Said The Whale - The Banks Of The English Bay Lyrics

I've been around
But I've only been around for a short while
I've seen it all
I've seen all that I can on TV

That's where the war begins
That's where the art comes to an end

Now here we are standing on the shoreline looking out at the city
And jumping in, with a "someone's gotta test the water this year"

That's where my memory ends
With sad facts and hard science
And the discoveries keep coming in
Sad facts keep coming in
The sad truth and the science

One step in the right direction
Won't change the world but it's a start
Someone's gotta see the good in everything
And that there's more than just the stars to think about
That's where the art comes out
That's where the truth of the heart comes out

That's where my memories lay
On the banks of the English Bay
Beneath the tree-lined cityscape
The grey sky and the falling rain

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