Saga - We'll Meet Again (Chapter 15) Lyrics

Have you been listening?
We must have more supplies
We will be on our way tonight
Don't want to miss a thing
We've got to build it right
You know we're running out of time

What I do, I do for you

I can't tell you how, where or when
But I can tell you we'll meet again
I can't tell you how, where or when
But we all know this won't be the end

I would do anything
To bring it back to life
You'll see a new light in the sky
If I don't do a thing
I'll always wonder why
Why I just left them there to die

All I do, I do for you

[Repeat Chorus]

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Saga We'll Meet Again (Chapter 15) Comments
  1. Greg Lecuyer

    More songs like this and this band would have been bigger than QUEEN.

  2. Lisztomaniac

    I love it !!!

  3. bogeybast

    Listening to this material transports me back to simpler times. Keep on pumping out the jams, old friends.

  4. Kees Peter van Lennep

    Will meet again in ......Zwolle.......22 june 2011

  5. Paul Foster

    Michael is back now and we wish all the best to Saga !!!

  6. Fullcircle007

    michael sadler the best....moratti..gggrrrrr

  7. Paul Foster

    The voice of Michael Sadler was the character and the success of Saga !!!!

  8. VelvetViolator

    Awesome, "House of Cards" is not of this world..

  9. Paul Foster

    Übersupergenial !!!!


    ♫ Masterpiece! ♫

  11. M French

    Actually they have bunches of new CD's. the latest "TRUST" just came out this year!

  12. M French

    Hi! I believe the video came out in 2000 when the CD "House of Cards" did.

  13. M French

    Sorry, I don't understand, but are you asking what year was this video put out??

  14. Ron D

    Whoa! I must be trippin' - I ain't heard any new Saga songs for a long time! Thanks.