Saint Raymond - I Want You Lyrics

I’ve been wasting all my time on you
We were just young, something we outgrew.

Should I be on my way? Eliminate the games we play.
Should I be on my way back home?
Should I be on my way? You’re leading me astray.
Should I be on my way back home?

I want you to know that I want you, you know that
I want you to know that I want you, you know that
I want you to know that I want you, you know that
I want you to know that I want you, you know that

Changing faces always out of blue
We’ve been talking but talking’s all we do.

Should I be on my way?! Eliminate the games we play.
Should I be on my way back home?
Should I be on my way? You’re leading me astray.
Should I be on my way back home?

I want you to know that I want you, you know that
I want you to know that I want you, you know that
I want you to know that I want you, you know that
I want you to know that I want you, you know that

I want you to know that, Oooh-Ooh,
I want you. You know that.

You speak in tongues
I filled my lungs
With doubt unspoken
I buy my time, you cast a line
And my heart opens.

I want you to know that I want you. You know that.
I want you to know that I want you. You know that.
I want you to know that I want you. You know that.
I want you to know that I want you.

Oooh-Ooh-Oh. Oooh-Ooh. Oooh-Ooh-Oh.
Let me know or let me go.
Let me know.
Let me know (I want you to know that) or let me go. Oooh-Ooh-Oh.
Let me know (I want you. You know that.)
Let me know (I want you to know that) or let me go. Oooh-Ooh-Oh.
Let me know (I want you. You know that.)

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Saint Raymond I Want You Comments
  1. Treasure Geo

    Filmed in Lucerne Valley

  2. Taunton Fan TV

    Didn't he do something with Ed Sheeran few years back. So underrated tho

  3. TheDezertRatt

    I shop at the Lucerne Valley Market all the time! (Since this video was shot, they've put in an awesome solar system, right there in the parking lot.)

  4. Krom3zia 4581

    😂😂 that's my fucking market they filmed at...

  5. Locken Kopf

    hopefully in the Soundtrack of Fifa 18

  6. Gamerzombie XD

    The weird thing is that I heard this in a post office and now I'm listening to it on YouTube lol grate song tho

  7. Joseph Hyde

    I got it sounds similar to Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place

  8. Joseph Hyde

    Does this not sample an older track by?

  9. panda lover

    The awkward moment when you see the store you work at in some random video!!!😲😲😲😲


    Raymond son you will always be the best vocalist I know!!

  11. Abbie Ridley

    Can someone please explain the video I'm really really confused

  12. Zane Littlefield

    Great Sand Dunes National Park?????

  13. Billy Lats

    the end of that video was awesome I wanna roll down a dune... fuck the library

    bridie m

    hahaha agree

  14. squealyneily

    Just seen him at Rock City and he was fab.

  15. John Smith

    An attractive brunette girl enters a supermarket and sits with a catatonic middle aged man. She talks at him, he doesn't respond. Meanwhile a fella who looks like a sad cat sits in his car watching. The girl leaves, has a cry, buys a drink, and comes back and talks at the catatonic man and then she leaves. The sour puss boy leaves his car and talks at the catatonic man who again doesn't respond. This is all intercut with shots of hipsters rolling down a sand dune. In the end the sour puss is seen walking over the sand dune towards the girl who was a rolling hipster.

    The meaning of the video is that the brunette is a self-involved narcissist that selfishly imposed herself on an unwell man. Sad Cat boy is the catatonic man's son and carer. He was sitting in the car to get a little time to himself but had parked so he could keep an eye on Dad. He is angry that this girl selfishly used his father. He tracks her to a sand dune and kills her. Also there's a skinny guy kissing a fat girl.


    Lol true

  16. Borrovan Plinth

    Stupid fake accent and slappable face

    Leonardo Vélez

    Thanks for that description on what you look and sound like.

  17. hulio24

    this guy is the 1975 rip off. this song is ripped from 'girls' by the 1975. in his other sogs is easy to find more 'inspirations'. hope he will create his own style when he grow older.

    James Weber

    +jgmusic81 sorry but come on. your comment inspired me to check out the song. Are you a musician because seriously? This tune shows depths of much more complex layering, production values and basically superior songwriting.

    Aaron Amery Oldham

    +James Weber your right

    Khris Middleton

    The 1975 is nowhere near St. Raymond

    Tatiana Galvao

    lol you cray? This song has nothing to do with 'Girls'.



  18. Harry Rushton

    This live at YNOT had me buzzing! The entire main stage singing the chorus was amazing!

  19. Noel Ratsify

    Wohoo new artist for my playlist! Rock on dude!

  20. JMusictime

    I heard this song on the radio today in France, I was so happy to hear it ! Hope you'll be big someday ;)

  21. Fashion Aesthetics

    OBSESSED with this song ah

  22. James Merkel

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  23. James Merkel

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    Martin Jacobs

    Give it a rest, brah

  24. James Merkel

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  25. James Merkel

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    James Merkel

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    James Merkel

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  26. James Merkel

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  27. James Merkel

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  28. James Merkel

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  30. James Merkel

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  31. James Merkel

    Duracell comm the 1s u trust r always there ; I bought $ 184.28 worth of books. 8total, 7 children's levels Bibles & 1 for me a Bible Atlas.  This song was playing when I started picking the 1st book up for me. I saw a super Large print KJV I wanted, but it will hve 2 wait. # were middle school level, & of 3 were tween. Hell I can stand to read any of them. It's what Kevin recommended back in the day. Regular Old school Bible is pretty hard.

  32. Garry Rhead

    My current two favourite songs: ‘SAINT RAYMOND – I WANT YOU’ and ‘THE BLUE COLLARS – CHEATER’

    Sophie Bates

    i love these songs so much @Garry Rhead 

    ariel jordan


    Emily Knight

    @Garry Rhead cannot stop listening

    will watson

    @Garry Rhead shite band

  33. Crebs Park

    Nice girl. What's up with the sand rollin?

    Crebs Park

    Btw, Sky News sent me.

  34. The BritishSwede

    I want you to know that I want you you know that.

    The BritishSwede

    Georgie <3

  35. Antigoni Gera

    Thumbs up If you're a Keele student ;)

  36. Charley

    way better than that nicki minaj shitte

  37. Marie St

    this is so great! I got of those (normally) annoying ads before another video I was about to watch, but they caught my eye. So here i am, binge listening all their songs 

  38. Gabriela Osuna Senn

    This is my cover of Homesick the Catfish and the Bottlemen

  39. robyn almond

    I love this song so much!!

  40. Niamh Carden

    I dont know why he was in the Kerrang! top 100 songs because this definetly ain't rock sorry!

  41. melierylon

    Saw this song in a spotify playlist "Best song of 2014 you haven't heard yet" and I'm glad I heard it because I love it!

  42. alan cooke

    spread the   gospel    . . .this   guys  talented      . . .. . . I  know  

  43. MsEvelyn213

    They play this song at my job everyday I love it !!


    Old Navy

    Mary Salinas

    I work at KFC and they always play this omg hahahaha

  44. Jacob Sinsbury

    Reminds me of Bombay Bicycle Club tbh

  45. John Costa

    Thank you FIFA 15

  46. G Race O’Dowd

    Love you!

  47. Maria Fernández Torrejón

    I saw you at the Ed Sheeran concert on 25 November in Madrid and I loved you !! I love your music and your style! you're awesome! i love youuuuuuuu 

  48. Laia Luque

    I saw them at the Ed Sheeran concert in Barcelona and I loved them, I had a really good time 

  49. Melissa Amazouz

    I Saw him yesterday and he's fucking amazing 

  50. Elvira Ávila

    I saw you yesterday in madrid, ed sheeran's concert I think you are amazing :)

  51. Elena Ferrera

    Such a great song! I'm seeing you tomorrow at the Ed Sheeran concert in Madrid and I'm so excited :)

  52. James Shakespeare

    Itv advert :)

  53. Bianca B.

    I've seen him 2 days ago at the Ed Sheeran concert and now I'm so glad I've had the chance to know him ! xx

  54. Doreen Caspall

    Hey Callum, if you happen to read this. Please will you explain what's happening in the video? Great song btw. My fav track of all .

  55. Engiola Duda

    You and the other guys were AMAZING yesterday night as support act for Ed Sheeran!

  56. rastagathe5907

    I'm so happy i'm gonna see him at the first part of ed' concert in paris

  57. Casper Hanas

    So could someone tell me the meaning of the video please??

    Robert Hewitt

    I feel like shes fighting for her father? idrk and he wont let her in so the hill represents letting go? and moving on I have not a single idea though

  58. Magda Sówka

    It sounds amazing live :D

  59. Inca Mars

    I know Saint Raymond but not for opening Ed Sheeran's concerts. 

  60. Amy Cherry

    I love this song. When I heard it on the itv player Advert I screamed!!

  61. Liz

    Saw him in Brussels 2 days ago! It was amazing! Thank you for the show you were so nice thanks for the pictures and the autograph! :D 

  62. Davina Andrea

    Saw you supporting Ed in Brussels 2 days ago, instantly thought your music was wonderful! New fan over here!

  63. Danique Hoekstra

    I saw you supporting Ed in Amsterdam 3 days ago and now absolutely love your music!!! <3

  64. Jordana Speirs

    saw you at the hydro supporting ed sheeran, you were awesome would deffo come see you gig again :)

  65. ysmn -

    You guys are awesomeee! Saw you at ed sheeran last night. Epic

  66. maxxam

    Saint Raymond is just the one guy (callum), not a band!!!

  67. Luke Mills

    Love this song and band.

  68. Eleanor Holmes

    This guy is awesome :)

  69. Melissa Tchibinda

    Saw you guys, last night, when waiting for the amazing ed #nowafan

  70. Amber Monica

    Its one person (Callum) -stop saying "guys" please i want you to know that;)


    Finally, someone else who understands

    ysmn -

    People are saying guys, because he wasnt performing alone. The band was awesome too. That`s why.

  71. Dylan Jones

    absolutely amazing last night lads 

  72. Bethany Woolmer

    Now a new fan when I saw you live supporting Ed Sheeran. You guys are amazing and sound exactly the same live xx

  73. Meg Lingard

    saw you last week, absolutely amazing!

  74. Daniel Lowery

    saw yous at ed sheeran in Newcastle, was a fantastic night, yous were awesome!

  75. Ruth Croft

    I saw you guys supporting Ed Sheeran last week, you were incredible!!! 

    Eleanor Holmes

    It's one guy (Callum)
    Not a band :)
    And he's great live!!

    Lara Hickson

    @Eleanor Holmes oh ok

    Harry Tateson-Stokes

    @Eleanor Holmes I know if they haven't heard him before then they won't think he's a solo artist because of the name but I get really annoyed when everyone talks about how good 'they' were 😂😂 are you the same? Love SR so much!

    Eleanor Holmes

    @Harry Tateson Same! And to be fair he isn't too popular yet! So hopfully in a few months or so people will get the gist of him as a solo artist =) 


    Life house I want you to know

  76. ella robinson

    thank god they supported ed they're so good

  77. Hannah Rose

    Saw u guys in Birmingham IT WAS AWESOME 😭❤️😍

  78. Liam Kirkham

    Loved the suport you guys gave our ginger friend at the LG arena sunday night!!!!
    This song is beyond epic !!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!!! :-D

  79. Sianykins

    Saw these guys last night supporting Ed Sheeran and they were amazing!!! Proud to say I'm now a fan!!

  80. Lauren Bufton

    Can't wait to see you in February Callum!

  81. AliceSaint

    Heard you in London at the O2 last Sunday and loved you! This song is so good! X

  82. Amanda Bryan

    This song is really good, but it was amazing live! So much guitar and just fantastic. 

  83. Abbigail

    Killed it ladt night at the LG arena Birmingham!!!! U officially have 4 new fans x x x x

  84. Loulou

    Saw you last night at ed sheeran. So good!

  85. Elite.random

    amazing just seen them at The O2 amazing !!

  86. Adam Mccoid

    Saw you last Saturday supporting ed sheeran in Leeds! Amazing!!

  87. Janni Eden

    Heard you guys for the first time last night in London - you were AMAAAAZING! Come to Denmark and I'll be There! ^.^

  88. Becky

    You were great as Ed's support act, I really loved your music! Will definately be listening to you from now on! :D

  89. Alice Thomas

    Guys THANK THANK THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AMAZING NIGHT LAST NIGHT!! How did I not hear of you befor??! Its been less than 24 hours and I know every lyric to every song :') woooop cant wait to see you again in newcastle!! :P follow me on twitter? @alice_ellen94

  90. Shelly H

    Saw him opening for Ed Sheeran in Leeds last night, was amazing! 

  91. Dylan Devlin

    I heard this Iive today in Leeds and aawwww so !!!

  92. Rachel Kelly

    I went to see Ed Sheeran play in Dublin's 3 arena last Saturday, 04-10-2014 and you guys were the supporting act. You guys were amazing live! I love this song so much, can't get it out of my head ever since! :)

  93. Lilani Chirp

    I saw you live when you opened for ed in Belfast and I'm obsessed with your tracks now. Ily xx

  94. Spinning Adam

    1,230 likes and 9 dislikes! Brilliant!

  95. Aisling Doherty-Madrigal

    Just seen you guys perform today at ed sheerans gig. Amazing :)

  96. Brian Murillo

    Where can I listen to wild heart by him??? It's no where!

    Fraser Dockerty

    You should be able to on YouTube, it will just come up with a picture of FIFA 15

  97. James Allen

    Sounds good and I can enjoy it without all the yelling most of them do.