Sade - Pearls Lyrics

There is a woman in Somalia
Scraping for pearls on the roadside
There's a force stronger than nature
Keeps her will alive
This is how she's dying
She's dying to survive
Don't know what she's made of
I would like to be that brave
She cries to the heaven above
There is a stone in my heart
She lives a life she didn't choose
And it hurts like brand-new shoes

Hurts like brand-new shoes

There is a woman in Somalia
The sun gives her no mercy
The same sky we lay under
Burns her to the bone
Long as afternoon shadows
It's gonna take her to get home
Each grain carefully wrapped up
Pearls for her little girl


She cries to the heaven above
There is a stone in my heart
She lives in a world she didn't choose
And it hurts like brand-new shoes

Hurts like brand-new shoes

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Sade Pearls Comments
  1. luai ismail

    my sweet heart still nothing new with me am still in saudi arabia in jeddah in the street safe my life miss you too +966566603158 my only number

  2. deweyspf


  3. Gunthrix H.

    Yesssss sade!!🥰🥰

  4. Marcus Gonzales

    This song reminds me of an ex girlfriend I really hope life works out for her!!!!

  5. مانوئل ادم خیالباف


  6. Jonas Batista

    Faz frio em São Paulo pra mim tá sempre bom... (Racionais Mc's)

  7. Fluffy 2dimaxx

    I will and never understand how anyone with working ears could dislike this goddess she is and always a breathe of fresh air, sensuality, metaphors, hidden messages and love if you cannot see that then you are not only sadly deaf, you are also blind😔 forever a sade fan🥰😊

  8. Sajwise Dragon

    Everyone can empathize, yet few know the meaning of true struggles. A brilliant depiction of the saddest sorrows of the human struggles to survive,to which most will never really know.

  9. Njabzah Zikhali

    This is real poetry, this is timeless music. I bet yu in 30 years from now, it'll still be making sense. Thank you so much Madam Sade, you are healing the world and creating awareness for the helpless, and making those with more in their hands know of their responsibilities to humanitarian responsibilities. Eating and disposing when they full while there are other fellow humans who have nt even had a meal in days.

  10. Sandra Robinson

    Brand new shoes

  11. chris kilty

    When I first worked at Sony an electrician..I stole all Sade and roachford cds best thing I could have ever done

  12. San Fran

    She said Yah the most high ,not Jah

  13. honeybun33

    Beautiful song!

  14. Игорь Королёв


  15. Rych Dee

    I’m here because dolph used this song for one of his projects upcoming that’s finna be flames hot. But this song moved me so I’m here to check it out

  16. Panda Swagg

    yes that song get to my heart trust me😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍👀💃

  17. Juliberg Pontes

    3:01 - Capítulo 4 Versículo 3 - Racionais MC's

  18. Aaliyah Douglass

    I just noticed that the first verse was for an little dying and the second is her mother and her pain

  19. conrad ford

    One of the most emotional song ever.

  20. Eric Gordon

    So deep!!😢💯💓💓

  21. Fabtp76

    Her voice is the definition of perfect in this song

  22. Pinkyy B

    This song reminds me of my grandmother in her earlier years living in Puerto Rico where she had a very rough life as a child & as a young wife.



  24. Eric B

    That violin at 1:32 and throughout is deep. Brings out some real emotion. Beautiful song.

  25. Sandra Robinson

    Brand New shoes

  26. Coleiro Madruga

    Racionais Mc's capítulo 4 versículo 3 2019

  27. Courtney Scott

    This song By:Sade Pearls looks like it's a sad song and it's about a woman in Somalia that's what the song is all about 😭☹😭☹😭☹😭☹😭

  28. Lolo Wells

    For you and I saman. I’ll love you forever; no matter how far you’ll go. My love will always be carrying you. Be safe until the next time my beloved desert prince.

  29. ольга куликова

    Спасибо 🙏🏻

  30. slim404

    There is still a storm in my 💔 in 2019. 😭

  31. TheLparhamjr1

    I feel like, after listening to Sade say, "Hallelujah" in this song...that ONLY JESUS HIMSELF, could say it...BETTER.....! Her voice is......(there are NO WORDS...!)

  32. 3rdSoundWave

    It hurts like brand new shoes

  33. Tshireletso Kgabi

    One of my all time favourites🎼🎵🎶🌸

  34. Leighton Brown


  35. Leonardo Medeiros

    Aku no Hana

  36. Kimberly Scott

    This song touches ones soul.... Storytelling at it's best😍😍😍😍

  37. Windysaint

    ❤️ this song but definitely a sad song❤️ this song helped me to be strong when I was a single mother. Cried to the heavens above many times. Song still hurts.

  38. Judith Connell

    She`s in the darkest depths of her soul and a force stronger than nature keeps her will alive. She lives a life she didn`t choose yet is dying to survive. She reminds me of the whole world that suffer and find the strength within to survive. The stone in her heart reminds her that she is alive. Beautifully written, song, music and lyrics showing the power we all have deep within us to survive. Jude Connell

  39. william james

    All praise be to Yah'aat i used this for a ringtone years ago it scared people!!!

  40. B Bro

    Very touching song. When you think that you've got it rough there's someone going through harder times with no control over their situation

  41. Sandra Robinson

    Sade Brand New shows

  42. Nombulelo Hadebe

    she lives a life she didn't choose and it hurts like brand new shoes

  43. Shezad Mohd

    Greatest song, one of my favorite song

  44. Wanda Circus

    my soul is as always bleedingn crying while listening 2 this melancholic and so deep piece of music... and goosebumps as well cause her halleluja kills my inner pain

  45. Mariano Migliore

    Frankey and Sandrino Closing @The Bow 2017

  46. Isaac Nkuna

    2018 and am here!!!!

  47. Cardell Perry

    I know a lot of people might not like this but I think Sade and the weeknd need to do a single together

  48. Walamonga 1313

    I remember listening to a song or a soundtrack that sounded exactly like 0:13 to 0:18 but then it played something different. I wish I could recall where I heard it.

  49. Annette Angiuli

    Beautiful & sad song, gets to the heart

  50. Thiago Will

    Racionais Mc's capítulo 4 versículo 3

    Miles Boladão

    😆😆😆 sabia que teria alguém aqui pra mencionar Racionais

    Beatriz santos

    qual a ligação entre as músicas? nunca ouvi essa daí

    Miles Boladão

    Beatriz santos 2:52

  51. Judit Farkas


  52. Slavko Cosic

    *Sade* - The Queen of Pop...

  53. Paulo roberto Costa da silva

    Isso é algo de lindo de mais nos faz viajar , essa mulher é uma Deusa.

  54. scompy


  55. Judit Farkas


  56. Zack S

    Além de ter uma parte que o Racionais usou, o som é base de uma das faixas de Aku no Hana (Anime). Perfeito, simplesmente perfeito.

  57. Bolado Santos

    Parte do "aleluia" só lembro de racionais!

  58. Matthew Salinas

    💖 I have so much to praise for this woman

  59. Donavin Silvera

    3:38 Love Me Some Sade 🙇🏽‍♂️😍

  60. junior silva

    Racionais mc's me trouxeram aqui 2018

  61. Fahad20 La

    Am so proud and happy there artist who recognize african Somali woman how hard them life is. And my mam is Somalies 😍😍😍😍😍

  62. David Simmons son of God

    Hallelujah im messiah and im in love

  63. sebas de bordeaux

    didn't know this song, and quite not this album.. what a lack!!!!! this song is a real masterpiece, brings peace and love (but which song of Sade does not???) Her voice still O V E R W H E L M I N G ......!!! this women is a real goddess

  64. kordeisus

    this song is so underrated

  65. Blacky Houston

    Sade i love this song brand new shoes

  66. Matheus Marinho

    Love Sade!

  67. Elliot Rodriquez

    This lady is my Love!!

  68. jaceyl group

    Somalia women powerfull women 💕💕💕💕😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  69. moe hughes

    game over brought me here rich porter story

  70. Mbali

    This is a beautiful song❤

  71. Courtney Anderson

    this song gives me feelings I can't explain, so amazing


    Beautiful song I love her

  73. Renay Vega

    G*59 TiLL i DiE

  74. TheSapphire M

    One of the best

  75. KOKO The Clown

    $UICIDE BOY$ !!!!!

  76. hiphop670

    Cap, 4, Ver. 3 <3

  77. Nina

    Such a sad song! She lives in a world she didn't choose. I think many of us can relate in some ways a certain time in our lives when we have struggled.

  78. Peter Macias

    Haunt me with that voice.

  79. Kaio Souza

    Muito Obrigado $crim, a voz dessa mulher é incrível, verdadeiro anjo! #G59

  80. Alpha Loko!

    colô dois mano, um acenou pra mim...#RacionaisMac's

  81. Blacky Houston

    I love this song so romantic

  82. jay love


  83. By Myself


  84. The Self Made Coalition

    Reminds me of my mother she loved this song. RIParadise betty ann

  85. Blacky Houston

    Sade beautiful voice i love her

  86. Mathieu Bonin Pilote

    One of the best Sade's songs ever! ♥

  87. Mario Downing Mr fitness fitness

    She is just pure genius!

  88. mesulito

    i can only cry, if i hear this......

  89. Angieleen Juvert

    stop right now and listen to this song live and its even better than edited


    Scrim :))

    Sebas Enciso

    GRENΛDE whit that 808..

  91. Asia Craig

    Those 55 jerks who gave this a thumbs down are fools! This song is incredible.

  92. Ingrid Graham

    Moving with social awareness

  93. Edo' Camilo

    I love this song ♫ She is so beautiful 😍
    I love the Africans, their music and their culture. This song really touched me ♡

  94. Judy Connell

    Almost died to this song a long time ago:((