e sem nada para dar

Meu bem, ouve as minhas preces
Peço que regresses, que me voltes a querer
Eu sei, que não se ama sozinho
Talvez devagarinho, possas voltar a aprender

Meu bem, ouve as minhas preces
Peço que regresses, que me voltes a querer
Eu sei, que não se ama sozinho
Talvez devagarinho, possas voltar a aprender

Se o teu coração não quiser ceder
Não sentir paixão, não quiser sofrer
Sem fazer planos do que virá depois
O meu coração, pode amar pelos dois

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Salvador Sobral Amar Pelos Dois Comments
  1. Manuel Ferreira

    You may not like him for his final speech, but get over and grow up. It was a fair winning song. Thats a melody, by the way, you may find it weird if you're not use to a melody :) and Portugal won in portuguese. It felt soooooo good! Paid all the years with many injustices with the songs just because it was Portugal

  2. Cora Crespo

    I still don't know how this could win

  3. João Branco

    Que orgulho em ser português 😍😍🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  4. Bruno Tatarević

    It is song like one song in Ratatouille🔥😂Very nice😉

  5. Hoseok Is My Hope

    No matter what you think about Salvador, this is one of the most beautiful performances in ESC bc of the audience... they way they're all standing around him, so, so many people, being respectful, quiet, listening to him and the small, calm rounds of applaud in between... really so touching.

  6. nando buades

    Fue y es una bonita canción pero seríamos necios si no pensaramos que la dramatización de la canción por parte de Salvador Sobral le hizo ganar muchos puntos, hubo otros países que deberían haber ganado el festival ese año, yo voté a Italia pero me alegré de que Portugal se llevara el Festival pero ya digo, como país porque amo Portugal, pero no como canción

    Fernando Lopes

    Obrigado na mesma!

  7. Gonçalo Araújo

    I am still loving this, it's already a classic. We will never forget it.

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  9. Дерил Диксон

    Это победитель!? 😵😵😵

  10. EternalNyappy

    He came, he delivered, he won. First time I heard this, it was like a flashback from old Disney movies. Then I read the lyrics, and this performance just topped the whole thing. I love my fast food music, but this was needed in ESC. This song was like them, original, personal ans unique. That's what I wish ESC was all about. Doesn't matter if the song is a fun dance song, but it has to have a meaning that the artist can deliver on emotional level.

  11. mancx !

    The worst winner of all time..

    mancx !

    @Pedro Eirô The fool only won because everyone felt sorry for him because of his heart defect.

    MaGnuM MaGnuM

    When you don't have a taste of music and even get some problems that doesn't mean anything, it's hard for some kids today to understand music

    Miguel F

    @mancx ! You're the fool here! The people and the professional jury voted for the song just cause he had a heart condition.
    If that makes you feel better and you really tell yourself that many times so you will eventually believe that is the truth.
    758 points. GET OVER IT!

  12. EdjeMr1975

    Salvador and Duncan are the best Artist that won the Eurovision
    Dont get me wrong but they are singing from there hearts ...

  13. Claudio MT

    All can express many thoughs about this song but in my opinion world doesnt make songs like this anymore and it won because of today's lost romantic and classic mood that this song had brilliantly recovered. Was a charming sound, just him and audience, a song like in the 50s or 60s movies, creating a unique atmosphere. Was just a voice in a ballad, with no effects, a genuine performance that the crowd loved and made from it an even more special moment. Portugal went to the true música definition and it was the best one i would say, since Euphoria from Sweden and the underrated swedish Carola's 2005 song that archieved just a fifth.

  14. Ashot Mkrtchyan


  15. Rotiv Leumas

    Faz-me sentir saudade. O que tive, tenho e terei.

  16. Dark Goethe

    The first comment of 2020 :)

  17. Marta Ora

    Portugal absolutely deserved to win, just for having the balls to send something this low-key to Eurovision

  18. Yasser Rojas

    This song broke the record of Alexander Rybak, with the old system he got more than 400 points...

  19. Arminda Fulane

    Pura poesia.genial Salvador

  20. Joanne

    Still gives me shivers

  21. issam el meddah

    Sou Arabe e desde que ouvi falar o português eu sabia que é o idioma que vou aprender, uma lingua tão linda e está canção é mais marvilhosa em eurovision.

    Legalize it

    Muito bem dito :) dito e feito!


    You know that we have some words coming from Arab influence? Like sapato, azeitona, azeite. And many cities started with AL-something.

  22. ESCHedge

    his song was just boring to watch and listen to. its a modern contest, so outfits, staging, good instrumentals et cetera make a song exciting to watch. this song had a boring outfit, boring instrumental, boring vocals, overall a boring winner. almost everyone i talk to about this song agrees that he shouldn't have won.

    Luna Plata

    Your comment is also boring and? Shut up!


    @Luna Plata just my opinion


    A moderne content with more than 50 years... Ok

    MaGnuM MaGnuM

    So u just talk with ppl that doesn't know what good music is

  23. Constança Oliveira Pinto

    Proud to be portuguese 🇵🇹

  24. Astrid Castelijn

    Beautiful song, performance .language , just love it greetings from Amsterdam

  25. Dragomir Marinov

    The best.

  26. jessica ArmyBlink

    This song is so romantic it makes me want to fall in love in Paris ❤
    And it Spaghetti

  27. Honky Cat

    I just realized how beautiful this language is

    A. M.


  28. Karolinaa017

    2019 and I still love it... Most emotional song, love it so much.

  29. Royal Bird

    Even tho I can’t understand a thing, this is one of the most beautiful performances ever


    Portugal pra' sempre crllll

  31. Fher Jar

    Still remember this time, when europe, no, the world stops for 3 minutes... 💜💜💜

  32. george mero

    hermosa y emocionante cancion

  33. Вика Малышева

    самый прекрасный был там! я влюбилась!

  34. Kajt23

    Why there is so many dislikes? Can anyone explain to me why? I dont watch eurovision but heard this song and fall in love with it. Is there some controversies
    with Salvador Sobral that so many people dislike this song or what?

    Megan Finland

    I think it's because this song isn't modern. I love this song.

    Кирилл Глебов

    @Megan Finland Yeah, some people judge songs on if they're "modern" or not. That's the biggest bullshit of all time.

  35. mustaine is a fucking god

    okay, he looks like a mix of kurt, krist and dave?

  36. Jiff Tubillara

    Wow. Just wow.

  37. Hafizh WK

    I feel warm inside. I think we are entering a new period of winner songs, slow like old songs. Wow, it turns out the music trend is like a spinning wheel.

  38. Reign Supreme

    Reminds me of Ratatouille.

  39. Anna Zatikyan

    When I heard his singing in semi-final I thought that he is gonna win, and I was right

  40. Suleyman Arma

    Breathttakingly beautiful my second favorite Esc song to be honest after Nocturne.

    Kino Gomes

    Today I heard nocturne and I saw to my wife that was the best song ever in eurovision in my opinion too. Nocturne from Norway in 1995 right?

    Suleyman Arma

    @Kino Gomes Indeed.

    Suleyman Arma

    @Kino Gomes Nocturne is a masterpiece.

  41. Борислав Карагюлев

    I haven't listen to this 3 years. Now I don't like it sorry

  42. Liam Holton


    Megan Finland

    You're boring yourself don't watch this then

    Кирилл Глебов

    Wrong video. Put it in the 2019 winner video's comment section. This is not boring. It's not an emotionless so called "song" (if that song even existed) that Duncan "performed" (if he really performed it).

    Liam Holton

    @Кирилл Глебов "Arcade" has lots of emotion and describes the pain of a loss in life. The song teaches you those things through its emotions.

    Кирилл Глебов

    @Liam Holton What a fucking joke.

  43. Benjamin Christensen

    47k dislikes? Probably from people who find songs like Britney Spears' "Work Bitch" good music..

  44. Helder Paulo

    The song, the soul... this is brilliant Salvador Sobral! Hearing in 2019.🎶

  45. Mi Gente

    Він сказав: "Дякую" - це так мило💓💓💓

  46. Funkirse

    this is the sound of love
    thank you mr sobral
    love from belgium

  47. Claudio Silva

    Portugal's record-breaking victory.

    - By earning 758 points overall in the grand final, "Amar pelos dois" became the highest-scoring entry in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.
    - "Amar pelos dois" is the only entry to top both the televoting and jury voting in the second half of the 2010s.
    - In the grand final, "Amar pelos dois" received at least five televote points from every participating country.
    - With 382 points awarded by the national juries, "Amar pelos dois" broke the record of most jury points ever, beating Sweden's "Heroes" which received 353 points.
    - Portugal achieved the biggest winning margin of the decade and the second biggest of all time, scoring 143 more points than the runners-up.
    - Under the previous voting system, "Amar pelos dois" scored 417 points, surpassing Norway's "Fairytale" which scored 387 points.
    - Also under the previous voting system, "Amar pelos dois" received a record of twenty combined sets of 12 points (televote + jury vote), overcoming the eighteen maximum scores collected by Sweden's "Euphoria".
    - Thus, from a combined vote perspective, Portugal received 12 points from Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

    Try to beat that my friends!!! 😎✌️

    Bernardo Santos

    Claudio Silva, só um verdadeiro português faz um texto deste tamanho sobre esta canção

  48. Liliana Silva

    Hoje bateu saudades ❤️

  49. Алекс И


  50. Damim Goodnes


  51. Stephen Muckle

    "How many points do you want at Eurovision" ? Salvador: "Yes!"

  52. Ice Turtle

    This makes me so happy that it makes my cry every time

  53. alienígena desconcertado

    Grande Portugal! Si señor!!

  54. Yasmine Jasmin

    On dirait un être venant d'un autre univers. Sa musique aussi ! Magique !

  55. Mundane44

    Best song and performance ever!

    Marco Massella

    Idk, I'm still singing 'hey mama, hey mama, hey ma-ma-ma'

  56. whoisdamaris

    Is it okay that I start crying on like 30second every.single.time I hear this song

  57. Ana G

    Portugal pride. 🇵🇹 the lyrics are completely beautiful and his voice and way of singing are breathtaking. It’s beautiful that people who don’t know any portuguese can get emotional by just his voice

  58. TeamSia

    I’m so proud of Salvador for representing my beautiful country very well ❤️🇵🇹

  59. 0x777

    Here is a man, singing a beautiful song with a beautiful voice, without gimmicks, without some sort of bullshit "message", without some flashy choreography, just a man, a song, a simple performance.

    And he wins.

    I was already fearing this was made illegal at some point in the ESC.

    But apparently simply winning a SONG contest by SINGING is still allowed. I was not sure of that anymore.

    Thank you for this.

  60. Alexandru Simionescu

    Can we also think about the fact that he had or has HEART problems, so this was decisive. Half of his points are because of this. I mean, the song is ok, but definetely not the Best

    Luana Gonçalves

    You're so funny. I also have heart problems, do you think my teacher is gonna give me an A for that? I hope so, thank you

  61. Weirdly4bbi3

    I love the song.
    I love the lyrics.
    I love Salvador's voice.

    I dislike some of his rude comments he made which towards some of the artists, who create because they want to create, and have fun with it.

    Music is art, a gift, you can use it in so many different ways. I dislike how he is dismissive of other songs because they have no "emotion" which doesn't move you. This thing called "Joy" and having fun is an emotion too, and you should embrace it, and there are so many people who create music because it gives them joy. You may think someone's song is "bad" in your opinion, but the artists, especially Eurovision artists are nearly always amazing people, and do Eurovision because it's such a fun experience, and is such a move in one's career, for some people to get noticed and grow as musicians. Eurovision isn't Eurovision without these amazing artists.

  62. Ramil Quliyev

    BEST EUROVİSİON WİNNER EVER 😍 Love love from Azerbaijan 💖✨👏🏻👏🏻🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  63. GilTheBoss

    Sorry but this is rubish. He has a good voice yes, but it's so strange and too actuated. Bullshit. Eurovision is always bullshit for reasons like that.

  64. Arne Jüngling

    this is art!

  65. Paulo Marques

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we must respect all of them... as a Portuguese I am honoured we won the ESC with this song! As a musician I am bewildered by the simplicity of the song but the complexity of feelings it makes me feel! As a human being I am honoured to be part of a race that can use emotions and feelings to live life and experience the beauty of this song! I fully understand the lyrics but, as many here wrote, it is about the emotion and how you feel that really tells us what this song is: plain and simple masterpiece! Period! People will say I am biased, I do not care: it is unquestionably one of the greatest wins in ESC history! After having read comments I come to the conclusion that this song brings about emotions, feelings, remembering loved ones, special moments... What else is there in the world??!! You make a connection to and through music!!... Shame on some people for degrading what most believe is worthy of a human feeling...!! But that is just me...

  66. Llum Silva cuevad

    Moito linda...

  67. •Love Hatari•

    Boring....This song didn't deserve 1st place
    C'mon Europe...There was so many songs that was better than this...Nah...

    Sweg Boii

    Ur music taste is bad

    •Love Hatari•

    @Sweg BoiiHaha,ok
    And your music taste is great👏


    @•Love Hatari• I mean... More than 100 thousand people liked this so statistically you're music taste is bad

    •Love Hatari•

    @Eclipse98 we have different music tastes then,but this doesn't mean that my music taste is bad

  68. cinnamon 21

    Still love this song after 2 years. As a pianist and singer of 20 yrs, I’m exposed to music by the great Classical and Jazz composers, as well as other genres like musicals, disney, film scores. For me, this music, from the melody, harmony, instrumentation and lyrics, is just sublime.

    cinnamon 21

    And of course his voice! Just beautiful, touching and vulnerable. I love singers who sing as if they’re speaking, acting like a character.

  69. Gregory Pandraud

    Portugal never won for 53 years and this country was the longest time to win


    Bed song

  71. Azaharfamiliagilcasado Azahar

    Una verdadera maravilla. De las mejores canciones ganadoras en los últimos años.

  72. SPS

    I always cry with this beautiful masterpiece 😢 Salvador has my entire respect!

  73. Can Dilaver

    Ben bir türlü anlayamıyorum. Buna 758 puan nasıl gelir 🤢🤢🤢

  74. Początkujący Mapping


  75. Aonides Batista Correia

    Vai te foder

  76. joao saraiva

    One of eurovision's best ever

  77. M M

    Es la canción más hermosa que se ha cantado en Eurovisión.

    Fernando Lopes

    Uma obra de arte, infelizmente só para quem conhece ou aprecie boa música.

  78. Альберт Оганов

    Эту песню можно использовать как наркоз в операционных..

    Кирилл Глебов

    А кто тогда будет оперировать? Под такую песню от эмоций расплачешься.

  79. azbunker

    It feels like some people forget that music is about sounding good and making you shiver and not so much about being different, innovation comes when we search for something better than what we have. This is incredibly hard to beat. If this song is so beautiful and really touches deep why wouldn’t it deserve to win? It’s ridiculous, people think just because something’s different it’s better, that’s not how it works, if you can perfect something different and create something that beats this song then congratulations, you deserve the win. If you think he won because he was sick then you’re truly wrong, most people in Portugal had little faith in him even knowing he was sick, that was until they heard him sing, that’s when they started believing. I don’t think Israel’s song should have won but there will be other chances for good songs so I’ll just wait.

  80. Rosa Almeida

    I love you so much.

  81. Steven Coates

    As if he actually won though I don't know how people actually liked this it should have been Sweden who should of won

    Miguel Lupi

    God help us for that crap treadmill thing to win anything.

  82. Justyna Brzozowska

    omg I recalled when back in 2017 i was so mad that he won and I was like "bUlGaRiA sHoUlD hAvE wOn" but now it's one of my favourite songs ever 💛

  83. A.S Productions

    WOW! I never knew a song could be so touchy! Even if I didn’t understand a word... but just a random question what was Artsvik from Armenia doing in the end? Because I though she cried after receiving her public televote points...

    Elsa Pereira

    She was crying of emotion, after hearing this song and interpretation.

  84. L M

    most boring and dull performance. Bulgaria should have won . Period.

    joao saraiva

    Who is boring? You?

    cinnamon 21

    This is timeless and classic. Just like the great Classical and Jazz standards.


    European justin bieber? LUL :v

  85. dek16 2miden5

    Το καλύτερο νανούρισμα για μωρά

    TheGalaxyGirl _87

    I know right?

  86. Ерканат Мукашбеков

    Sounds similar to "Moonriver and me" by Audrey Hepburn

  87. Universo 2020


  88. The Commenter

    Boring an overrated 💤

    αντίκα πολεμιστής

    Eurovision always used to be like songs like these. It never was about dance floor songs. It's no where overrated. All used was his voice.

    Sky das Kätzchen

    So much...

  89. Bea V

    It reminds me of Disney musical masterpieces

  90. Bea V

    If walt Disney was alive, he would use this song in one of his movies

  91. Evi Claes

    I don't understand it... but I FEEL it ❤️

  92. Natalia Keller

    Kristian kostov was wayyyy better

  93. Захар Богданов

    Как по мне, справедливый победитель - это Болгария 🇧🇬

    Кирилл Глебов

    Я до сих пор не понимаю, как эта убогая бездарность вообще второй стала. Последнее место полуфинала – максимум, что заслуживал этот бездарный выкидыш богатеньких родителей.

  94. Koishumi Productions

    Portugal, this is such a great song! Even in 2019 I still love it. Send more songs like this!
    --- Love from Greece

  95. i hate you

    I love you Salvador

  96. Mr Nilsson

    Still can't understand how he won, sorry

    Кирилл Глебов

    So, you want to say that you're missing a brain? It's so bad...

  97. LV TV

    This should be in a disney movie😄

  98. Eurovision Song Contest

    Salvador Sobral won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest by winning both the most points from the jury and from the viewers at home with his song Amar Pelos Dois. What do you think of his song?


    My português


    It’s my countryyyy 😍
    I’m so proud ❤️
    People who don’t like you don’t understand nothing


    Luchezar Savov nope.


    Razmig Kechichian like you.