Saint Etienne - Shock Corridor Lyrics

The room in the city
In back of a shop
Surrounded by night life
It's time she forgot

Don't worry, baby, the kids don't care
Go make your peace with the boy downstairs
Don't worry, baby, it's not a crime
Go find a room, door's open wide

The room in the city
That she used to know
Is closing it's doors now
So, just let it go

Down at the end of the shock corridor
They will haunt you

The green escalator
Is taking him home
The rain on the pavement
The dull neon glow

Down at the end of the shock corridor
They will haunt you

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Saint Etienne Shock Corridor Comments
  1. Zethrael of Teldrassil

    What am I watching? An episode of Twilight Zone?

  2. Stefano Carnevali

    5 Film: Psyco - Dietro la porta chiusa - Shock Corridor - Improvvisamente l'estate scorsa - La fossa dei serpenti - Questo è il mio genere! - Questi film aprono la mente! L'Uomo deve vedere questi FILM! L'Uomo e la Donna..

  3. PleasantGuitar

    SamFfuller is becoming increasingly more well known to more mainstream audiences. You can see the influence on Shutter Island, a neo-pulp film if there ever was one.

  4. RubyTuesday717

    This movie is SO much better than ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. Sam Fuller is my cinematic hero.

    Tim Bit

    RubyTuesday717 OFOTCN is one movie I thought I’d like since I love Jack Nicholson, but you’re right, I did NOT care for that particular role of his or that film

  5. RaidMaster Productions

    The Shots from 2:30-2:43 are shots of Niagara Falls, right?

  6. cbeams

    totally agree. ordered hell and high water the other day with richard widmark. cant wait to see that. btw great vid!

  7. cbeams

    fantastic film. fuller a very underated director. pick up on south street is another fuller masterpiece!