Saga - How Are You? Lyrics

How are ya' feelin' now?
How are ya' feelin' now?

I've got some news for you
You and your attitude
Back off, I won't go near it
Your world goes 'round & 'round
You might be feelin' down
But we don't wanna hear it
Now you've seen better days
It's written in your face
You'll just have to grin & bear it
No matter what you do
It all comes down to you
You are the one who wears it
C'mon tell me, I'm listening

How are ya' feelin' now?
Year, that's what it's all about
How are ya' feelin' now?
Well, don't turn your upside down

Be careful what you say
Or we'll run the other way
I don't mean to burst your bubble
But, ya' carry a lot of weight
Haven't you heard of fate.
Or do you prefer the trouble?


How do ya feel right now?
Don't turn tour upside down


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