Saint Etienne - California Snow Story Lyrics

We've even had to change our name now, to "Revival"

Sing with a sound so soft [?] you sang for me [?]
Sing so slowly, sing so softly


Pull back the blinds, catch the falling snow
Twenty-first of June, it's Christmas in my soul

Slowly, softly, softly, slowly, softly, slowly, softly, slowly...

I think I'll just... let the music play...

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Saint Etienne California Snow Story Comments
  1. Daniel Robbins

    Anyone know the sample that's played at the start of this?

  2. DaWanderer


  3. screendude69

    Rename this sleep inducing drivel

  4. kribbod

    pretty, pretty beuatiful

  5. Tennislovingcoffeeaddict

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooo in love with this, wow!!!!

  6. sophasoph

    what's the matter? feeling better?