Said The Whale - My Government Heart Lyrics

I am a secret government agent armed with lies
About secret government things
I have secret government documents that could knock you dead
From your regular citizen lives
And I'll break into your regular citizen homes with my government knives

I do regular citizen things, but that's where it ends
'Cause my secret government mind is a rare breed
I can't love, I can't feel or have passion but I don't mind
'Cause my secret government facts tell me
Despite what many normal citizens say
Love causes pain and pain hurts and now passion is dead

Before I became a secret agent spy
I was put on this earth with a regular life
Smiling and laughing and singing away
But I could not keep my curious mind at bay
I set out to answer a question of mine
About human heart versus rational mind
See, I thought if I planted my heart in the ground
I could grow a heart tree and spread my love around
I enlisted the help of a very close friend
And we ripped out my heart so the test could begin

And we watered my heart
And we let the sun feed it vitamins
And we waited for that sprout
And I dug up my heart and I found it was nothing but dirt
My heart had become the earth

Now I'm a secret government agent armed with a past
About regular citizen life
I can't love, I can't feel or have passion
But I don't mind, 'cause you can't break my government heart

You cannot break my secret agent heart ever again

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Said The Whale My Government Heart Comments
  1. Mia Strong

    Is this about Monarch?

  2. Miss Teen Wordpower

    what is this, and why is it so good

  3. Isaiah Smith

    little skeptical of the lyrics of the song but otherwise great song ;)

  4. V S

    Is that background the dread waste sky in World of Warcraft? rofl


    Hahaha definitely looks like it! That's awesome

  5. ThisIsErdoS

    Do they have other songs like this? (Which)

  6. String Bean

    This whole album is incredible.