Sade - The Moon And The Sky (Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sade]
I was the one
I who could, pull in all the stars above
Lay them on your feet, and I gave you my love
You are the one who got me started
You could have let me love anyone but I only wanted you
So why did he make me cry
Why didn’t you come get me one last time

You’ll always know
The reason why
We could have had the moon and the sky
You’ll always know
The reason why this love, reason why this love
Ain’t gon’ let you go

[Verse 2]
You lay me down
Left me for alliance
A long long time ago
You left me there dying
But you’ll never let me go

You’ll always know
The reason why
We could have had the moon and the sky
You’ll always know
The reason why this love, reason why this love
Ain’t gon’ let you go

[Verse 3: Jay-Z]
I know we could have had it all
I wasn’t ready to go steady no not at all
Smoke and mirrors clouded my vision we hit a wall
Couldn’t see the moon and the sky behind the fog
Pregnant pause
Damn your baby tall, what you been up to
I don’t blame you my doll
Yeah, we kinda stalled
As God as my witness, timin’ was my mistress
I guess it’s in the stars for me to love you from a distance
Uh, our ship sail, uh, the wind blows
The door’s always open but our window was closed
You always thought “What if?”
But that’ll just drive you crazy baby, girl interrupted
Thinkin’ ’bout what wasn’t
Thinkin’ ’bout what was it?
Was it somethin’ I done?
Somethin’ I could do better although nothin’ could be done
Sometimes you get what you need
Now what you think you want?
So baby no moon and sky, got a beautiful sun

[Verse 4: Sade]
You’ll always know the reason why
The song you heard, will stay on your mind
It ain’t gon’ let you go, no
Cuz you are the moon and I the endless sky


You have the keys to the car
You have every star
Everyone of them twinkling
Baby, what were you thinking?

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Sade The Moon And The Sky (Remix) Comments
  1. Mister Zilla

    the original instrumental > this .................... o_O

  2. mimosa

    i'm still listening too in december 2019....we miss you sade

  3. Jayden Clarke

    Lol boy or girl

    I know she’s a girl

    She just sounds like a boy because her voice is very deep!!!!!!

  4. Amanda Gonsalves

    Love Sade ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  5. Lamar Shaw

    3:21 fucking beautiful 💯🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  6. Remy Lebeau

    Such a beautifully grim real reflection of unconditional lost love😔


    Sade is... GODDESS!

  8. Lawrence Bartholomew

    Flower 🌻🌺🌹🌷❤️

  9. S Axmed

    Haven’t heard this song in years.. I remembered why I loved it so much! I think 40 killed the beat and JayZ lyrics were very fitting with the best. Anyone hating doesn’t appreciate beautiful music. Sade OK’d this!

  10. Regina Garcia-Sena

    JAY Z DESTROYED THIS SONG Why is he always forcing himself on tha scene invading good songs and demanding respect? COMPLETELY RUINED THIS SONG WITH STUPID JIBBERISH!

  11. ReeRee2016

    Jay Z killed that shit! He was referencing his relationship with his 1st baby mama who gave birth to a son. Guess he had to get that off his chest.

  12. Fiona Anderson


  13. Real One

    Imagine Sade and a 2pac collab, that would be a classic instantly.

  14. Kai

    Still listening to this in 2019!!!


    Meh, the original was better. JayZ doesn't add anything to this.

  15. sherisa little

    I’m so interested in HOW this came to be.

  16. Asif Aslam

    Sade n jay killed it!

  17. Alan Cofer

    It's fine but breaks the spirit of the original.

  18. Luna Azul Music Studio

    Why Jay Z, ?

  19. Dirt McGirt

    horrible... jayz phoned it in

    Alex Parker

    Phoned it in? How?

    Dirt McGirt

    @Alex Parker he sounded wack as hell... Like he didn't even try to let his verse flow with the song

  20. Brian Barron

    Can we all just agree that this remix is garbage because of Jay-Z and the original is way more better

    Alex Parker

    Just say you don't like poetry and go.

  21. amazingBritneyLive

    i liked the beat of the original song more. jay z's verse was a good addition !

  22. Shay Jones

    I cry every time I hear this.❤️

  23. The Kill

    When I heard this song
    The message is so simple
    When we all talk to GOD"
    We don't known what to done
    The brick wall is so sterner
    So harden on our hearts
    When it's like the devil darkness
    Cockblocks our interest
    Maybe it's something
    Love hurts the woman then the man in the relationship
    Maybe it's the men hurting many women and leaving the spirits of ourselves within the child
    Were just ghost too our women
    And alone is the abyss we walk throughout to change

  24. J. C.

    I have always loved Sade's music and lyrics, from the early 80's! Until I heard this song created with Jay Z! She seems to have had a relationship with the Creator, TMH God! But Jay Z seems to have had a relationship with the creature, the beast! I always thought better of her and her music!

    Alex Parker

    Lol what?

  25. Nikol Hermanova

    Original and remix.. both are amazing !!! 💖

  26. Clockwork

    a beautiful son/sun? jay never seizes to amaze me..yrs later I'm understand the verse 🤣🤣🤣

  27. James Cumberbatch

    Jay Z Belonged On This. Shut Up. Kanye, 3 Stacks Or T.I As Well Would've Blessed This As Well

  28. Monzay Harris

    40 nailed this production! 🔥🔥🔥

  29. MW1_kING

    horrible collab

  30. Rosalinda Rodriguez

    Sade doesn't ever need a ft. but Jay-Z killed it.

  31. Ben Thind

    big chune

  32. bhuuthesecond

    I looove this song !!!!

  33. Kalien Boykin

    I don't understand how there's such a sizable population of people who are either too lazy or too unintelligent to even try to understand the things Jay Z says. ANNOTATE PEOPLE.


    Because the intelligent quotient of most people in today's society is below 80. Which explains why the planet is plagued with "R&B/Pop autotune singers" and "mumble rappers" who all sound like "Alvin & The Chipmunks". 😆

  34. Sena Balkan

    This remix is not good for me.I prefer the original sade's solo version.

    Alex Parker

    Go listen to it.

  35. TripJay21

    Song was eh until Jay-Z made it good. She shoulda had jay do 2 verses


    TripJay21 not even! The song is still fire without him. He did elevate it tho, but even without him it’s my 2nd fav Sade song. After “is it a crime “

  36. E K

    love u edel

  37. iLLNIGMA

    Drake was supposed to be on this track. jayz got the part over him

    Perverted Alchemist

    And not only that, but Drake and Big Boi both reached out to work with Sade on their albums and she declined.


    He was supposed to put us to sleep right?


    Perverted Alchemist she DID work with drake, his producer did this very beat for her and drake was there in the studio with them as well as wrote some of the lyrics

    Mrili ili

    You do realize this is a remix not a featuring ?

  38. pokerflush1000

    I think is interesting that Sade would collaborate with Noah Shebib but turn Drake down...
    I'm glad she did lol, but still interesting.

  39. Shade Beats

    When 40's synth and strings chime in at 3:34 that's some moving shit.

    Fatso Mpyatona

    Shit how did you pick that up?

    Shade Beats

    can't tell if being sarcastic lol, but a lot of 40's stuff is on the low end or just really quiet

  40. Duncan Isle

    They had to screw up a great song to make a stupid rap song out of it...

  41. Nick Butler

    this song makes me cry. has such a tragic feel to it

  42. Krystal Castillo

    i love this one with jay z

  43. Sergey Sapunov

    Зачетный трек

  44. MrTreypac

    Sometimes you get what you need/ not what you think you want/so maybe no moon and sky/ yet a beautiful sun (son) - JAY-Z

    nice ending

  45. X. Savior

    This is the greatest Jay Z verse I've ever heard and in a long time fan of jay. There's been rumors about him having an illegitimate son with some island girl back in the day especially around the time this song came out. if listen with that in mind his verse makes sense and gives it so much more meaning. Straight chills.

  46. CC True

    Gives me chills everytime! It's amazing to me. Speaks to my soul.

    Troy Harris

    CC True

  47. Quinn

    Why is everyone complaining about Jay-Z, I thought he was excellent!

  48. Rolan Bolan

    love this song

  49. kelly Harris

    Love this💔💔💔😢😢😢

  50. YellowR0SEofTX

    Digging the new version. I've had this song on repeat for a little bit.

  51. Rick White

    The song was perfect in its original form. I'll pass on this version.

    Cj Smart

    Me too. There are certain songs that shouldn't even feature a rapper with rap lyrics. The original version of the song is perfect just the way it is. Just with Sade.

    Shade Beats

    instrumental is better


    some of yall minds are so closed ...........i dont even know if really even listen music


    zdogronim you are the closed mind son. somethings are better left in its original packaging. JayZ did not contribute anything to make the song better. i guarantee, i know way more about music than you ever will

  52. Hussain Basil

    I love u sade to mach

  53. Illuminati-Ufo

    It was a decent idea until Jay-Z was chosen ... Andre 3000 would have been way better


    Your comment demonstrates your lack of knowledge, you probably favor Trap over real Hip-hop. It's not about hating it's about appreciation of quality. Now carry on kid, you'll grow up soon.


    you may exit gone


    What does have a point. Andre3k probably would of had a outstanding verse, but still Jay Z complimented this song quite well, and had a outstanding verse. So you do sound pretty stupid.

    Patrick Mills

    Illuminati-Ufo huh andre3000 is as real as they come. Not trying to be a dick, shhhhhh.

  54. Ebiere Ochuru

    love this song! such amazing lyric's!


    jay is talkin about his son and his sons mother on this track

  56. Pulkit Sharma

    'I Guess it's in the stars for me to love you from a distance' Jay Z nailed it. Sade and Jay can never go wrong. One of them night time joint #classic

    kelly Harris

    love that also


    The Moon and The Sky Lyrics

    I was the one, I, who could
    Pull in all the stars above
    Lay them on your feet
    And I gave you my love
    You are the one that got me started
    You could have let me love anyone, but I only wanted you
    So why did you make me cry?
    Why didn't you come get me one last time?
    You'll always know the reason why
    We could have had the moon and the sky
    You'll always know the reason why this love
    Reason why this love ain't gonna let you go
    You lay me down and left me for alliance
    A long, long time ago
    You left me there dying
    But you'll never let me go
    You'll always know the reason why
    We could have had the moon and the sky
    You'll always know the reason why this love
    Reason why this love ain't gonna let you go
    You'll always know the reason why
    The song you heard will stay on your mind
    It ain't gonna let you go, no
    'Cause you were the moon and I the endless sky
    You'll always know the reason why
    We could have had the moon and the sky
    You'll always know the reason why this love
    Reason why this love
    Ain't gonna let you go
    Ain't gonna let you go
    You had the keys to the car
    (You'll always know)
    You had every star
    (The reason why)
    Every one of them twinkling
    (We could have had)
    Baby, what were you thinking
    (The moon and the sky)
    You'll always know
    We had the moon and the sky above
    And I gave you my love

    Read more: Sade - The Moon And The Sky Lyrics | MetroLyrics


    SADE Helen Folasade Adu, OBE
    (Yoruba: Fọláṣadé Adú; born 16 January 1959), 
    known as Sade (/ʃɑːˈdeɪ/ shah-DAY), 
    is a British Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer, and record producer.
     Following a brief stint of studying fashion design and modelling Adu began back up singing for a band named Pride, during this time she attracted attention from record labels and along with other members left Pride and formed Sade. Following a record deal Sade and her eponymous band released their debut album Diamond Life (1984), the album was a commercial success and sold over six million copies, becoming one of the top-selling debut recordings of the '80s and the best-selling debut ever by a British female vocalist.

  59. MrBaza87

    Love u soooo much Sade the Queen of soul 👑🇬🇧💯

  60. Butterfly12

    Love it so much.


    This is Shit wtf is Sade thinking of, she don't need a idiot like jay z ruining her music. Sade was class before i heard this v.disappionted in her.

  62. metro76100


  63. Joey27YT

    Awesome production and Jay Z's brilliant guest verse gives the song even more depth... Not to mention Sade's timeless voice!

    Ian Jackson

    jz sucked wtf. listen to cashmere thoughts. thats a hit

    J Sav

    @Ian Jackson you gay as hell. This is a different vibe song

    Bonk Caesar

    +Ian Jackson and a different Jay

  64. Hank Machuga

    I won't even listen to this because the talent-less talkers' (yeah you can call him 'rapper' if you'd like) name is attached to it. 


    you're letting ignorance cloud your vision, you already have a false perception of rappers as "talentless talkers". they're called emcees and they practice an ancient art. dont generalize HipHop with terrible mainstream rap, you make yourself look like an idiot

    Chris Leavy

    @MrSNIPINGFREAK is lil wayne dead what is the meaning of Spongebob boss lady


    perhaps @Chris Leavy 

  65. Valerie Gray

    Hunter Moon 

  66. Aisha Blake

    This was sumthin quick.
    SADE. .A lot of rappers wanted 2 do sumthin wit her. She declined them all. That song is Truth

  67. iBEENART

    i have a wicked visual for this song. i would love to make it one day just to give it out to the world so they can all get their own message from the visual. for now tho it just looks great in my head.


    iBEENART same!


    DO it! <3

    Nicholas Jeffries

    i would be interested.....


    Go for it!

    Remy Lebeau

    Do it champ!

  68. KTHREE31

    As of now, I thinK I will disown Sade. All of the pure artists are now infected with the collaborating of way overrated commercial rapper virus. First they got to Michael Jackson, then Prince, now Sade. Who's next Jamiroquai? Even tho they're all tainted also. At least she could've chosen a lyricist like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Organized Konfusion, Black Thought, Mos Def, or Big Pun when he was alive. But - Noooo, after all these years.... Music is officially dead. :(

    Mr Marshall

    What are u talking bout it's not about none of that shit! It's about sales and ithought jay did aite perfect sound for this new age shit feel me?

    Brian M

    Nas and Sade should do a song no doubt

    Bonk Caesar

    @marinas2003 Sade and Andre 3000

    DeLonte Marshall

    +Bonk Caesar I know I'm late but absolutely

    Jerry King

    KTHREE31 tf you talking about? How do you propose to disown an artist that doesn't know you and most definitely doesn't give a fuck about you?

  69. Marcus Nance

    M.Love me some Sade!!

  70. maurice gray

    Anybody that knows good music especially someone who knows hip hop is going to listen to Jay Z's lyrics and know that he did an outstanding job he is a legend to.

  71. LaQuita Hamoudda

    Great song

  72. Brenda Cole

    I love this song but PLEASE get Jay-Z off the track.

    Rafael Correia

    Brenda Cole there's always the original solo version. it didn't stop existing after this remix, you know...

    Alex Parker

    Go listen to the original and hush

  73. Christine Garza


  74. Christine Garza

    Oh No they didn't SADE What Were You Thinking!! Victor say's "WHAT THE"???

  75. candace m

    Hate Jay-Z's verse but love the mix

    Bruce Bruce

    That makes zero sense! Certified hater in life.

  76. kva5004

    Honestly i don't get how people can say that Jay's verse wasn't fitting? if you love Sade so much, you would get why she picked him. Jay's ability to make a verse sound so simple while being complex is his strength. Reason why he is known as the master of double entendre. I'm not a fan of R&B much but with Jay on there, it sounds like a masterpiece of lyrics. I'm thinking people who just don't like Jay on it should listen to Sade's only version and leave this version to those who can truly appreciate the mashing of both artist's intellectual and lyrical abilities.


    @marinas2003 He's a classic that guy 

    Clownan around

    kva5004 she picked Jay because it would get her name out there more. More publicity.

    Gabriel Mendoza

    David cib as if she needed that. She’s got decades of hits Doesn’t need to hang her hopes on his name recognition

  77. Lucas Gonzalez


  78. Kay Solo


  79. Danii Babe

    This song is so legit I love love love this song

  80. Mable Babers

    Maybe rihanna and sade can have ameeting she got problems too

  81. OlDirtyBasterdd

    First heard this song back in beginning of 2011. How I miss that year

    Ocran D. Holloway

    Cuban music

    Ocran D. Holloway


  82. Tamriko Merkviladze

    My favorite song

  83. Daniel Kennie

    Loved this song/album before Jay touched it, but I don't hate Jay for this

  84. Stephon Paul

    thumbs up if you just came fromreading 40's interview


    na...i came back to admire 40's work., great track ! !

  85. TheColombianFlower

    Sade is too fly for Jay Z, sorry. 

    Ivan Dunn

    Incorrect. Jay-Z is as influential if not more than Sade. He complimented the song well. Jay-Z should be considered a poet. His lyrics and words are clever and meaningful.

    Henry Appiah

    TheColombianFlower Ouch.

    Henry Appiah

    Ivan Dunn How is it that Jay-Z can be on a song with Sade, but it's a big deal if Drake were to do it? Drake sounds good singing and with all due respect to Mr. Carter, rapping and storytelling is his niche. If Drake sings in a track with Sade it could be a Grammy winner. 🏅🏆

    Alex Parker

    @Henry Appiah No

  86. Damario Haynes

    This is one band that dont need anyone on their tracks; Sade sounds better by themselves without any support. The only reason Jay Z got on this is because he kept requesting to get on one of Sade tracks. I guess Sade felt sorry for Jay and considered his request. Jay Z knew what he was doing becasue he knew he would get a bump to his image creating history being the first artist to work with the awe-inspiring and legendary Sade.But yes, please do not work with anyone else Sade you don't need support.

  87. brad hill

    Sade...Please don't work with JayZ anymore....You are so much more substantial and talented than he could ever hope to be....You are so above having that musical hackjob on, or associated with your music, purity and persona....I love you so very much....Jay Z please stay away from the world's most talented and beautiful woman...!!!!! Jay Z stay away from us  with your silly lowest common denominator psuedo music....Shame on you America for making this loser famous....!!!!!!

    Damario Haynes

    I wholeheartedly agree

    Elton Leong

    Who the fuck are you to tell a Legendary, once in a generation artist who to work with? While in my mind Sade is working on a level of her own, you should not insult Jay-Z. These are artists... they work to express themselves and they will corroborate with whomever they damn so well please.

    Mav ' rick

    I'm late but I hope you got all that hate out by now...

  88. Vincent Kiburu

    Beautiful song. Nice collabo.

  89. Eliza Gutierrez

    Im in love! =)

  90. Tamo Goguadze

    best song ever !!! <3 even with jay Z

  91. ansilla b

    These lyrics are siiiick. You'll always know..

  92. ellis iln

    9 in 10. ACD. Ugh.

  93. WALLAH_majik

    Sorry but Jay killed this song for me. I like Sade solo.

  94. j lee

    I love this song ❤

  95. Michael Nizam

    Jay z kills it!!! All haters shut the f*ck up & sit the f*ck down!!!!!

  96. daniel strickland


  97. Jalen mUTUA

    jay-z verse was wicked