Saigon - Get Busy Lyrics

Now it's the time
That you make your way to the floor
Show them what is for
Cause I go on

Go Saigon
Get busy
Yo... get busy
Go get them
Get busy
Get get busy

I used to walk up town to see Mario
That made so more blow than the young...
From... to Granada I ain't carry...
You made us know all over the barrier
Cause... Luigi was a real nigger
He took mushrooms they used to make the... bigger
His job was to pick up the shit like a...
One day they hit Mario on a jack
Tell him they had his bitch
Want a hundred... to get her back
He took it: what kind of shit is that?
This ain't a video game lame
We're gonna go... the tack
He let us figure it when he took a drag... smoke
What this is it? He burns a whole in a ransom note
Then we wrote with ease and a lot of poke
Yo you must really want one of this in your...
He said let my bitch go and see me
Somebody won't be breathing
Cause I'm gonna call Lizy
And Lizy gonna call Diddy
Diddy gonna get busy


I get busy like the mother fucker Sean Paul
You're damn right about your boys
Ain't nothing but a... hore
So niggers... you were called...
Lord have mercy on my folks
Cause I can get these niggers killed with my eyes closed
God knows I'm a gangsta to the...
I'm very familiar I'm not a stranger to the war
... I'll do an old school dance like a...
Soon as I hear this beat it's like it's automatic
I get busy
Spin around niggers get busy
Let's get it you can deny
Get busy


I get up go to the bathroom
Move my...
I'm about to shower use the...
Bitching me I have a new...
I'm not spelling a word
Now use the vowels
This game ain't easy
Instead of wining I got to get rid of these...
Told the world that I'm so sick with the...
Watch out for the blog cause nigger is a...
Attention all heaters get on your boy dick
Tell your bitch she come in
She can play on my joystick
Up up down down
Left right left right
But that's a whole another game
So when I'm done with you...
I dissolve my card disappear in the dark
But I stay calm oups I'm in a Range Rover
That game's over

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Saigon Get Busy Comments
  1. jose pagan


  2. Unelected Bureaucrat

    Fair play

  3. Unelected Bureaucrat

    Saigon a dickhead but kudos for this tune and whoever made beat!

  4. PrincessPeach

    I need this on Spotify :(

  5. gogo dodo

    Awesooooooome!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Gabriel Kalix

    Bro I love this dudes energy Frfr and ima Nintendo fan for life got all their handhelds

  7. ツL i p e

    Saigon 1975

  8. Jamie Vaughan

    so happy genius introduced me to this 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Marcos Santana

    That’s my two cousins playing Mario at the start of the vid. Saigon sent one of my cousins a check he’s a dope ass dude for that

  10. Rachid Erroubai

    How the fuck this song has only 700k viewers since 2010...
    I was watching parkour vidéos than two guys were doing parkour in mario and luigi cosplay with this song.

  11. Your favorite doggie, Lolee!

    As a Mario fan and guy that loves listening to raps, this is fucking art

  12. A. Double

    Check out Tupac mixed with Streets of Rage.

  13. Kristo Martinez

    T-Dub > Saigon

  14. Công Danh

    Ác vailon
    Rap trên nền nhạc mario

  15. Chad Bonine

    I want to buy this, I can't find it. help me spend money on this

  16. Amon Yobou

    Damm... So Good !! Real Prod... 2019 ...

  17. Jon Revere


  18. SimNintendo 980 Simon Cadieux

    My favorite song now 😂😂

  19. Noah Goldberg

    This isn't just a Reference! This is a DEDICATION to the Original Mario Bros! Freaking, GENIUS!!! :3


    Still fire 🔥💊🔥💊

  21. Solomon Hussein

    Sit tight we got some new comers lol like wen u come here from fb or ig

    Jay Coleman

    *_*newcomers_* , one word.

  22. TIM REMO


  23. Deoro

    any1 have an instrumental

  24. Sara Vuković

    Came here from Pawson's Super Mario parkour vid

  25. Strange 2ruth

    why this hasn't cracked a Milly is beyond me.. 2 dope Saigon! ML&Respect!

  26. EthanDraws

    Came from the Mario Parkour vid on Instagram

    Jay Coleman

    EthanDraws It's *PARKOUR.


    Jay Coleman Yeah, my bad. Autocorrect did it again

  27. Owen Driscoll

    i really like the drums

  28. Resident Hill

    waiting for the Zelda song !!!!

  29. zepeto.purri

    Hood Mario😂😂😂😂

  30. אופק בר אילן

    Here cause 9gag 🤙🏾

  31. Prabhu Parmar

    anyone from 9gag video?

  32. Just Kentaro

    who came here from 9gag?

  33. Sean Lal

    i made a beat from sonic the hedgehog

  34. Sean Lal


  35. Fancy Man

    Super Mario RAP

  36. Jude Nair

    ????This is so cold wut the....

  37. Alberto Castillo

    Seems like a legit tyrone

  38. Dominique Harris

    This is lit

  39. Lil Indomie

    The real super mario odyssey theme

  40. pkmnTrainerGold0

    Super Mario Super Show reboot leaked soundtrack.

  41. Ambesi Foncha

    2018 vibes🔥

  42. Lexus

    Pretty dope track

  43. Flyray

    Who here from genuis?

    Gustavo Fring

    Fłyray me

    Truth-Rationale Scientist

    Me. I did. It was me.

  44. Blue Dude

    This song is good with the Nintendo beat

  45. Eric

    I remember that Saigon was in label hell for a few years but still managed to do the album with Statik Selektah and the Warning Shots part 2 projects to hold people over, then in late 2010 he finally announced that the album would be out soon and I was so excited. A few days later THIS was the first song he released. It was/is creative, but for an album that was supposed to be a monumental classic? I was so scared that it was a sign that he lost all his songs to Atlantic, and was going to put out an album that had this sound. Then a few days later he released "You Make Me Sick", "I Want it All", and "Bring me Down", and I was confident that the album would be dope again.

  46. crea the chi boi

    Your princess is another castle.

    peen •

    GreninjasStar **shoots**

  47. Josh Kindu

    this needs to be the theme song for hood mario bros

  48. Hector Velasco

    Genius hurled me into this.

  49. swagifoxツ

    Listing in 2017

    Jay Coleman

    On what list? 😂

  50. Kieron Cave

    Genius bought me here

  51. Michael Staton

    Who came here from the genius video?

    M.L. 'BEWMIE' Wolff

    I came here for the Mario sample

    Truth-Rationale Scientist

    Me. I did. It was me.

    Rachid Erroubai

    Link to genius vidéo please, this song is so much underrated..

  52. ROBB

    This beat go hard af

  53. Legit Shiny God

    Produced by Nintendo

  54. Legit Shiny God

    Story teller

  55. Ken Belangel

    Why can't I find this on itunes?

    Magaly Reyez

    Ken Belangel bc it’s irrelevant


    Magaly Reyez is that your excuse?


    da beat is ill!!

  57. Gimme that leg, BOY!

    this is corny af. not to mention dude got the balls to diss biggie but his 6 year old video still has under a million views. foh


    Milkstreak chill and just enjoy


    Ur a goofy

    Ten Slider

    he was dissing or he stated facts?

  58. A Player 69

    I have no idea how I found this but I'm crying because it's beautiful.

    TFG_Azrael ArchAngel

    Same long story shrot it makes me happy when im down

    Truth-Rationale Scientist


  59. Joseph Hernandez

    Still listening to this banga!!!

  60. Colin Jones

    Who is the DJ that made the beat anyone know???

    Colin Jones

    +Nick Solem ahhh, the description.. yes... thanks

    Legit Shiny God

    Colin Jones produced by Nintendo

  61. OG Qintendo Swag King 64

    Saigon swallowed the fire flower



    Alex Onstott

    Fire Flower dog


    As he states in the song...

    Daniel Landry

    Dude spit straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. A-Lock

    Saigon's flow on here is impeccable.


    His defense is impregnable


    You're not Alexander....

  63. Paul

    One of the ONLY few people that used a video game track that didn't ruin it completely and kept to the theme of it.

    Nick Ritzer


    M.L. 'BEWMIE' Wolff

    His lyrics make video lyrics, too. Mostly Mario references.

    Epic Mac

    Another good videogame rap song its Punch Out! - Statik Selektah ft. Big Shug

  64. Lxrd Breezy

    The Rhymes And Storytellinn Ill Asf

  65. Joseph Hernandez


  66. Muck Sake

    Wtf is going on with the girl tied up? That shit is weird. Ruined a good tune with [email protected]


    @David Thompson Princess Peach?


    +David Thompson Did you even listen to the song?

    Muck Sake

    Yea, fair enough haha.

  67. matt bardavid

    dude is fucking brolic

  68. jason cormier

    SO SICK HAHA never heard this shit

  69. Sascha Minks

    super mario was the best 

  70. Chris McNamara

    Saw this guy at a Webby concept! This song has everyone jumping!

  71. sockolacola

    Cocoa Bs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. hammerbrother

    Wow, I wonder what Nintendo, Koji Kondo and Shigeru Miyamoto think about this?


    Probably nothing.


    Lots of people sample their sounds and remix so probably nothing

    Antonio Barbosa

    hammerbrother They think royalties.

    avid f

    Nothing too.

  73. Maik Moreno

    Sean paul best

  74. Holiday Styles

    Nintendo must of been lookin a serious check to use that sample no wonder it didn't make the album


    Not just Nintendo itself, but the writer of the music Koji Kondo and the creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto!

  75. artie gallagher

    get in the studio with lucky me !!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Rebels57

    Love this Song it's really nice

    Xavier Tenbrook

    nice? thats the whitest thing to say about a rap


    maybe :D

  77. mrlivtom

    big props from austria dude !!

  78. Jeff Mainhardt

    one of few rappers who raps about growin up on the streets who actually grew up on the streets (thats what "enemies" is about)

  79. mofomartian

    so true

  80. ZWC CRU

    crazy superbros nigga

  81. TheBabuszka123

    nice nigga

  82. MaffManMusic M.M.M

    he's underrated because he raps about society and the truth and the industry doesn't like that. they'd rather promote crap that corrupts peoples minds (like rick ross who raps about food,hoe,clothes,money,cars etc). they prefer rappers that are only interested in money.

  83. Coldee da Shaman

    Get this on Spotify!

  84. Karlos Hejny

    Mariooo !!

  85. Hugo ten Dam

    Saigon rules

  86. Hugo ten Dam

    haha is your dad majestic

  87. Rafo Summer


  88. knowledge brown

    He knows my dad majestic his real name is dave

  89. Sensi

    Dat beat...

  90. Prince Ekeson

    Best. Hip hop. Song. Ever.

  91. R-Wun718

    That's actually what brought me here, their similar but not exactly the same listen to the two track again and compare.

    Jay Coleman

    R-Wun718 *THEY'RE

  92. lukas xavier

    nossssa, muito loka essa musica ~BR aqui~

  93. vvcssv

    1:46 mother fucker sean paul