Salt 'n' Pepa - The Clock Is Tickin' Lyrics


Hurry up and change your mind
Don't let love make you blind
Well now don't read this sign
The clock is tickin' and you're out of time
And you're out of time

[Man:] You are so fat
[Girl:] I'm not
[Man:] And stupid, and baby
I don't know why I put up with you
[Girl:] Why you talk to me like that
[Man:] Get out of here
Get out of my face

[Sandra "Pepa" Denton:]

He puts you down, he calls you dumb, he calls you fat
You don't have to go out like that
It's disrespect, and you better put him in check
Or you'll look back on his years with regret
No self-esteem, that's why you cry
Can't live without him, hmmm, that's a lie
You sorry, bitter, a bad excuse for a human being
You know what I mean
Dear heart, make a new start, brand new
Can't nobody love you if you don't love you
Get wise, recognize, read the signs
Hurry up, cuz we're runnin' out of time


[Cheryl "Salt" James:]

He don't know how to treat you right
So you better learn how to treat yourself someday
You say he drinks and he beats you, right
He's gonna beat you to death so get away
You got kids, you got bills, you got no skills
You wanna take pills
All I can say is you can't stay, you better pray
God'll make the way, hey
Don't teach your son to grow up and beat girls
You gotta show your daughter there's better in this world
Than this, worth a twist, break the chain
Use your brain and say kid stop the pain


[Andrew Hellier:]

I say right, you say left
I say no, you say yes
We don't see eye-to-eye
Cuz you keep tellin' lies
You better recognize, the clock is tickin'
And you're out of time

[Sandra "Pepa" Denton & Cheryl "Salt" James:]

Do you know what time it is (Tell me, do you know)
Do you know what time it is (Tell me, do you know)
Do you know what time it is (Tell me, do you know)
Do you know what time it is (Baby, do you know)


[Cheryl "Salt" James:]

She's just usin' you for your dough, your green, your loot
You need to give her the boot
She tells everybody you're a trip
Or the shh, and you in love, you better get a grip
You're a nice guy but you don't know the deal
You think it's real but the witch don't feel
If you just want kids, that's cool and that's fine
But get rid of her quick, or you'll be out of time

[Chorus (2x)]

[Sandra "Pepa" Denton:]

Do you know what time it is [8x]

[Andrew Hellier:]

The click is tickin' [4x]
And you're out of time
Then you're out of time

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Salt 'n' Pepa The Clock Is Tickin' Comments
  1. CaspHer

    I haven’t heard this song in so many years. Awesome!

  2. George

    I love this song and I love photo Brand New good work

  3. Geoffrey White

    The only song I think they made with a touch of heavy metal


    Geoffrey White - On the BRAND NEW album, yes, but there was a rockISH song on their first and second album and the None of Your Business remix song.