Saigon Kick - Body Bags Lyrics

Look into the eyes of the government liars
Listen to the sound of the guilty choir
Blood stains on the sacred pyre
Under the book the breathing fire

Social Nags, body bags

Make you gag
What a drag, drag, drag
Cyanide and suicide

Don't you try

You're gonna bleed some more

Come and let me tell you about social giants
Heard about the news but no one buys it
Killing is no secret science

Politics are fixing all defiance

Social Nags, body bags

Make you gag
What a drag, drag, drag
Cyanide and suicide

Don't you try

You're gonna bleed some more

Marilyn was the finest sleeper

J.F.K was the youngest bleeder
Luther died the bravest dreamer

So kill me know cause I'm a believer

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Saigon Kick Body Bags Comments
  1. Mike MNM

    I'm buying a Harley.....fuck it.

  2. flash 22

    This reminds me of something off Skid Rows Slave to the Grind Album

  3. Reginald Jackson

    I think of Kim Coats aka Tug Yeager from SOA when I hear this tune now. SFFS.

  4. kay van

    Did Sigon kick become black lable society?

  5. Sam Loomis

    Charlie Sheen's best film.

  6. Raymond Knight

    my favorite song to ''produce'' to.

  7. Scott Thompson

    Coal chamber totally ripped off this riff on Loco

  8. Rust In Peace 666

    Same like slave to the grind 🤘

  9. Athalene Barnella

    oh yes you are

  10. Mariusz Wróbel

    Solo part is just crazy, i love it!

    Jerry Webb

    hell ya


    kinda sounds like some of the music from Clerks


    did he say fire fire fire sexualness. beyond the law brought me here

  13. Jose Ybarra

    i use to work with the thier bass est .(Tom D.)wonder what happened to him??

  14. Fber Guy

    I saw them perform this song last night at Reggies in Chicago and they still have it! Great show!

  15. ThrashTillDeath

    it's a shame bands like Saigon Kick, Warrior Soul, Sven Gali , Circus Of Power, Bullet Boys, Mindfunk and Vain didn't all gravitate together and create a scene themselves anyone know any other bands that had a similar sound? to those mentioned bands? remove any grunge bands from the equation, I am just looking for pure hard rock, metal bands that defied glam and rocked

    Lynne Jones

    You failed to mention the mighty Shotgun Messiah, Kik Tracee, D.A.D., Clawfinger, Lillian Axe, Electric Boys, Steelheart, Tyketto, Quiet Riot, Aldo Nova, Warrant, Danger Danger, Slaughter, Tesla, and on, and on, and on......

    Scott Thompson

    Anyone remember the awesome JULIET???


    LA Guns, TT Quick, Zebra, Accept, Lynch Mob, Pretty Boy Floyd, Uriah Heep....

    Grant Hannah

    Junkyard ,asphalt ballet and enuff z nuff

    Jarifman X

    Babylon A.D.

  16. John Lucio

    say your prayer mother fuckers!

  17. Geo Montoya

    this will come good with dragon ball z

  18. Johnny Argon

    epic song

  19. Matt Lerch

    a highly underrated metal band. love is on the way killed their credibility thanks to MTV and just poor timing. loved all their albums.

  20. Jenn Burch

    I saw these guy at the Buffalo Rose in 94. What a night!

    Soul Moonwolf

    Jenn Burch Hell Yeah 🤘🤘💀

  21. ExpertTroll

    me loco

  22. carnut76

    Had to pause this while I did some doughnuts on my Harley out in the driveway, I am back now continue. 


    +carnut76 sure you did tough guy

  23. Gregory Butler

    Now that's the real Saigon kick....with this SOOOONNNNGGGGG *in raspy voice*

  24. Undead Ladybug

    I'm watching Beyond the Law right now; song just came on.


    Good times ahead.

    Fenris Wolf

    Sid who's Sid, Sidney?

  25. Ross Dickens

    This has an Awesome sound!

  26. FatCitySaint

    Yep< I wore this CD out back in the day....brings back some GREAT F'n memories man......SIGH!

  27. AmericanNinja1000



    Jason Bieler, the driving force of S.K., is still recording and publishing music!!!