SALES - Renee Lyrics

All the words I had to say
They don't mean nothing to you
What the hell, we're on the way
There is no nothing better
All we had to do was touch
That was the best chance
I could have ever and all of us

All day long we looked to fall
Looking into the sun
And found a way to get along
To be waiting for you
In the day, oh, in the day
There is nights between us
Looking for another way

All the words I said were wrong
They don't mean nothing to you
All we had to do was touch
And there's no nothing better
In the day, oh, in the day
I've been reaching for you
Nights between us all the way

It's all the way
You got it, it took so long to bare
It's all the way
You got it, it took so long to bare

And we've been waiting for it

All the words I said were wrong
They don't mean nothing to you
All we had to do was touch
And there's no nothing better

What the hell are beds for, man?
They go waiting for you
Waste away, don't find the time
It's all by your side

Hey! You got it! You got It!
Took too long to get it!
Hey! You got it! You got it!
Took too long to get it!
Hey! You got it! You got It!
Took too long to get it!
Hey! You got it! You got it!
Took too long to get it!
Hey! You got it! You got It!
Took too long to get it!
Hey! You got it! You got it!
Took too long to get it!
Hey! You got it! You got It!
Took too long to get it!
Hey! You got it! You got it!
Took too long to get it!

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SALES Renee Comments
  1. Abraham Jiménez

    I have no words to describe how I felt the first times I heard this song.... I love, love this song c':

  2. Tio Itachi


  3. Tatsu Animation

    who's from ch6rge??? ?

  4. Lizeth Casnajjjko2212 nmķĺķm bbnvjgbbl0jhvg b l

    Does anyone come from an Instagram edit of Choen Lmao?

  5. xtiringcowx stephen

    This song makes me feel warm on the inside 😊

  6. Mikethareaper

    This would have been good with mac miller in it.

  7. Nolt Potato

    theres literally a girl at my school named renee and she was nice,weird,loud,chaotic and pretty af she is a GODDESS and she was clingy near me and i do know alot of people she knew why does this song describe her so perfectly it reminds me of her

  8. amelia silina

    this makes me feel like i’m skating towards the sunset in summer and having the best time of my life

  9. Thiago Warridly

    Mas que porra que eu tô fazendo aqui novamente? ;-;

  10. shairie guevarra

    the last part gives me vibe

  11. F X R

    Like bily ellish

  12. MRTODDY _on

    Achei muito bonita

  13. Charina Adma

    bruuhh •t h e a e s t h e t i c• and i like

    Jennifer Bautista

    Charina Adma lol

  14. Arlix :}

    Who else came from tiktok ahahah

    Jennifer Bautista

    Arlix :} wait tik tok stole it?! They stole the Chinese New Year one(it’s also made by SALES). I came here from a *JOJI* edit.

    Arlix :}

    Jennifer Bautista ohh ok tiktok has a lottt of songs lol so that’s why I can get ahha

    Jennifer Bautista

    Arlix :} oh ok lol

  15. FloydMuser - Followbck

    what a fuckin orgasm

  16. Revenge Ghost

    Girlfriend Reviews

  17. Pøweer Unknows

    Vai dormir campeão

  18. Renee Mujica

    Hold up this about me?

    Jennifer Bautista

    Renee Mujica what do you mean

  19. Rodrigo Silva

    ok, eu gostei

  20. Jennifer Bautista

    Came here from a Joji edit

  21. - John2G

    Damn i heard this same song different beat from lofi beats somewhere i think, but i don't remember where and its getting me mad.

  22. Tiernan Lake

    Man I was watching old vines and boy do I miss them. Life was simpler

  23. SađILeThal •

    *Pare de pensar nela,pq ela nao esta pensando em vc*

    Qm veio por esse meme tbm? Kkkkkjj

    Zero Sama

    E que bom que eu vim e não fiquei lá moscando pensando nela kk

    Lucas Correia

    Eu kkkkkkkkkk

  24. kaylee baik

    this song makes me go 🥺🪐🌄🌆🌅💗


    ok ............... brazil .. alguemmmm

  26. Renee Jones

    Something about this song really speaks to me.

  27. Fiqry Br

    Who else try to find the song and type on search "all the words i had to say they dont mean nothing to you" ???

  28. spooks

    came here because i listened to nothing to you by txmmy

  29. J.J. Arcuis

    someone make a 3 hour version of the part that repeats a few times at 2:04 its the most fun part of the whole song

  30. Ysacky


  31. owouh

    is there a nightcore of this song?

  32. I can’t think Of a username

    I can’t stop listening to this song this is like my 20th time to hear it today

  33. V orems

    Oh boy, if someone got an instagram of those type of musjcs, please send me (minimaumau)

  34. mister _cat


  35. 500k subscribers with no videos

    A moment of silence for people who are still looking for this song🙂.

  36. NNK _

    *pare de pensar nela pq ela não está pensando em você*

    Daniel Monteiro

    é foda..


    Pensei q era só eu



    Space Cowboy

    Eu precisava de verdade ler isso, obrigado cara.

  37. Dio Brando

    Até quem fim eu encontrei essa delícia de música


    Dio Brando viu ela no gulag né?

    Dio Brando

    @Baiano sim

  38. my my

    que belezura

  39. puliça sad

    Muito viciante essa musica :)

  40. Female Dancer

    Starting the new year with this song. Happy new years

  41. Netora



    Netora there had to be that people who ask that


    Who else came here for asking who else came here for no specific reason?

  43. Who Am I?

    Imagination is an incredible ability. You can essentially induce a controlled hallucination. My favorite thing to imagine is the feeling of splashing my hand in a stream of water on a cool summer morning.

  44. Paulo Henrique

    Curta a música mas n pense muito nela, ok?

  45. Hernani Costa

    Pare de pensar nela pq ela não está pensando em vc ksksk

    Paulo Henrique

    N entendo como alguém pode afetar tanto a vida de outra pessoa, n ter amigos só piora, to desabafando no YouTube wtf fdskkk

  46. pnnkie

    hi, this is beautiful

  47. Moises Santos

    Umas das minhas favoritas uma voz calma melhor forma de encerrar a tarde !

  48. LɪᴛᴛʟᴇXsᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ

    I finally found it 🥺🥺

  49. Lydia Wei

    i first found sales when i was in middle school. lots of things were changing for me but this was grounding and beautiful, took me to a far away place and made me feel safe at home at the same time. i played this song during long car rides. i played it on gray days, played it while daydreaming. i loved this song. still do.

    Magical Wizard


    Magical Wizard

    And I also play this song alot

  50. Cameron Lamb

    Hey there traveller,
    It's cold and windy out, why don't you rest here for the night.
    The fire is burning and there is hot soup on the table.
    You will be safe here, from the harsh mountain weather.
    What's that?
    You need to be on your way if your going to make it home.
    Well I wish you luck out there.
    Here, take this with you.
    [Hands you a bowl of warm soup]

  51. The Mysterious Troll

    Stop thinking in her

    She isn't thinking in you

  52. maple’s cafe


  53. plisetsky

    here for the A L L F O R T H E G A M E will

  54. Shroomby

    Crazy how someone can make music that makes you feel like this

  55. Liyah Tavares

    Had to check this song out because of a Jake Gyllenhaal edit!!

  56. BeATea

    The 2020 is coming. I just had a breakup with my girlfriend. That's not a great end of the year.
    She was really great. Always smiled. I don't know what to do, because i really love her.
    Anyways, merry christmas and happy new year!

    Asui Tsuyu

    I hope this new year will be good to ya, stranger :)❤


    @Asui Tsuyu Thanks a lot


    It's going to be tough but I believe that you'll move forward focusing on what little positives came from it. Take care and happy new year :)

  57. Blue Glass Goose • 7 years ago

    I dont remember how I found this song but I'm glad I did

  58. náno

    This song reminds me of my dog who passed a while back and every time I hear it, the memories just flood my mind and makes me appreciate the beautiful moments we had. I miss my baby so very much, I’ll see him again one day.. 💙

  59. scrub deleter

    So i found this song on my reccomended

    I like it

    I like it a lit

  60. Lua luna


  61. lobotinic 234

    Blz parceiro, para de pensar nela porquê ela não tá pensando em você!👍

  62. - SuuchiMochi -

    im looking for a song for a edit but this may be good iddk

  63. Theuwzin

    Quem veio pelo Akira?

  64. Pantonesara

    Welcome to my kitchen, we have bananis, and avocadis

  65. Kiara c:

    1:57 (perfect moment for a edit)

  66. Maddy C

    I remember finding out about SALES on my last day 8th grade through a friend. I remember it so clearly, and it feels weird that it wasn't something that happened a year ago

  67. Kovaltz 7

    Algum Br perdido aí ?

  68. Vinicius Sales

    Me chamaram??? Meu sobre nome é foda

  69. ツKawã

    As mscs dela me fazem querer chorar, mas são tão boas...

  70. Fabio Santos

    Só vim por causa do meme

  71. Alexandra Hoogendyk

    Ok...I came for an edit but stayed because this song is a bop!!!

  72. FakU gameplays

    everyone found this song because of something 3 years ago and i just did but by accident

  73. Narancia Ghirga

    came here from Narancia instagram edit...

  74. ⱠIBRAツ BR

    I came through Facebook, because I'm Brazilian! 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛

  75. Luscamon

    Essa é boa pra chorar
    Lanso a braba

  76. Tragedy dlL


  77. Jay M

    They kinda remind me of my boys citycop a band from Ohio that rocks look em up people

  78. Omelet 52

    December 2019 anyone ?

  79. Blynqk

    Soon to be 2020

  80. Sonicu Chan

    go to sleep my homie....

    she isn’t thinking bout you 😔🤘

  81. abstort

    came here because i listened to chinese new year and this was recommended

  82. Ashley Venice


  83. Matthew Reed

    2.4m views, 48k likes? Hit the like button ffs lol

  84. lil poppy

    What music genre is this? I'm obsessed 🤤

  85. Marius

    the song is too fire, when I go to high school I always make it in the morning 🔥🔥🔥🙃

  86. dxpressed._.emilee

    IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR DIS SONG FINALLY i got it from a coraline edit tiktok

  87. M3M3 Life

    Who is here because they just genuinely enjoy this song and not from some "sad" insta edit with Bart crying or some random scene from a movie?

  88. Andy Candy

    daph39 sent me here

  89. ok ok

    So I am here because I haved a dream about a girl that was my friend and she was having this voice and all the time when I am listening this song I remember about her
    Her name was Killa and in my dream was a horse named Dada

    I know its a strange dream but I came here to remember about that horse and friend and yea.....

    You probaly don't bealive me but that's it idk .-.

  90. Delilah

    i wuvthissong uwu, yes i do know how to spell, i just spelled it like that cause it sounds cute hahaha wtf i'm weird!! <333