SALES - Rainy Day Loop Lyrics

My world
Goes soft
Before the storm

Don't want
To run
All of me stuck

Oh, what a rush
Watching everything around me
Come undone

I step right up
No one to watch me dive and
Touch the bottom

Stuck in a rut
Waiting patiently to draw my ace of cups

Oh, it was rough

My friends don't even recognize my face
Watch me fade away

Falling everywhere but into place
Scared to show my face

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SALES Rainy Day Loop Comments
  1. dowie doughnut

    this kind of music is❤

  2. Emre Şahin


  3. Punkish Pink

    Perfect rainy day song ❤

  4. Joahan Sarabia

    See you in CC19

  5. Rosie Turner

    Thank you to the pierced blue haired smiler who bought me here. You rock lady!!! 💯 ♥ 😎

  6. Unusual Channels

    Finding good new music is hard, Sales is easy to like.

  7. Young T

    Good shit

  8. Bewlie

    why it isnt popular?

  9. Simon Cook

    Beautiful voice and lovely guitar sounds

  10. Lita lsumu

    rain today...🌦

  11. sabbath huey

    its unfair how underrated this band is, only trash gets promoted these days.

    Michael Morgan

    i herd dis on the radio sucka (; there's hope :,)

    Eric Moreno

    boi relax. Thats not for you to worry about. Don't be a hipster.

  12. Clorox milkshake

    SO UNDERRATED!! this is such an amazing song

  13. Bernie Kay

    That bass guitar towards the end 🎸 perfection 🎶😊👌🏽

  14. Badr Elm

    Jesse Cook

  15. Cucineremo Ciambelle

    Best drumming (or drum programming, can't really figure it out) I've heard in a long time.

    Daniel Young

    Definitely an automated drum track. Possibly played by a midi controller? Yeah that groove is righteous.

  16. Kiara Moten

    Ive gotta say, Sales makes my day a lot better

  17. AxelStacks

    falling everywhere but into place

  18. js 137

    This is so fuckin calming <3

  19. Micca

    The perfect Monday morning melody (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  20. Bennett G. Paton

    Anybody got chords/tabs for this?

  21. mayzie

    falling everywhere but into place ♡

  22. hell’s helf-acre

    stop posting so many fucking loops

  23. Just Lyrics

    touch the bottom 💞

  24. Larissa Querino Almeida

    Alguém BR?

  25. Quinnton Carter

    excited they dropped new material!!

    Mia Vogelsong

    naptown loner me too

  26. zippy zoop

    Feels ♥


  28. Ariel Morales

    Dreamy 💕

  29. Mark McArthy

    Yep-finally sub’d after several visits. You know what I’m looking for. I will turn my people on in thanks for turning me on

  30. Ismail Aouich

    This will sound weird but i avoid listening to music cz it gets me low and depressed but your chanel lifts me high
    I just wanna say thank you from all my heart

    Mia Vogelsong

    Ismail Aouich big mood

    Mo Rir

    It be like that

  31. thisisthenumberone

    storm is here

  32. Harry Woodman

    Dear Mr. Burkhart, thanks for exposing me to new stuff every day.

  33. Vibes Aplenty

    It's supposed to rain here all day tomorrow so I guess I'll have this on loop

    Lita lsumu

    yep 🙋‍♀️

  34. Your Name

    This is damn gorgeous. Thanks man ❤️

  35. abnerdominick1990

    Nice "chill" Flow.😎