SALES - Your Own Lyrics

Walk out on your own
And I know
Out there
There are no mistakes
That can take you down

You walk to hell on purpose

And I see you
Walk through walls
Like a god
Taking names
And waving them around
On a flag that you made
From the dust and a cloud
How could they take it the wrong way
When you say it so proud
You're a long way from home
And the feeling's so loud

That you're:

Careful what you get
And what
You're given

Far from home
Make it on your own
And stick it

Nowhere to go
But up
Up to wherever you wanna go

Telling a lie to me
Taking a part of me
So you can grow

You walk out
On a road
On a road that's unknown

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SALES Your Own Comments
  1. Amira Hasna

    I want more, kind of music anyone have request for me ?

  2. Amira Hasna

    Your music deserve somthing different 🌙

  3. rayhan rasya

    I see you at the movie

  4. Monoxide


  5. Myster Ser

    I believe

  6. Artjon Shahaj

    Seems real super 8 film...nice one

  7. Pastrami Anomaly


  8. Brettino Lover Romantíco

    i really believe your
    compositions are consistent...
    i have liked everything
    i have heard from
    your band...
    your sound,
    very inspiring, & original...
    This song, has a little bit of a Camera Obscura flavor to it...
    I like Camera Obscura,
    as well...
    keep it comin',
    I have ears for you !!!

  9. Meena Maguire

    Yall are officially my new favourite band! ❤❤❤

  10. Todd Rees-Pullman

    This was in my recommended. I don’t know who you are but I’ve never heard music that’s THIS FUCKING GOOD before and I think I love youuuuuu

  11. naz.

    Finally, fresh good music

  12. el eskeler asies xd

    Ningún latino por lo que veo xd pero tal ves haya alguno


    si que hay tranqui xd

  13. Сергей Олейников

    Ничего не понятно, но вокал это что-то.

  14. Golde

    this is already a timeless classic mere 3 months after release.

  15. Erick Ghyn

    full of love and hope.

  16. Ray Rgt

    Niceeee I love this song 🎶🎶🎶

  17. Weezeteer

    What does the guys voice say in the very beginning of the song?? I’ve been looking everywhere for lyrics

  18. 주리아

    Wow, I'm being in love with you guys!! Love your works
    Well done 👍❤️

  19. Isaac Gutierrez

    This music makes feel relaxed

  20. mqtt


  21. yt_pixelz

    *0:01** Captions-*

  22. BearBryanCuiX

    I love UR music ! I love U lol

  23. lyddiaa

    i saw her yesterday and oh my god i cant get over it !
    severe pcd man fuck

  24. Réka

    your music puts me into a new state of my feelings and it's amazing

  25. Alex Ryan

    love your music helps with my mind and the fucked up shit going on at home
    thank you SALES love you guys

  26. CapriTV

    She almost reminds me of Gwen stafani's voice. This band is special to me

  27. CapriTV

    I love it!

  28. pimp shrimp

    loved you guys in sydney thank you for a beautiful night ❤️

  29. Johan Guzman

    me hizo llorar :( l love you

    el eskeler asies xd

    Estoy feliz de encontrar tu comentario xd

  30. Juan Antonio Torres Ruiz

    Wow q hermosa canción

  31. Chuck D

    Tik Tok introduced me to Sales.

  32. Teryeus Adkisson

    i love ur voice perfect

  33. kaylaistkuhl

    Love it

  34. Yoshi Vromane

    I'm starting a band not self promo jus saying

  35. Myster Ser

    Hey i love you

  36. 丂 卄 乇 尺ㄒ 尺 卂

    What a good person.. I really like your voice and songs, really perfect for sad ppl or just aesthetic ones.


    And also sorry for my errors if there are some.

  37. Chris Xavier

    Big bruh moment when you guys have millions of views on multiple songs and are still trying to reach 100k subscribers. I don't understand how its so hard to press subscribe for most people. You guys should just tell the viewers to subscribe right in the middle of your videos so they dont forget.

  38. Theorem Zaw

    Your musics are delicious 😋

  39. Joseph Jimenez

    Been here since toto love u guys

  40. Gabriela Morales

    I love you music

  41. Shpoafphy

    So soothingly awesome

  42. İsminur Uzal


  43. Steam Horse21

    I think in a collab Whit Jack stauber

  44. Голубь

    Кодзима ты ли это?

  45. Js Anhiluun

    love you ❤️ Sales

  46. Tony Stark

    Thank you guys , i love ya.

  47. Jun Jun

    How i can edit video like this?

  48. Matthew Gan

    fleetwood mac?

  49. LifeIsBoring!

    i'd love to use it as my funeral songs if u guys ok

  50. David Farrington

    SALES. That's a great word and this is a great song. 🤩🤩

  51. weezaaz somwin


  52. Syrup tbh

    There going on tour in CA and I litterly just moved from there 😤😷

  53. king princess I wuv

    I just wanna say everyone should listen to this song!!! This song gives me hope and makes feel the sunshine:)

  54. imoon

    I really love this. Can anyone tell me how they add the film effect please?


    the footage was all shot on a Super 8 film camera!


    SALES thank you!!!! also I love your band so much!! keep going

  55. Connyyy kieee


  56. lQ ٰlRAQ

    Amazing good music

  57. Arthur Fleck

    i though this is Jeremy Zucker - You were good to me vid for a sec there


    super 8 style music videos are always the best ones!

  58. Denmarynne Domingo

    5 seconds in... and i already love it 😍

  59. Colin

    I see you at the movies

  60. unbothered kai

    this makes me feel like I'm a fifty five year old woman watching the films she took when she was still twenty sux years old

  61. U n d e r r a t e d S u p r e m e Human

    Perfect to play at the last day of school 😭

  62. ploy kanokporn plangklang


  63. εїз

    i reaaaaaaally need to know how y’all edited this it’s beautiful

  64. Holden Afart

    Discovered their song "chinese new year" from a meme and now I'm fan.

  65. Sean Patrick Lajato

    Our theme song 💞

    Thanya Palmos

    Grrrr yessss 😍💖

  66. StarMars12

    I remember going to the show in Sante Fe

  67. Ty Crosson


  68. def


  69. ต๊อก แต๊ก


  70. AnnBro o


  71. deniece lebrun

    The only time I will probably ever say this but, thank you TikTok for showing me my new fave artist

  72. Claro Fernandez

    Sometimes you just need some music that isn't gibberish rap music

    AKA: SALES 😇

    Nigga Man

    Ok boomer

  73. Funeral bug

    Sorry, I have to adding you to my pocket

  74. Angel Abbigal Jae Wilson

    I LOVE IT!!!!🥰💖

  75. Maksek Yak

    Big russian respect for "Sales"!

  76. snufkin the bepis drinker

    I love you guys

  77. Winy Hwang

    ily lauren

  78. molliesorensen

    I love yous so much. Forever and ever.

  79. Brian Flores

    So cool :)😊😊😊

  80. Marco Antonio Mejia Lazcano


  81. Jeff Morgan

    Guys it would be sooo helpful if anyone of you could please tell me
    Is this super 8 filter available as an app??? Cause I saw it in many other videos from different artist and I think so cool but I couldn't find any information about it.

  82. Kaze -

    i really need to know how people get this filter :(

  83. Goose Lord

    Sales is stoner music so good

  84. meap meap

    y’ll can edit like this with the SNOW app

  85. Marcella Souza

    whats the effect on the video?

  86. Rovic Rovic

    If ur listening to this kind of music you're cool :)

  87. La Luz Lovegood

    Sedap 😍 layan~

  88. gaq_t gaqq

    Tight, Tight, Tight!

  89. Sr Jv

    Her voice reminds me of Gwen Stefani. Idk why 🌈

  90. Ary Anto

    mantul sis....

  91. Scott October

    Love it :)

  92. Leslie Mayoral

    I love you

  93. Remote

    pls come to thailand ❤️

  94. Why-Axis