Sade - The Big Unknown Lyrics

Ooh, ooh
Hmm, mmm

Only love could bring us
Bring us to this bitter plane
Only one of us
Who's gonna walk away
Here in the deep below
That only darkness really knows
I'm hoping for a humble seed to grow
No, I won't surrender to this hard hearted night
Though I know the sun's gonna bring the palest of light
And all that remains is everything has gone
This life is mine so I'll carry on

I'm just tryna hold on
I'm falling in the dark below
I feel I'm falling in the big unknown
Here in the deep below
I will rise
I will rise again
A humble seed will grow

I have to go back
To pull me from the wreck
I know it's not over yet
There's no fire and no flame
On this cold, cold plane
No way to measure my pain

I'm just tryna hold on
I'm falling in the dark below
I feel I'm falling in the big unknown
I will rise
I will rise
I will rise again
A humble seed will grow

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Sade The Big Unknown Comments
  1. Musik Liebhaber

    Happy Birthday! I wishing you the best.🙏

  2. DeAngela H

    I just saw the movie. Didnt know about the song. I jumped up when I heard her voice. I couldn't believe I didnt know she released this song.

  3. Lena Jonathas

    She’ll be 61 tomorrow.. 1/16/2020🙂

  4. bod cloud



    Sade- you are the best!
    From Siberia with love ✨

  6. salma bazazi

    Name of movie ??

  7. Sharina Moss

    I literally just watched the movie came straight here. Love it!!

  8. Christophe ROBy

    I love song

  9. Felicia Kelley

    When, when, when did this come out? Why, why, why haven’t I heard this until now?
    Viola Davis the only reason why I clicked.

  10. Thomas Geza

    Sade knows she is on a league of her own, that is why she comes and goes whilst we want more

  11. Ms Pat

    Mrs. Viola Davis, A Beautiful Woman. A Great Actress. Blessing, and Prayers to you love.

  12. Ms Pat

    Widow, For 26 years Now. I never remarried. Still standing on my own. Went to the storms of life. Am fine now. Thank You. Lord.🙌🙏

  13. Charlean Batton

    I love this lady with all my heart💖💖💖

  14. Demi Noire

    She never fails to bring soul and power. My fav artist of all time !

  15. Cleo Cenci

    Sade speaks to the soul, the mind and your heart! She makes you cry and you don't know why! That's a true artist! ❤

  16. Tarek Abdelmeguid

    What a beautiful track...I miss SADE

  17. Rosannasfriend

    Cool song.

  18. jeanettesdaughter

    Widows. Fabulous movie about what women can do when we must!

  19. Ewelina M.

    These sounds touch the soul..her voice is magical

  20. Duece Momm

    Safe only makes hits. This is beautiful 😍

  21. Tina Booth

    Sending you my {{{vibes}}} where ever you are know I LOVE U in the morning sunrise an the darkest of 🌙..Gerry just the man!

  22. Julia

    Sade- ты вечная!!!!ты любимая в России!!!

  23. Julia

    Обожаю !любимка!!?

  24. Ariel Sanchez

    Fugg ipod.. i pie.. Simz

  25. Ariel Sanchez

    I push _PIE ( O)O

  26. Ariel Sanchez

    I... I!♈ME.. I PUSH LOVE💨🕛🕧💫🕧🕐

  27. Ariel Sanchez

    Fut u cut kut, DOPE AS YOLA! #I#MOVE#LOVE#

  28. Ariel Sanchez

    I move love i sove tove e nove i nove gove.

  29. ☆ TOTU ☆ BINE ☆ SQUAD ☆

    Only love could bring us..
    Bring us to this bitter plane...
    ♥ In stitches - - - > 💔 💔💔

  30. James Williams

    I fucking love this woman.

  31. MK MK

    Just Watched this movie and WOW. All the women were phenomenal. I watch everything staring Viola, her scenes are mesmerising. Cynthia Erivo makes me proud to be British, she is so talented. All 4 women were excellent!

  32. Carter Strother II

    Pardon my Parisian , but Who the hell gave this a 👎🏼??!! I am angered.


    Heres una chingoneria eres lo máximo te amo quisiera conocerte y darte un veso

  34. Armelle Pietro

    Une voix merveilleuse, douce, réconfortante, calme, toutes les qualités d'une très grande artiste. Sa discrétion fait d'ellle quelqu'un un d'exceptionnel.
    Très heureuse de la retrouver with The Big unknown !

  35. Sherife Wright

    What the fuck why do they always do subliminal shit like that

  36. Dorothy Aguilar

    🎶💝🎶💓🎶 Sada is so smooth and her soul hits the core of ones soul. Full of peace and blessings. 🎶💞🎶💕😍

  37. Lateshia Childs

    What!!!! Its about time Sade I'm glad they are back

  38. JesusHernandez

    I just saw this movie today, and lemme say it was a gooooooood assss mf movie

  39. Yolanda Slie

    Here I am almost the end of 2019 but the song still does them things😢😢

  40. Eric Johnson


  41. Nkosana Diesel

    Can I take you out for lunch Sade

  42. ben ber

    I loved her since high school, no one has filled her shoes for me, so soothing, love her❤️

  43. WickedWordzz

    Crying to this song helps me deal with my lonliness. 😞

    Paula G

    You're not alone. Somewhere, another is crying with you. Stay strong.


    @Paula G Thank you. I'm trying.

  44. Rebecca Dolashewich


  45. Natália Castro

    Brazil please

  46. Roxanne R.

    This is about the experience of being in love with a narcissist. Unless you’ve gone through it, you wouldn’t quite understand what this song means.

  47. Trey Atkins

    Widows is the 2nd most underrated film of 2018, behind Hereditary.

  48. Marco Castellini

    Nonostante i suoi 60 anni niente da dire per la sua meravigliosa voce , niente da dire per quanto riguarda la sua bellezza che la completa come una donna meravigliosa .
    La sposerei domani ...solo per la sua voce.

  49. Kevin Lane


  50. the ARK

    How is Sade's voice better then ever!
    I swear she haunts me ❤🌧💔💎💋

  51. Monica Balancier

    Dam I love this song .....

  52. Monica Balancier

    Wow I love this ! My favorite singer and favorite actress ! 😴🤭😮

  53. Anis Kadric

    perfection..............Sade king of sorow

  54. Juliana De Souza Nascimento

    Sade Diva 🇧🇷😍

  55. Zina phillips


  56. Tania de la Combe

    SADE & VIOLA...WOW, I'm crying 😭

  57. Denise Jesus

    Ma Queen 👑

  58. Wall Brown

    Someone must give Sade the immortal serum so she comes back every 10 years and mark a generation.

  59. Dj Kriswhiz 254



    Clearly the singer was the genius behind the group and the rest of the band have been along for the ride with nothing significant to offer that a session musician couldn't provide.

  61. nunya bidness

    so you have a racist black male potential convicted murderer in your midst??? Fuckouttahere

  62. L VL

    I melt ...

  63. Markus Grant

    Tuff yuh fuq

  64. Ramone Spicer

    In my darkest times her i listen to her 🎶 and it brings me to a calm state... I Love her music....

  65. Rene Rene

    Only love...!!!!!!

  66. LRaid75

    I love ❤️ Sade

  67. Yvette Cleveland

    Luv the whole band "Sade"..💖💖💖💖

  68. Annette Schnelle

    Like I recently stated earlier Sade's Beauty & her amazing voice is a Gift from the Heavens above. And God doesn't make mistakes!!😇😁

  69. Kwesi Mensah

    When is sade I like before I watch the video

  70. steph marie

    Annalise 🥰

  71. Fredrick Hight

    Humble yourselves before the Lord. Return ye have strayed from the Lord; his calling never stops... the static noise of the world grows, but you can do it. Even so, come quickly Lord Yeshua / Jesus. Amen.

  72. OzzieMints

    I have no words. This woman is the absolute SOUNDTRACK to my life.

  73. Kris Gio

    Oh how I love you Sade! When I saw you live you sounded absolutely amazing. My favorite of all time! ♥️

  74. Ruby Chew

    I've never heard this song before but it is surely Sade due to the expression and feeling throughout the song.

  75. Elaine Troficanto

    Love this

  76. Darcey Linda

    Such a beautiful song with so much meaning. Love it 😘

  77. Isabel Gomes

    I love this music, I love Sade ... ONLY ...

  78. Anna N

    My l💞ve

  79. Phyllis Verges


  80. 1975stereo

    I'm bummed I missed this song

  81. Siyathokoza Zulu

    how am i only seeing this now?!

  82. Millicent Lopez

    I see Viola Davis, I click

  83. Gianni Browning

    I’m 45 years old and dreamed of seeing her in concert someday..... that dream came true in Dallas7-10 years ago,I went to American Airlines arena by myself with $100 and bought a ticket from a scalper.One of the best decisions I ever made!🙌🏾

  84. Cesar Morera

    Sade, still the best!

  85. Natalia Kulish

    Sade - singer for ages!!!

  86. Little Sade

    That's my name🤷🏽‍♀️🖤

  87. Diego Sniper Lopes

    Sade 💗... Playlist car.

  88. Shah Reeza Jabbar

    I'm longing for sade's new song & it's finally came out. What a wonderful feeling !

  89. Andrah Bell

    Sade and Sevdaliza they both do it to me every time different styles and era but outer worldly snatches my soul..

  90. Piera 74

    Bel film

  91. Kim R.

    Come back to Us Sade. We miss You.🕊️💗

  92. Mayank Agarwal

    Heard it at the end of the film "The widows". Had to find it. Amazingly beautiful!

  93. Philippe André

    My love is back!!!

  94. Николай Пустовар

    only 2.3 million, why ????? should be 230

  95. James Harter

    Phenomenal Woman!!!! LOVE HER EVERYTHING

  96. marina s gerold

    She's a Goddess with a voice like smooth Velvet. She's even better now than in the 80's. I loved her then and love her more now
    her voice is warm and inviting. It's like getting a hug from a long lost friend. ♥️

  97. Honie Forbes

    Where have I been

  98. Randi Higginbotham

    Her old music feels like yesterday. And today’s music, feels like an old dream. This woman and her band are an experience I’m grateful to witness and live ❤️