Sade - Morning Bird Lyrics

How could you
You are the river
Pour out of this life
How could you
You are the morning bird
Who sang me into life every day
Fly away
You are the blood of me
The harvest of my dreams
There's nowhere I can find peace
And the silence won't cease
Nothing's quite how it seems
The ghost of my joy
Won't let me be
If you set me free I will not run
I will not run
I will not run

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Sade Morning Bird Comments
  1. Eve Eve

    Silence et précieux et la voix de Sade et vivante

  2. Betty black. Black


  3. Diane Dixon

    Play this over and over crying of a he thought of my brother who have s gone

  4. Diane Dixon

    I think of my brother who is gone they have him little time to love he had cancer I cry every time I hear this I think of what his last hour was like he did in Amsterdam without family and ask them to put him to sleep rest easy brother

  5. Игорь Королёв


  6. Don Illz


  7. PotholesInMyLawn


  8. only 1 true

    Love her for life! Phenomenally beautiful on so many levels!!!

  9. Andrew Tonneman

    What I highly appreciate is that Sade you always let memorize what's the essence of love. It's about fate, it's about trust. How simple, but yet so difficult...

  10. Yasmeen S

    my favorite freestyle choreography to this song; he's soo talented

  11. LightNingCore_ / xDragonSkyQ8x

    is it normal to get addicted to a song? because i think im more then addicted

  12. Iyatha

    Here b4 a million views

  13. Glenn King

    I love this bitch.

  14. QwinE888

    So Many Memories, Experiences from Soul to Soul.

  15. riosrpi

    She is the epitamy of heart ache and love. No one can say it better.

  16. Jean Hatfield

    I Love Sade.........

  17. DrBeeSpeaks

    This song right here??! ❤️❤️👑👑


    Gracias 😘😘😘😘😘😘! Deseo de Navidad de mi para ti, que logres lo destinado por Dios con tu llama! Con amor, comprensión y sobre todo fucion cósmica!

  19. Nait Duran

    fuck :.(

  20. Angela Hamlett

    Timeless and On Time. Set me free baby and fly...

  21. jean eyene

    Cette Musique., j'ai grandi avec cette femme incroyable. ....

  22. RoeserFan1


  23. Hank Hank

    "If you set me free I will not run
    I will not runn"

  24. תומר כהן

    אין ספק שזה שיר לימי שישי...

  25. Donald Brown

    I've been searching for this song for a while now and finally found it.Beautiful song!

  26. Star Bird

    We all know where true talent lies. And it’s not with pop music.

  27. lella manar

    Restammo abbracciati insieme tutta la notte..con questo CD..Alessandro...resti l amore della mia vita...

  28. kecio oliveira

    I loved this morning bird

  29. lottabodi1

    What else is there to say.... I love it... her voice, her beauty, her music just amazing..

  30. Bunny.

    crushing on someone brought me here it sucks just set me free if you knew whats best

  31. Renata Kozlowski

    This song makes me want to die and love and die and then sing and then live.

  32. Dean Martin

    I've listened to this song soooo many times, yet every time it's a unique feeling/experience. It boggles me how she manages this without fail EVERY time. Much love Sade. Thank you for your gift of song. We are blessed

  33. Fra Diavolo

    oooooh the haunting!

  34. Writer Man1

    Sade is one of the greatest..I love her heart that she shares with every word, angels like her only pass through this life, very few glad to be a witness to her.

  35. Arnold Les

    If you're a musician you wrote 100 lyrics to this song

  36. Velvet Moon

    Tell The Story Nubian Queen!!!

  37. livingmytruth 2

    Continuous releasing. I release it all

  38. godzillahelldemon


  39. Tadream 1207

    best women singer ever

  40. QwinE888


  41. Sampa Chibuta

    31 idiots dislikes her music really!!! you come here to listen to sade music and dislike it at the end, whats wrong with you chaps??? Go and sing songs and dislike them yourselves with your families

  42. none of your fucking business

    The deep emotional impact of a scar that is torn in my memory's like hands amidst broken glass. Recollecting on the family we lost through your selfish mistakes with no concern to my tears as i became awoken once as i was broken. Trapped inside the portrait painted through a melody that summons the pain in my being.


    none of your fucking business — that was too perfect and it gives fresh perspective to the song

  43. Jordan Fritsch

    Je taime H

    Jordan Fritsch


  44. Romana Sever

    Best song on this album..

  45. paulo paulo

    i lost my father and gradmother and this song makes me cry every time i love sade

  46. Zbigniew Jabłoński

    wonderfull woman , wonderfull musick , wonderfull dream.... .

  47. Brenda Irby

    love sade!!

  48. Nashe L

    LMFAO! 😂😂😂😂, you hating on Sade. They need new ears.

  49. Ахмед Бахишев

    sade is awesome. no Rihana, no Beyonce and other can not sing like her. She has a special voice!

    Rafael Camargo Urango

    Putting those overrated pieces of junk in the same sentence with the great Sade is almost a crime.

  50. Samantha Nicole Taylor

    How could you
    You are the river
    Pour out of this life
    How could you
    You are the morning bird
    Who sang me into life every day
    Fly away
    You are the blood of me
    The harvest of my dreams
    There's nowhere I can find peace
    And the silence won't cease
    Nothing's quite how it seems
    The ghost of my joy
    Won't let me be
    If you set me free I will not run
    I will not run
    I will not run

    Dewayne Thomas

    Samantha Nicole Zuloaga it takes a special person to listen and comprehend her music, it's not for the simple minded person👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    Daniel Khork

    I wish the person who reminds me of this song felt the same as I do......

    Sweet Heart

    Excellent !!! Thank you 😚😚😚

    Aid Hašimović

    I love Sade

    h H

    @Daniel Khork I feel you ...

  51. None Of Your Business

    Emotionally riveting depiction of the fearless heart overwhelmed in her truth of dispair translated through a soul so deep it could bare the weight of a solitary still crystal blue ocean with its ground floor etched in sharp jewels glistening like diamonds in the darkness of the nightsky


    None Of Your Business wow nice comment i can relate

    Donna Swayne

    Beautifully spoken

  52. Mohammed Abdul Rahman

    I could listen to this 24 hours every day

    hassan smaini

    Est-ce le chanteur ?!

  53. lucianna lima

    amoooo essa música... SADE faz parte da minha vida, cresci ouvido suas belas canções...♡

  54. Lorena Auguste

    @Angel Ramon that is very true.

  55. Lorena Auguste

    I have known I've Safe sense I was six years old. Its terrible that some one would conceive that sort of lie.

  56. Lorena Auguste

    Wiiii love this type of music. She inspired my song writing....issues with slander.

  57. Isis2012 E

    Why would anybody give a real artist thumbs down? Just because you don't like this type of music doesn't mean it's not good, grow up!

    Alex Pearl

    Let 'em suck on their bitterness.
    They're outnumbered by thumbs-up nearly one hundred to one. :-)

    Eric Croxton

    Isis2012 E Xactly!!!

    Genki Feral

    no drugs, thugging/violence, or whores or Gucci/name brands mentioned. People can often only handle superficial things...not REALity.

  58. Andre Godfrey


  59. Marquietta Charmain Purnell

    full of beauty 😍😘😂

  60. Juan Manuel Gallardo Pinto

    The Queen of Chill

  61. December Girl


  62. john doe

    so beautiful,thank you miss Sade....

  63. Nati C

    and they give taylor swift and beyonce all the grammys..... pity...

    Bane The Insane

    Sade didn’t ever sell her soul

    Compost Wise

    As is beauty within the eye of the beholder, talent is only recognised within the heart of few listeners... Those many more of shallow depth, they merely confuse celebrity as being talent.

    zappy boi

    I don’t like either but music is subjective dude

    Genki Feral

    the system is rigged.

    Genki Feral

    @LuAn LeVel Satan and the Illuminati represent materialism/money/vanity/greed.

  64. Buster Hymen

    such beautiful music from a very sultry, elegant and classy lady. she is legendary and incomparable.

  65. Mkda maat


  66. NeverStoppedSinging


  67. angel ramon diaz

    this Angel of song well continue too make great music forever (: She is a legend and her legend is totally unstoppable (: Her music will forever be eternal (:


    well put friend

  68. Andrea Bertilone

    sensual song!!!! very significant ...

  69. Alfredo Martinez

    pido aselena Gomes como una flor x favor

  70. Joetta Thompson

    she is the greatest; so much heartfelt meaning to her songs !

    emma pagan

    Her music is life changing!!!!! Her music timeless! She’s a beautiful Soul!!!

  71. Naomi Allen

    So Peaceful And Relaxing.....Always Helps Me Escape The Harsh Reality Of Life.......

  72. Zulu Beats

    composing jazzy songs is usually the most challenging

  73. Trilla George


  74. Trilla George


  75. Saharra Davis

    it comes me down when I'm amgry☺😊😊☺😆😃

  76. Juan Diana

    sublime .

  77. David Ben-Abraham

    Beautiful music from a beautiful lady.

  78. Melissa Fawn

    Love this song

  79. Gaia Verita

    Super! Lovely Song! Sade you are just the BEST!

  80. Mario Bauzá

    makes me cry every time i hear it.......

  81. spiderman xoxo

    love this song I can never get tired of listening to my childhood favorite SADE!!!!!!!!!!.

  82. Adhieu Mal

    I love too hear this song in the morning 💕🎼🎶🎹

  83. Daniele Sdogati

    Her voice...her words...lovely

  84. Sincere Tarot 444

    Beautiful song

  85. Dominic Washington

    One of her BEST songs !

  86. Daniel Kennie

    so good yet so brief!!!!!

  87. Clara Bowling

    For my. Mom.....I love you & miss you

    Renata Kozlowski

    Clara Bowling she misses you too 🙏

  88. Mr. Davide


  89. Anne-Gaëlle Rolland

    The music is in my fresh book which is reading. I like this music and the instrumental party.

  90. Rachel Roberts

    If you set me free I will not run, I will not run...

  91. Honey SteexyPR

    one of my favorites (::

  92. Janet Mullaev

    Amazing piano

  93. Mack Mack

    Very spiritual... Love it!


    I love this song so much, and she was my moms idol.

  95. Cdub2k

    I agree

  96. Habib Bouallegue

    C'est trop romantique

  97. eadams1057

    Got to go out and get this album. I thought Love Rocks was good


    the sublime "Lovers Rock" from 2000 (my all time FAVORITE release by SADE!) is where i left off with SADE...i guess i'd better give the CD "Soldier of Love" a lot more attention...i'm seeing (hearing) now what i missed out over the past 10 years...i don't know why, but i didn't take the time to get to know this album outside of Soldier of Love (which i love!)...i completely know all the rest of her CDs going back to "Diamond Life" from 1985...i know every lyric word-for-word byheart on ALL of her other albums ...this will be like something new from SADE even though it's 10 years later...yes, indeed, i'm about to dive back in on the "Soldier of Love" CD for the complete SADE experience!

  98. Joao daSilva

    i love you, sarah freckles.

  99. Damani Leonard

    Sade and Lauryn Hill... Two beautiful and true female artist.

  100. killah QB

    So beautiful and soothing