SALES - Off And On Lyrics

Keeping up old ways
Expecting different things
You can't say the words
You can't say the words
Off, off and on

Talking face to face
Feel but feelings change
I can't say the words
I can't say the words
Off, off and on

Hustled out of there
Fell right down the stairs
I won't say the words
I won't say the words
Off, off and on

Circle around a hometown
You once knew that you'd never regret
That you left
Is it just our indifference, or the distance
That keeps us on this path?
Out of sight, out of mind
You'll ignore all the signs
How do you like me now?

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SALES Off And On Comments
  1. I3_Legit

    It's lit when a song this chill is exactly 4:20

  2. Kukahiko Kealohanui

    From 2:11 i knew i was in love with this song i felt every emotion i felt all my pain in that guitar i felt so much emotions

  3. María José Bravo


  4. Kevin Hernandez

    Just became a fan, 14 and I’m never leaving and btw who the hell dislked this video, someone please comments and give me more info about her and her music

  5. W0mbatNipples22

    Honestly reading the lyrics at the bottom this song reminded me of myself a little bit. I was living in a small hometown and I was doing a lot of bad stuff that I shouldn't have and I kept getting in trouble with bad guys and just a lot of bad stuff, I was working at this dead-end job trying to hustle to make enough money to get out of that town and away from everyone and everything...I thought my addictions and problems were just outta sight outta mind but it was slowly killing me, it was when I realized I needed to change my ways to be able to reach my goal, and I did. I found a wonderful guy and we got out of there, but ever so often I miss it and I know I shouldn't regret leaving but every once in awhile I go there and drive through it and I miss the old town and everyone/thing I knew.

  6. Yoselin Ramirez

    Whenever I hear this song it gives me good vibes

  7. Hatim Tinwala

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  8. Matias Robles

    here because of Janthavy

  9. Kiwii

    Really do want you guys to blow up!

  10. Joel Devine

    My 15 year old daughter plays this in my car on the way to school. Extremely catchy. Im a new fan

  11. Felix Gonzalez

    Your Fleetwood Mac is showing

  12. eukalyptusbonbon

    When you find a fire band through memes


    Same bruh

  13. Nachungus 2.0


  14. Bella Mikula

    honest to god no cap this song is fucking bomb in the beginning and then it turns into the disappointment of the year like how steve felt when robin turned out to be gay in st3

  15. Juli Arias

    Te Amo culiemos❤️😘


    Oknena 😘

  16. Impulse 101

    Anyone got the guitar tabs for this song?

  17. Bill azx

    Love it

  18. Lucas Baruc

    what kind of music is this?


    Kinda like bosa nova but singing

  19. L x r i c s s

    You have such a pretty voice! I wish mine was like that❤️❤️

  20. Lemons Are Sour

    I love this song so much, you don’t know how much your music means to me ❤️

  21. Emma Tran

    I'm new to this band but all the songs are beautiful~

  22. Future XD

    You guys are the best thank you so much🥰😭🥰

  23. Carlos Capetillo

    Big Sis is still the best <3

  24. YomielM

    This song is so chill and dreamy
    It matches my favorite type of music in every way

  25. kristinishere

    who's here from On My Block?

  26. Rasa Lila Nyce

    i love this sjksjkjskgjkjkjskjsksjkjksjks

    keep it up homie

  27. Emmanuel Zachary Vargas

    anyone else catch this song playing in the background of that one scene in on my block season 2 episode 3

  28. Jacob

    Oof thanks Spotify

  29. Niara Fleming

    I was on Netflix and actually heard this on an, On my Block episode and almost screamed in class. 😭🤗

    Talyiah Vasquez

    Niara Fleming omg sameee

    Cristian Villarruel

    Which episode?

  30. jean

    I just bursted out screaming hearing sales on on my block like hearing SALES on a show

    *even though you could barely hear it—*

    Alien Zara

    j e a n y OMG SAME. I was just watching that episode the other day and I was like HOLD UP! That can’t be SALES and it was 😭

  31. Dick Camnitz


  32. Yadira Silva

    reminiscing on when I saw/ met y'all with no vacation and my heart is warm again <333

  33. amelie



    nada mejor que a las 4 de la mañana estar escuchando musica y salga en spotify aleatoriamente y te salga esta joya de cancion.

  35. neecolee

    Im gonna see you guys in march!! cant wait (:

  36. Ema fowler

    omg i love thisssss

  37. Hanbunko

    what got me through a shitty breakup

  38. David Martin

    I freakin love their breakdowns

  39. Arian Blodeuwedd

    I discovered you with a french YouTuber (Laink from Wankil Studio) and I'm not disappointed! I really fall in love with your song! It's so calm and the singer's voice is so sweet ❤️
    Thank you so much for your work!

  40. Czechone _

    I really love this. Thanks guys. <3

  41. Melinda Chavez

    in my car jamming to this masterpiece.
    "how do u like me now"

  42. Kuznapi

    such a bop

  43. Spencer Orellana

    What genre of music is this (just curious)

    Damon S

    Sales lol

  44. Zach Zamora

    Perfect fall music. Soooooo good

  45. juyona

    What a bop I love this with a passion.

  46. molly alice

    this song is amazing ❤️

  47. Simply Fanissa

    i hope she makes the vidclip

  48. Denis Carter

    Saw you guys in Cleveland at the Grog shop. Absolutely brilliant show!! This song is perfection! Hope to see you again next time you tour the midwest!

  49. J readsriotact

    Thanks Sales

  50. Denis Carter

    Saw Sales at the Grog Shop in Cleveland last night. Absolutely brilliant!! The heartfelt vocals on this one juxtaposed with that incredibly melodic hook drew the crowd in and it's been in my head ever since. The whole set was just felt so right! So refreshing to see amazing artists come together to create beautiful art. Thanks so much for the joy you bring to this world with your music!

  51. ???

    i l o v e y o u

  52. Melinda Chavez

    u guys are amazing
    just saw u in reno
    and I love u even more..
    can't wait to see u all again

  53. S S

    This song feels amazing!!! Thank you

  54. Addison

    The lyrics to this song ♥️

  55. w.perezxx z

    Im happy i found this song its amazing

  56. Joseph Ruthenberg

    hello from detroit, the motor city, its a great track sales, very fleetwood mac i dig it

  57. Moon dust smells funny

    Aren't you on instagram 😭😭😭😭

  58. Mike Guzman

    Lyrics man where are u?

  59. QTee

    Just off and on because im trying to deal with this assault on my bank account... i have to get very creative to tackle this... this will not be easy

  60. B A D V I D E S

    Off and on this music video I LOVE YOUUUU SALE <3

  61. Myster Ser

    Something might change but i dont know how

  62. Myster Ser

    I loved you then still love you now

  63. Daniel

    SALES son brigidos cabros que se sepa, desde chile se vacila esta musica

  64. Sarah Stoner

    I'm so obsessed I listen to this song at least 10 times a day it is SUCH a vibe wow thank you for this masterpiece

  65. T G

    I get such a strong Fleetwood Mac vibe from this groove, keep churning out the tunes I'm rooting for you guys!

  66. Dennis William

    Big fan from Brazil

  67. YANG ANN

    Hoping you guys come to Taiwan!

  68. Isis Lian

    is this a big m00d?

  69. Ric'sMusicChannel654

    love this jam

  70. rian

    Apparently SALES know my life and have written songs about all my experiences🤔

  71. Chaela De Belen

    thank you so so much for your music I really hope I get to see you guys when you come down to Miami

  72. Ønat

    SALES is back?! woohoo!

  73. geezer

    Good as

  74. jule h

    I really love how they layer the guitars ❤

  75. William L.

    best song of the year - ths song breaks my heart, yet i can't stop listening to it (aaarrrghhhh, you darn guys!)...haha...lauren's voice is from heaven - the best around right now...damn girl, you can sing to me any old time

  76. Ragonk 6

    What an awesome song can't stop listening to it. Can't wait to hear it live this August

  77. susanafjakdms

    your music is pure art. with love from Colombia!!!

  78. Local Sales Offer

    SALES - "Off and On" - love the music. Its creative. Its cool.

  79. The account That isnt used

    Holy crap, can't believe I just found this even tho I've been subbed for forever! I love it!

  80. Sancho Pescar

    looks like 7 peeps speakers arn't working!

  81. SALES

    thanks so much for all of your kind words <3<3<3 lauren and i love reading the comments from all of you -- jordan

    herchmagic heps

    I love your sound. Keep it coming


    SALES give me lauren ig i’m obsess with her


    Hey Malcolm, can you tell Lauren and Jordan that I have mail coming for them.
    Thanks, Noah

    fasola :D


  82. Victor Gutierrez Gallegos

    More music pls ♥

  83. Terrah Dragan

    this song makes me understand concepts yet to be formulated.....

  84. Ethan Eldredge

    good ass tunes!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Mark Trowill

    You make great music ☺️👌

  86. sshockandwas


  87. Maria obh


  88. Sara Ruiz

    lmao this was posted 6 days after my bday and ive been listening to ur music from 3 years ago for 3 month and i bearly find this

  89. Kuwo

    So excited for this! I love this SALES so much!!

  90. Katie K

    *listens to song for the first time* feels compelled to play to anyone and everyone in nearby vicinity.... thank u thank u thank u.... so good

  91. Menswear Shiba

    fucking love you guys.

  92. Liv

    Does anyone know the guitar chords?