SafetySuit - Anywhere But Here Lyrics

Is this the end of the moment or just a beautiful unfolding
Of a love that will never be or maybe be
Everything that I never thought could happen or ever come to pass and I wonder
If maybe, maybe I could be all you ever dreamed, cause you are

Beautiful inside, so lovely and I can't see why I'd do anything without you, you are
And when I'm not with you, I know that it's true
That I'd rather be anywhere but here without you

Is this a natural feeling or is it just me bleeding
All my thoughts and dreams in hope that you will be with me or
Is this a moment to remember or just a cold day in December, I wonder
If maybe, maybe I could be all you ever dreamed cause you are

Beautiful inside, so lovely and I can't see why I'd do anything without you, you are
And when I'm not with you, I know that it's true
That I'd rather be anywhere but here without you

Is this the end of the moment or just a beautiful unfolding of a love that will never be for you and me
Cause you are

You're beautiful inside, you're so lovely and I can't see why I'd do anything without you, you are
And when I'm not with you, I know that it's true
That I'd rather be anywhere but here without you

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SafetySuit Anywhere But Here Comments
  1. Irish Alexie Parahan

    Dean ortigoza swoon my heart in this song

  2. Matheus Amaro

    Música legal Frávia

  3. blurry fess

    I can only imagine Dean Cornelius Ortigoza V aahhhhhhhckkk

  4. wolf savages galvan

    I love clean soft rock💗

  5. Russien Degamo

    Deannnn Ruthhhh

  6. Avi Bhujel

    Lyrics Ws undskrybabL

  7. yester day

    I LOVE the way he sings
    "So lovely.....and I...."
    This whole beautiful!😊

  8. Elaine Villanueva


  9. LadyAnne

    You are ""Everything I ever dreamed of and more..."""""" Rather be anywhere but here without you..😢💖💖

  10. Joy Aurigue


  11. Rafael Lopes

    WesBos exercise brought me here

  12. Maria ley Cataylo

    The day he became ruthless💗

  13. Anazel Gamilla

    randomly searching for song and found this awesome kick-ass song.

  14. World's Netizen

    then why i got "run away" just before the bus prepared to leave? what r u playing at? there are another one more later.

  15. Malek Chouchane

    My childhood song ❤

  16. Maria ley Cataylo

    The day he became ruthless💕

  17. Katrina Joy Cainghug

    Therapy. I'm a mess.

  18. Meryem ElOuakili

    Never thought i'd relate to this song word by word. we were only kids when he showed me this song, i didn't even understand what it was talking about but i loved it. Now 5 years later, i couldn't understand it more. funny how life works.

  19. Candace Shirley

    I love Christmas and with what happened maybe with a kid or kids, Holly and I will celebrate, It will always be bittersweet

  20. Sugary Heaven

    What happened to love songs like this? There's barely any now 😔

  21. Babygirl 17

    My boyfriend is the sweetest guy i've ever met he sent me this song and i love him with my heart and soul to death😍

  22. chandria

    dean brought me here 🥺

  23. Queen Aeie

    i found my man in a game. he isn't playing it, but he is the developer of the server i am playing. Hi H2O, i'm not gonna leave you no matter what. I know how much you need me, i'll stay forever.

    yester day

    😏Your 'developer' is a lucky.......guy.

  24. yester day

    I can't stop listening to this......its heavenly.......I can't possibly smile enough to cover the joy this brings............😄......close....but thats not a happy enough smiley....

  25. Kurt Jamir Perez

    2019.... Love from Philippines

  26. Airish De loreto

    The day he become ruthless ❤️💋

  27. Jj Murdock

    There will always be someone that loves you no matter what and his name is Jesus

  28. Jj Murdock

    This song is amazing

  29. Ashley 11:11


  30. Leonardo Braynen

    Safety Suit was awesome back in the day.

    Sugary Heaven

    They still are

  31. ismail elmassoudi

    Bonne musique

  32. Andrea Marie Abella

    Dean ❤️ Ruth

  33. Kayla Yarzo

    Dean ilysm

  34. MsViktoria C

    Dean and Ruth brought me here

  35. Yoji

    "cause you are you're beautiful inside" makes me feel special and the thought that Dean Cornelius Ortigoza is singing this for Ruthzielle made me love this song so bad ♥️

  36. Drow Ranger


  37. Say Rondez

    Is this the end of the moment? Or just a beautiful unfolding of a love that will never be? For you and me?

    If you ever read this, I hope you feel it too. See you later...

  38. 替呢Etienne


  39. Tfxdf Vvgjh

    Kyle xy ?

  40. VINCEter

    one point in my life the lyrics of this song hits me so hard. I fell in love with someone whom i can never call mine.

    yester day

    @Kyrie Clutch GOATving
    That time, alone... is probably just prep time for you, while waiting for circumstances to bring you to a place in life where you'll end up meeting. Good luck.

    Kyrie Clutch GOATving

    @yester day thanks
    Godbless you too

    yester day

    @Kyrie Clutch GOATving
    Thanks, God bless you too!

    Kyrie Clutch GOATving

    @yester day thanks Dude

  41. Karina

    I dedicate this song to my crush <3 She will never know how I feel about her, sadly.

  42. - LEORAN.

    FROM 2014 UNTIL 2019 🌟..

  43. Muhammad Bilal Khan

    Such a beautiful voice of this guy

  44. Rhine Leigh

    Dean and Ruth brought me here but ended up to love this song💖

  45. PY-RC

    Truly yours brought me here and i am thankful

  46. kyte kate

    Vinn bought me hereee💛💜💜😗

  47. Imam Nur Hakim

    old but gold

    still listening 'till now

  48. Un Giorno Tre Autunni

    "Non ho tempo per amarti" di Anna Premoli.... ♥️

  49. Spielberg De Pereira

    never thought I'd be passing by this track

    this is a lost track in my playlist that I think I've never played in a while, damn this is so perfect

  50. Hritayan Debnath

    I love this song

  51. blue ray

    whos hete because of " the boy next door "😭😂😍

  52. any 1

    once on a warm day in November ...

    yester day

    any 1

  53. Hi, I'm Faith

    an underrated song

  54. SevereMatrex


  55. BrilovesKurtHummel Briones

    This song is so beautiful and romantic it makes me cry!😭🤧💓

  56. umaattitude cii aq

    Dean brought me here :>

    elaiiizaa maryjoiii

    Kakatapos Ko Lang basahin Yun❤️

    Imir Brown

    Dean who Dean Winchester

    Tiffany Zin Ruiz

    THBR recommend this song <3

    Russien Degamo

    Same 😂❤️


    hello para sa mga pinakinggan to dahil kay dean and ruth!!!

  58. Alona Becker

    Oh my God thank you so much for uploading the real version of the song!! you just made my life a lot easier ❤❤

  59. crixsnbhagi

    Just rediscovered another song from my youth.

  60. Nancy Allen

    The guitar turns me on. It's so perfect with this song. ❤

  61. Na Yri

    'Cause you are beautiful inside....💗

  62. Mhariannie Estillore

    The day he bacame a ruthless brought me here. huhuhuhuhu 💔

  63. agie evilla

    i love this song

  64. emz comia

    2018 still listening..? so sod song..?
    i miss you bherose05..?

  65. Katherine Garcia

    wattpad brought me here. #TDHBR

    Lora K

    Me too.

    Cindy Rinchon

    Same 💚💚💚


    tdhbr?? aye someone tell me the book's full name

  66. Sup G

    i feel the same away if she wasn't here with me a sunrise without her i do not want to see

  67. Pedro Anacleto

    Where are SafetySuit now?

  68. Busy Brain

    Anywhere but here 💙

    Robin Peryea

    Busy Brain who me never lol

    Busy Brain

    Robin Peryea

    Phhhaaaaaa.... A double dose of trouble lol.

    Robin Peryea

    Busy Brain lol

    Robin Peryea

    Busy Brain good morning

    Busy Brain

    Robin Peryea

    Good morning.

  69. Noah Meacock

    This is amazing, I love the song and it means so much to me

  70. suck me wiggly cock

    Anyone from "Yours Truly" on wattpad?

  71. spirit_ wolf_1107

    This could be my wedding song...❤

  72. melenita oque

    For the love that never be for you and me...a song I sent to someone so.special to me before I blocked him on FB and I can get over him...

  73. Maria Lonzanida

    Stil my fav song

  74. Bill Reynolds

    Which I could find a girl that fits this song, but just a love that will never be :(

  75. jolean jol

    i miss u camelia..gawd i miss u so much....

  76. Jessica Harper


  77. Moonlight Sonata

    Came here from 'yours truly'

  78. RpM_Moad

    just in love with this song..

  79. vuthy sitha

    any one know any song just like this one ! simple

  80. Kerry Davis

    been almost 10 years listening to this song nearly everyday : )

  81. Makeup Fab

    i love how i can listen to this song and think about him cause this song reminds him of me <3

  82. Dead Corpse

    My loop will crash youtube if it goes like this...

  83. Kent joshua Gacasan

    Is this the end of the moment or just a beautiful unfolding of a love that will never be...
    For you and me..

  84. righteous 1

    Meredith brought me here

  85. Trace Taylor

    I think it's really rad that a lot of people started pouring their souls out in the comments and lifting one another's spirits all because of this song. The effect of real music.

  86. holy mxlti

    This reminds me of me and my crush💖😊

  87. Allen Kramer

    what a perfect song for me and you brittney i love you so much i know that it is true

  88. Emma JD

    This song makes me cry.

  89. Sujit Murmu

    i lov soo much,awesome song

  90. Alberto Gaziano

    Nice!! I sing, listen my songs :)

  91. ricardo ulises ponce laquise

    i like safetysuit. enjoy music

  92. ISSA RAT

    This is the type of song you dance to on your wedding day

  93. That's Amore

    I miss music like this, now everything is the same.

    Yozora Shiraishi

    I guess you listen to the "wrong" music then if you think everything sounds the same now. Still plenty of good songs there nowadays. (coming from a 90's kid)


    @Emma JD agreed

    Bluemoon light

    @Emma JD so true

    Portry Na

    I miss the songs in early 2000s. So emotional

    abhishek veram today has no soul no emotion no ls really hard to find good music

  94. Lizeth Gallegos Molinar

    i wonder if maybe, maybe i could be