Sade - The Safest Place Lyrics

In my heart
Your love has found
The safest hiding place
Inside is a field
And trees and a lake
Around is a wall
No-one from hell could break
In there you'll shine
In there you will cry
My heart has been a lonely warrior
Who's been to war
So you can be sure
In my heart your love has found
The safest hiding place
Inside is a stream
Around is a wall
No-one from hell could break
In there will shine
The light of heaven's eye
In there you will cry
My heart's been a lonely warrior
Who's been to war
So you can be sure
Your love's in a sacred place
The safest hiding place
My heart has been a lonely warrior before
Who's been to war
So you can be sure

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Sade The Safest Place Comments
  1. Stephanie Yates

    This has to be one of best love song ever. Nothing like knowing. Love you Sade

  2. Jim D!gital

    I'd listen to this going to war with pos nazis.. and their sympathizers.. unfortunately for civil rights, of many skin colors.. f minus to magugh..

  3. Nadia Chocano III


  4. Troy McCray

    Such a beautiful song ... listen in 2019 to forever

  5. only 1 true

    Yes indeed

  6. Eliza Urban

    Cudownie 🎧❤❤❤👏
    Dzięki !



  8. Lo H.

    Sacred song for me right here.

    only 1 true

    Lo H. Yes indeed

  9. Jess

    Such a beautiful song! Reminds me of my soon to be husband... so in love

  10. Samuel Custódio

    Pure poetry ❤

  11. Susie Q Norton

    I got to see her live in concert a few years ago with my best best friend♥️
    She sounds the same beautiful beautiful amazing voice..
    This song brings me in a peaceful place ..
    I've been separated for 14 years from a abuse relationship with the man I was common law married to for 13 years....
    And ever since then it has been hard for me to trust and someone.
    I'm now at peace with my past.
    this song brings me peace ✌❤

  12. Rick C.

    Sade's voice pierces my soul on this song. It is so beautiful. A reminder to cherish our family and friends.


    Makes me miss Jennifer heavy💔I will always love her 💯

  14. Jennifer Frank

    It is an amazing song. It's so short, I have to play it over and over.

  15. Mbari Hogun

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  16. LaLa xo


  17. Marquietta Charmain Purnell

    On the way taking my kids to school we used to listen to this every morning they would sit in the back captivated by how soothing her voice sounds the amazing on every level ❤


    .🌹. You have a beautiful soul

  18. NightcoreMusicX

    Which 6 people clicked on dislike ?!

  19. Natalia Tsioumani

    Λουκάς + Νόρα
    Εδώ 7 χρόνια μετά...

  20. serduszko gosia


  21. Gilbert Raya

    I agree with everybody. I love all her songs. Nobody like the Beautiful Sade Adu!!!

  22. Elizabeth deVries

    This is unreal. Whoa. The lyrics. I think of my late husband: my heart a lonely warrior that's been to war". Now meeting and being with a new man after 21 years: "you can be sure". Just fits. Fits for everyone I love. I take no-one for granted, ever since he died of cancer. The melody. Sade is amazing. Her voice is liquid gold. Sensuous if not sorrowful at times. Perfection.

    only 1 true

    Elizabeth deVries Amen

  23. Tonny Nice

    wedding song for sure

    Isaiah Davis

    It was my wedding song in 2017, never thought of like that, it just fit my fiancee because of where she had been before me

  24. Zahraa Sawan

    I love all her songs. Wow

  25. jose angel cobos

    todo lo que tenga q ver con mi hermosa sade adu m encanta


    jose angel cobos valdez La banda toma su tiempo para cada álbum. y siempre tan hermosas!