Saga - Only Time Will Tell Lyrics

Whatever happened to the friends we had
Just a dusty picture on the shelf
We had our troubles but the times we had
I get this feeling when I'm by myself
And when I get it, I get it bad
I keep wakin' up with something new
Am I losing you
Only time will tell
I keep wakin' up with something new
Am I losing you
Only time will tell
You took a piece of me with you
There was nothing I could do
You took a piece of me
Now where are you
Are you dusting pictures too
You were the one I never had to tell
My darkest secrets or how I felt
When I get lonely and I'm by myself
I try to imagine what you're doing now
You took a piece of me with you
There was nothing I could do
You took a piece of me
Now where are you
Are you dusting pictures too

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Saga Only Time Will Tell Comments
  1. Nicky Zimmer

    Sound Of Frankfurt !! Recording over here ;-)

    Nicky Zimmer

    cu soon in Neu-Isenburg !! ;-)

  2. aitech nasus

    Only Time Will Tell Is A Great Song By Saga.

  3. Hinz und Kunz

    good old times

  4. Richard Allen

    SAGA, Canadian prog rock bands EVER....did they do pop or something different? Yes, they is the right of all truly great bands...they needed to stretch and grow...cut them some slack...;)

  5. Nicky Zimmer

    Sound Of Frankfurt !! Recorded here !!

  6. Perry Comeau

    Turk Caicos ♥

  7. Schnuppel

    meine Jugend :)))))))))))) BEST TIME...allways stoned and than Saga!!

  8. Perry Comeau

    The spray of it all.

  9. jenshaiopei jenshaiopei

    Only time will tell ... GREAT BAND!

  10. puckering1

    This is an awesome album by Saga

  11. Katin Ka

    Wie geil.....die 80 er at it‘s best..

  12. Alex Mustata

    An absolute gem. Makes me proud to be 🇨🇦 - Cheers from Toronto

  13. Metal Maniac

    Una banda imprescindible para cualquier melómano. Saga forever!

  14. Just a soul

    Muy bien!!

  15. walkaboutsteve

    Saga will be playing in Vancouver at the Ambleside Rock Fest August 2019

    Tony Liguori

    Shit and I missed it 🙄

  16. AstarOfDavid

    Van Halen released an album around the same time containing a very similar sample as the one heard in this track....I wounder who copied who!?
    You can listen to the track here: Van Halen - Why Can't This Be Love
    (Not that it really matters as they are BOTH great songs/artist)

  17. Marko Kampfelt

    SAGA ❤

  18. Dirk Schul

    SAGA, einfach tolle Musik!!!

  19. Maxc Moritz

    Shut up and enjoy the music! ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

  20. francisco Rodriguez


  21. Steffen Andersen

    dit' you know that SAGA From the start of the Roskilde festival 'DANMARK' until AD 2000 was woted The BEST EVER PREFOMERS ON ROSKILDE. and thers alot of compatision
    'Sorry for my poor English i'm a total rookie on this kind of tool'

  22. Marko Kampfelt

  23. Chantal Legentil

    J'adore !!!!!!!!!!

  24. herlambang tanos

    Awesome Saga

  25. Rich Froman

    Actually, listening to this now, three decades later (LOL), I don't think this is that bad at all. So what, they tried something different, many Bands did - some did ok, others not so great. I would have enjoyed hearing something new and different from Saga in '87 but, somehow I missed knowing/hearing this album (the market was flooded with so many Bands then, you practically had to be a millionaire to buy all the stuff that was being put out). One thing is for sure, if this type of music came out today, it would be an instant hit among many. I hear it all the time from the younger generation - "why doesn't anyone play stuff like this anymore?".

  26. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    Still a good song and a song that resonates very deeply with me as all my friends from back in my childhood are gone and it's sad that we shared so much together and that it all fell apart. However, this just isn't the classic Saga I love the most. The intricacies of the past albums are missing and so is a lot of the emotional impact that Saga were able to create with their music. It's good, but a less progressive Saga means ultimately, a "less Saga" Saga.

  27. Kal El

    Steel Umbrellas was a good "pop" follow up, it brought the band back together with a more full sound. This is a badass album never the less.

  28. John Kenebutch

    My favorite Saga song.

  29. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    Saga have got to be the most underrated band ever formed for progressive pop together with Camel (who they share a lot of similarities with), Kayak, and followed by the early Caravan although it should be pointed out that Caravan had some psychedelic/proto-prog leanings on their best work early on. Saga are like Camel meets Kayak and yet they are unique. They're a progressive classic!

  30. Ray Mccue

    bought this for a dollar

  31. siroptimistic

    "Wildest Dreams" was Saga's best album from start to finish. Melodic with a prog-rock feel. Utterly brilliant ---just like this song "Only Time Will Tell". A campaign should be started to induct them into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame since they have just announced their retirement.

  32. Кися Ангел

    very nostalgic, love saga songs

  33. Mike Rundberg

    Love this song

  34. Angel Gd

    I'm giving this song another chance, I never took to it as it had a very "madonna" sound to it. It's still the first thing I think of and that's weird considering I never listened to her intentionally.

  35. John Zabolotney

    Just recently saw them in Ancaster Ontario ...they were STILL spot on and absolutely unreal !!! Thanks SAGA

  36. Jose Anibal Colon Velazquez

    Sound like RUSH


    An some Police to !!!!!!!!!

  37. Luis Gutierrez

    los mejor del rock ,al pasar el tiempo mas duradero es ,,,saga,,,,

  38. derfgaztelu


  39. Phil Anderson

    This album was a pretty big disappointment to many. Saga signed with Atlantic who helped push them to more pop, hoping to launch them to a wider audience, but the songs on the album lack depth, Jim Gilmour and Steve Negus were missed, and Atlantic's grand plans for a huge promotion of the album mostly fell through.

    Saga mostly fell back into being a somewhat known "Canadian band" after this, even though they put out some very good work in the years following, much superior to this album.


    They were pretty popular in Texas back in the day, but seems like they are now obscure. It's a real pity. Saga was really a dynamic group.


    I feel the same about this album. I really tried to get into it back then, but never did. Compared to "worlds apart" or "behaviour" this is just shallow pop music from the 80ties.

    Steve Pabst

    Although this album did not do all this well, it simply proves that Saga was able to roll with the punches. They took the loss, rubbed a little dirt on it and got back on the horse....many bands allowed little set-backs like this to end their careers...not the Saga train....

  40. Joseph Arruda

    They've always gone 'pop' (they've been neo-prog but only in the thinnest of veneers) and frankly this album was quite good because they tightened up their sound (they have never production-wise sounded better than when Keith Olsen was at the controls, especially Crichtons guitar tone) and the songs were pretty well written. Curt Cress was a great drummer and once again, Jims solos were some of thebest of his career (the follow up album "Beginners Guide to Throwing Shapes" is still my fave Saga record).

    Maxc Moritz

    Shut up and enjoy the music! ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

  41. Robert Padua

    Great sonf

  42. Nirvana Display MariaMagdalene`s

    I've been a SAGA fan since the beginning, and while this album was not generally very well received, I enjoyed it very much. Keyboardist Jim Gilmour and Drummer Steve Smith had taken a leave of absence when this album started, so for having to patch up the group for Atlantic records...This album actually shines.nasty fiction who are they singing about

  43. Nirvana Display MariaMagdalene`s

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    Maxc Moritz

    Shut up and enjoy the music! ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

  44. Nirvana Display MariaMagdalene`s

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  45. Nirvana Display MariaMagdalene`s

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  46. Nirvana Display MariaMagdalene`s

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  47. Nirvana Display MariaMagdalene`s

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  48. beorlingo

    This is when SAGA ran out of ideas. And they never found their way back to the good stuff. Sure, I can listen to this. Producer came up with a nice sound. But it isnt SAGA anymore.

    Ian Markley

    beorlingo this is certainly a departure, but think that the band recovered and got "back to the good stuff." Look at "security of Illusion" and "13th gen" as examples.

    Jeff Gay

    Wildest Dreams is a logical extension onwards from the style of Behaviour which was a very hi-tech influenced sounding album. I would say that Behaviour was the departure as it is very different from Heads or Tales. But I LOVE all their albums as they are all that little bit different from the last. Perfectly fine to hold your opinions, I'm all for the diversity though and why the band stayed their 40 year course.

  49. YaroSz.

    ...od początku '80 lat...jestem fanem...

  50. Kidwaryod Production

    Curt Cress on drums. No need to explain why I love this album.

    Everglades Flyer

    I believe it was still Steve Negus.


    No, the album credits Curt Cress.

    Steve Neilson

    Negus all the way ... It's not Saga without him.

  51. Bas Ferrari

    it's RUSH

  52. Péter Vad

    Ez ott van még mindig! 

  53. Adonis Donato

    SAGA is the best progressive rock band in this Universe!!

  54. jaguar7676

    I've been a SAGA fan since the beginning, and while this album was not generally very well received, I enjoyed it very much. Keyboardist Jim Gilmour and Drummer Steve Smith had taken a leave of absence when this album started, so for having to patch up the group for Atlantic records...This album actually shines.

  55. Nintendo Psycho

    Rush says hi.

  56. pvtjhon

    I keep waking up to something new!

  57. Marc Rice

    I feel the same way! There really is something mysterious... and perhaps mystical about what they put out. It appeals to me on many levels.

  58. derfgaztelu


  59. Mike Wilson

    WHAT A GREAT BAND!!!!!!!

  60. William Clark

    Very hard lyrics to remember on this song... XD But seriously, this is a really fantastic song!

  61. hagakure6410

    Just like Rush, I think they got a little dazzled by technology in the late '80s and kind of lost their way for awhile. Just my opinion, but this particular album was no greater than works by bands like The Motels or Asia and such of that era. Nothing like the great prog tracks on Silent Knight or even Worlds Apart. In fact, Worlds Apart (which I would compare to The Fixx, if I was going to relate it to another 80s band) was prog and pop mixed right. Still lots of talent in the fills on this.

  62. Adonis Donato

    SAGA-The Best Progressive Rock Band in History!!

  63. Dave Williams

    Not Saga's best work, but still very good.

  64. Rick Lewis

    Great band, Highly recommended.
    Great to see live...

  65. dleblanc343

    @jason75 but better

  66. ultrastark1


  67. Sam

    Sounds like Every breath you take, by police

  68. drewbeedo11

    i agree with purescript, there's always been something about these guys i could never quite put my finger on! i love this band and they create the path in my heart that i walk every single day! they are an enigma to my soul and i wish i could hook up a sound system to this fucked up world and let everyone know the true heart and soul of this wonderful kick-ass music! none compare! nuf said!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Clinton Wazny

    @Purescript i think the same thing and its a feeling i get when i listen to them.. you just cant explain the feeling! they are an amazing band, but they will never be the same now that Michael left, he was the one that made Saga Saga. His voice, his thoughts, lyrics and musical mind that thought up their music.

  70. bc best

    @exojunkie04 Agreed. Too bad this band from Toronto did not get as much fanfare and acclaim in North America as they did in Germany and parts of Europe.
    Great music and album covers and I guess since we have not heard from them for so long that any chance of a reunion tour is just not in the cards...

  71. Nik Neuy

    80's 8)

  72. NBAXXX

    I LOVE the guitar solo at 3.10

  73. Kaiah Skye


    SAGA ROCKS!!!! the lyrics are coooool

  74. elcheepo1

    SAGA forever....!

  75. Pendleburyy

    saga is canadian