Said The Whale - This Winter I Retire Lyrics

The day begins just like any other
I wake up in the comfort of all this bedroom clutter
I look outside, another grey sky
Looks like winter is coming early this year

And I know it's gonna be a real cold one this time
A real break down, take down cold one this time

My old highschool, just like the way I left it
With lots of bodies in it just waiting to get out
And me outside, looking in
Wondering, wishing that something would happen
The snow begins just like I remember
Looks like it's going to be another long, cold December

And I know it's gonna be a real cold one this time
A real break down, take down cold one this time
And I know it's gonna be a real cold one this time
A mighty cold gettin'-old-quick, make-you-sick one this time

The night blows in just like any other
So I crawl into my bed, get in underneath the covers
It's so cold in here
I must have left the windows open
Outside it's still snowing
Looks like winter is here...

And I know it's gonna be a real cold one this time

And I know it's gonna be a real cold one this time
A real break down, take down cold one this time
And I know it's gonna be a real cold one this time
A mighty cold gettin'-old-quick, make-you-sick one this time
And I know it's gonna be a real cold one this time
A real break down, take down cold one this time

And I know it's gonna be a real cold one this time

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Said The Whale This Winter I Retire Comments
  1. Maddie g

    The lack of Ben Beard is frightening

    a gonz


  2. onemon22

    Thanks I will remember that.

  3. Eric McCotter

    Good For you

  4. Eric McCotter

    I agree, u are now my friend!

  5. onemon22

    Thats funny because I did retire this winter. Dec 31 2012.

  6. GreenDragonaut

    Saw you guys in Van last night, awesome show!

  7. Luke Porter

    AMERICA: Canada's boring and financially troubled uncle.

  8. Dave Curley

    Agreed, when did music become a forum for people to air their dirty laundry. Shame on those who have no common sense

  9. Joshua Bennett

    Come to Bellingham, WA please.

  10. xX5thDimensionXx

    LOL Vancouver is true Canada? Good one ;)

  11. Zach .Zewudia

    First time I've heard this and I like

  12. Louise Hendriks

    @tallehMA What? Honestly they should make all of that shit out of this song. Great song, can't see how it would work but it could be cool.

  13. falitosis

    Same here

  14. Mitchell Zarycki

    First Said the Whale song I ever heard and it's still my favourite!

  15. falitosis

    I love this song

  16. A. Simonds

    she's so pretty...

  17. Louise Hendriks

    This book is great. Wait, movie? Game? Song? Whatever it is I love it.

  18. Karly McNabb

    @thiscitysamess Actually you know better BECAUSE you're 13.. people hate more the older they get, it seems. Sad.

  19. Jragoonx

    this winter i re-tire PLEASE USE WINTER TIRES PEOPLE

  20. Abbie C.

    only true canadians can write songs about winter!

  21. Omar Montelongo


  22. Andrioux

    amazing band, great sound, very warm - come to montreal, guys!

  23. Fuzzyblankey

    @BiggPoppaCMoney La Nina can result in hotter than normal weather or colder than normal. Depending on that you can have more rain or snow or less rain or snow that normal. During winter I noticed that we had colder weather than normal for most of winter, and it is still bellow normal now. We didn't have too much snow, but never the less we had more than normal. It also rained more than normal. Also we didn't get the brunt of it. Australia got most of it through their terrible rains. By The Way!

  24. Paintlenore

    @BiggPoppaCMoney You should be ashamed of your racism. You need to stop being so ignorant and seek actual facts about Indians.

  25. Fuzzyblankey

    However much I love winter and the snow, I also hate it because your sad after it's over then there is that week or so of slush. Also you have to shovel the drive. I think the title of this video speaks for almost all Canadians.

  26. Squigglefruit

    @newbie0821 What cause? He died in an accident. His death was tragic, but it's not like he died in a war or anything. ACCIDENT.

  27. Did

    You can tell they're Canadian by the number of songs they have about the cold.

  28. madeline kruschke

    Mind blown, once again.
    Never fails.

  29. Dennis Hoffmann

    Love this song ! J

  30. Stephanie Cook

    Damn you guys! I didn't know said the whale was from canada! i swear every band i adore is from canada. you guys must have something in the water. :D

  31. Sage Shikaze

    @triforce10155 Then why am i not obese ,oh right i"m not in America

  32. Bryanne Jackson

    he drew a jelly fish, tree and sun on my ipod :P

  33. Mitchell Zarycki

    The first Said the Whale song I ever heard and liked. Many years later, it's still my favourite. :)

  34. Kelly Say

    I Love said the whales!!!! <3

  35. Zoe Smith

    ahh, i absolutely love this video!

  36. chris

    this is such a song you'd hear in a hollister store

  37. MonkeyMaster4

    @dookerbaby surrey was great, i managed to be in the last 10 people to get stuff signed.

  38. Kaeden11

    me tooo!!

  39. Sydney Mitchell

    I love these guys their preforming at the Olympics in Vancouver and I heard this guy just died while practicing his sport. So sad. (:`C Aww he died for a good cause I think. I love Said the whale there music is unique and clean, I have not heard one song of they're's I want to skip. <3 Happy Valentine's Day<3 !

  40. Spaxx1001

    Aw, babe don't be like that :(

  41. Spaxx1001

    Freedom of speech, missy. There is no rule stating that I only have to say positive things, negative comments are allowed as well. If you don't like it then don't respond to me or read my comments.

    "maybe go outside? meet people?" Ad hominem.

  42. Spaxx1001

    Only if you promise to get some taste in music first.

  43. tomwaits fornoone

    i never listened to them because i don't like their name, dumb i know, but for whatever reason, the new bands that have sentences for names kinda suck. i am also fully aware that "said the wale" is not a full sentence.i like it though, kinda different

  44. poopdoop22

    best song ever

    ...right now

    gives me chillls

  45. Kathleen

    Love these guys :)

  46. rioux007

    Quand !? :O :D

  47. swearinglama

    woot great song. come to montreal with Hey Ocean!!!! that would be an amazing show.

  48. induetime

    it's unfortunate for you because you're black AND white, and more importantly, not asian

  49. Spaxx1001

    But I did back it up, bitch boy. I did it quite well too, unfortunately for you.

  50. Spaxx1001

    If you can't handle my opinions then perhaps YOU should get the fuck out here, fag boy! The only thing I'm going to continue is to say whatever the fuck I want, you can cry about it if you want to, which I'm sure you will!

  51. Justin Wiseman

    Hey there all, Im from the States and just discovered this Vancouver treasure. How many albums does " Whale" have? Cheers!

  52. Spaxx1001

    Ah, so I see you're pulling out the "i'm a girl" card now. Typical. Whether you're a man, a woman, a 14 year old or a 54 year old it still doesn't change the fact that you're an idiot.

    "Like a man?"

    Well, yeah! It feels quite good to pwn someone who is of the weaker gender. Get back in the kitchen, missy.

  53. Spaxx1001

    Canadians DO live in igloos, I've seen it myself. But I don't care about Canada seeing as Canada is irrelevant to the rest of the world.

    CANADA: America's autistic brother.

  54. Spaxx1001

    Now you're getting it.

    "Got anything better to do Spaxx1001 man instead of pwning noobs on the internetz?"

    Not really.

    "Who got pwned this time? :P"

    You, quite obviously.

    PS. enjoy your AIDS, fgt.

  55. Spaxx1001

    "BECAUSE YOU JUST TRIED TO DEFEND IT IN THE BEGINNING OF YOUR POST." Nope, I didn't. Reading comprehension > you. My saying "shit you can't afford, nigga" is in response to your question "so what do you wear Spaxx." You're the one who turned it into a discussion about clothing when you asked me what I wear like a fag.

    Spaxx - 1
    HelLoHelLoxx - 0

    Not looking good for you, I'm afraid.

  56. Michael Nguyen

    Hey guys don't dare even to argue with Spaxx1001 he likes to troll on shit for a living. Got anything better to do Spaxx1001 man instead of pwning noobs on the internetz?(Who got pwned this time? :P )

  57. Spaxx1001

    Shit you can't afford, nigga. Go back to your thrift store shopping and continue thinking you're unique and counter-culture because you buy t-shirts for 50 cents. Besides, what makes you think I wear Abercrombie garbage?

    You're very, very stupid btw.

  58. Spaxx1001

    Because I came across this shit on accident, and as a result, I'm giving my facts on it. There is no rule that says you only have to give positive opinions on YouTube. If you don't like this then you're more than welcome to piss off, shut the fuck up and get the hell of the internet.

  59. Spaxx1001

    Canada is a fucking wasteland.

  60. Spaxx1001

    Anything is better than this putrid crap. This music was made by boneheads and it shows in their futile attempts to be hip and ironic. Instead, they come across as pedestrian hipster morons trying to appeal to equally moronic douchebags with zero personality who rely on ironic t-shirts and shitty indie bands to make friends who wear chuck taylors and sing about toasters.

  61. Jessica L

    This is snazzy

  62. Spaxx1001

    Accept my opinions or get the fuck off the internet. You're more than welcome to stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and scream "LALALALALALA" if you cannot handle a view that contradicts your own.

  63. Spaxx1001

    But the music you "love" isn't good, it sucks and it's for pitchfork reading hipster morons.

  64. kdmw

    Spaxx1001: quit trolling

    Great song, but I can't imagine it getting really cold in BC ever... I'm from SK

  65. Spaxx1001

    There is more to life than just accepting postive views on things, you gotta accept negative ones too. If you're getting all butthurt over my negative views on Said The Whale then that's why you're the one who needs to grow up.

  66. Spaxx1001

    I'll say whatever the hell I want about this shitty band and if you don't like that YOU can get the fuck out.

  67. Spaxx1001

    Don't tell me to shut up bitch, I'll say whatever the hell I want! I have nothing against individuality, especially when it comes to music, but Said The Whale sucks ass.

    Get some taste in music.

  68. Spaxx1001

    Which animal shitted in your head man?

  69. Spaxx1001

    "whats your point"?

    You just proved it with your response to me.

    Get some taste in music. Seriously.

  70. Spaxx1001

    With every response to me you continue to prove how retarded you really are.

  71. Spaxx1001

    Telling me I "have no life" means you have no argument, and as a result, are admitting your defeat.

  72. Spaxx1001

    You're one seriously stupid kid.

  73. Spaxx1001

    Music that's certainly better than this tripe.

  74. Bronwyn H

    Said The Whale is brilliant.

  75. Spaxx1001

    Continue on I shall : D

  76. Spaxx1001

    Not really, bitch boy.

    "just because you dont like it doesnt mean it sucks"

    Yes it does.

  77. Blovinjack

    You're a moron. If you knew anything about music then you would knot that music appeals to the individual, just because you dont like it doesnt mean it sucks...

  78. BabyDior69

    tyler bankroft is sexy,

  79. Handy Andy

    it works for me. thanks!

  80. Braeden Klassen

    Ah, everyone knows that the cool kids are the ones that bitch and bitch about everything, on youtube.....

    If you didn't understand, I'm being sarcastic.

  81. Spaxx1001

    "Don't know how he found this song, really. He really knows nothing about music"

    lmao! The only reason I even know about a fairly obscure band like this is BECAUSE I'm knowledgeable about music.

  82. Spaxx1001

    I did leave a comment about the music though! I listened to the song and thought it was a bunch of useless/shallow hipster garbage for an equally pedestrian fanbase.

  83. Spaxx1001

    "No, you're just in the way..."
    0h 0k.
    "And no, it's not great"
    Yes.... it is :)
    "You're just a bit of bother if you know what I mean?"
    Only to morons such as yourself.
    "After this comment, much like other posters, I won't even think of you."
    Ouch. Low blow :(
    "You're too unintellligent to engage, really."
    Not really.
    "Yeah, you go. Go away, hopefully?"

  84. Spaxx1001

    Hey now, it's just my opinion, that's all. Everybody has an opinion, but mine is the only correct one.

  85. Spaxx1001

    "But you have no music, really, on your channel so we can't even judge your tastes."

    I'm not here to discuss my tastes in music, I'm here to judge everyone else's.

    "Just a bunch of negative comments that you think are funny. They're not"

    Yes they are ^_^

    "People really think you're offensive."

    I know! Isn't it great? :)

  86. James H

    Attacking someone over their taste in music is like trying to kill the air because its cold.

    You stand there foolishly, everyone looking on while you swing you arms violently for no apparent reason.

    Now Spaxx maybe instead of just saying that Said the Whale is like a cat in the ass maybe you should have offered some sort of constructive criticism like why you don't like the music.

  87. freefall516

    Great band. Great music. What more can I say?

  88. Spaxx1001

    I know ^_^

  89. Spaxx1001

    Hey, no need to get so defensive over your own shit tastes in music. It's not your fault if you like Said the Whale, it's just the hand you're dealt. Some of us, such as myself, are born with far superior tastes, just how the cookie crumbles.

  90. Spaxx1001

    This music may be amusing to some, but then again, idiots are amused by the smallest things.

    Seriously people, get some taste in music.

  91. Andreas Fagerberg

    One day, when u grow up. Then you will realize that this kind of music is really amusing, you know, you'll get a bit tired of metal or rap or whatever you're listening to. And your musicstyle will get softer. You fucktard.

  92. slowmanrunning2

    your listening to it aren't you? that's an unarguable statement.

  93. Spaxx1001

    Nope, I listen to good music actually, which this shit certainly isn't.

  94. slowmanrunning2

    well, what do you listen to rap or techno, cause either way you can't really give an opinion on music when you have no sense of good music

  95. Olive Dawson

    i saw this on some show the other day and i loved it! and then i found out they're from the vancouv just like me!! who knew! :3

  96. induetime


  97. Spaxx1001

    said the whale is about as amazing as a cat in the ass. fuck this shitty band and fuck indie music. god i hate this shit...