Said The Whale - Live Off Lamb Lyrics

Another wasted night, and I'm out of my head
We watch the cars go by from the sidewalk
It's like a hundred below, and I'm dressed for the bar
But we sing each other warm, we're dancing sideways

The whole way home
We laughed about the things we tried
The bridge it felt like five miles wide
And we yelled across
I'm out of my head

It's been a terrible week, and I'm almost dead
I lie awake and stare into nothing
It's just the neon green glow of the clock on my eyes
And I'm counting down the seconds till nine turns zero

As the dawn breaks
I'm counting sheep, I could live off lamb for a while
I'm asleep at the wheel
Exploring the sunrise, I could live like that for a while

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Said The Whale Live Off Lamb Comments
  1. TheRlovely

    My fave tune of theirs. Got it stuck on repeat in my head and on my ipod lately. Thanks for uploading

  2. Hello Darkness

    They sounds so much like the Shins on this song, it drives me insane. No complaints, though :)

  3. Anni Levine

    so lovely!

  4. Ryan Price

    I doubt you will get any hate for Said the Whale Jack lol

  5. Down To Quest Streaming House

    Sorry to my Call of Duty peeps. If you don't like this, don't watch it. If you do, drop a cheeky likeskidoodles? ;)