Sade - Love Is Found Lyrics

I know my eyes already like you
Baby you, I know that love, love is found
Love is found.

I cut the radio on, I know there won't be long
I can hear you baby, I can feel your sound
I put thing closer now, now like I feel the sound

I know my eyes already like you
Baby you, I know that love, love is found
Love is found

Oh, my heart go ba-boom-boom-boom, ba-boom-boom-boom
My heart go ba-boom-boom-boom ba-boom-boom-boom
I know my eyes already like you
Baby you, I know that love, love is found
Love is found.

Oh, my heart go ba-boom-boom-boom, ba-boom-boom-boom
My heart go ba-boom-boom-boom ba-boom-boom-boom

I know my eyes already like you
Baby you, I know that love, love is found
Love is found.

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Sade Love Is Found Comments
  1. dreid62

    This looks so much like the concert I saw her at in Abu Dhabi in 2011

  2. Do Viet

    The band is cool as hell. Just ditch the dancer.

  3. Onur Bayraktar

    OUT DOR MU ?

  4. Agnieszka Kozłowska


  5. Xenia

    Шаде великолепна, просто Царица Савская! Как я её себе представляю )

  6. Павел Басов

    Вы хорошая девушка !

  7. jasperthetiger


  8. The Bronze Age of DC Comics

    James Bond?

  9. Анна А


  10. Nancy Thomas

    Her productions seem simple - and then BOOM she shreds it!!!! No gross girations, no twerking, twerking is for those who have no REAL TALENT - she is the QUEEN AND SLAYS THE DRAGON EVERY TIME - age, time, distance, makes NO DIFFERENCE TO HER/THEIR ability to BRING IT in a most extraordinary way - each and every time. the most amazing soulful beautiful talented woman on the planet - she celebrates the men in her band and appreciates each of their talents and gifts and here is something for the feminists out their that are always bashing men and trying to get them to do things for them all the while bashing their manhood - SADE shows women how to truly wield power over men, with her strong feminine beauty and simplicity !!! I don't think their is a man out there that wouldn't run to do anything for her - she knows how to let a man be a man and shine!!!

  11. Nancy Thomas

    her timing and her bands timing is MAGNIFICENT!!!

  12. Nazèni Nazèni


  13. E M

    Sade is the musical badass. No other word for her. ❤️🤘💋 Much love. She is a QUEEN!!

  14. Nancy Thomas

    Her live shows are MUSICAL ART - THE COOLEST!!!!! Hail to the QUEEN!!!!

  15. TVP Telwizja Niezależna

    Beautiful song, dance, performance. THX!

  16. Jennifer Mondesire

    The Mary Dickson I don’t like you I write for Europe Interpol

  17. Jennifer Mondesire

    The so Called judge Charlie erlich tell all my clients why I was not a public district attorney . Yes please locate the Lynne Abraham. I call whitey for purposes

    Jennifer Mondesire

    Pastor Kevin Johnson : I’m not your parishioner no more

  18. Jennifer Mondesire

    Philadelphia: I am not Haitian oh yes I deliver my Haiti police keys to Germany 🇩🇪

  19. Jennifer Mondesire

    The Sade you are no African Billie holiday

  20. Charming Circe


  21. Jesus E.

    I just discovered this song today and I love it.

  22. truebeefae357

    Sade is a blessing. Seriously.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏⭐⭐⭐⭐

  23. constance gomez

    My heart go ba boom ba boom!

  24. Gevor G

    2019 août !

  25. Michael Mills Lynn Mass

    Incredible choreography! An amazing song that is lesser known than many of her others.

  26. Claire CG


  27. roula kalivianaki

    just perfect....wonderful woman...and so beautiful

  28. Bibi Black

    Wow, they keep getting better, congratulations!!!!

  29. Cristian Dario

    This woman is the definition of class!

  30. Кара Севда

    Очень очень понравилась эта песня.,🙋🏌️👍🔥🔥🔥 Услышала ее в 2019.)))



  32. Electric Lane

    Her concerts have to be amazing to see in real life, the setting and the music come together very nice 👍 🎶⚡️❤️

  33. Do Viet

    They can ditch this kind of dancing guy. Compared to another form of dancing, just a bunch of choreographed poses without any real extraordinary skills. Looks like cheerleading and even then cheerleaders can do flips and badass stunts...

  34. Rihard Zajc

    No1, Wonderful. Greetings from

  35. vladimir grogro

    sensual,pure... love this song

  36. Marsa Alam Trips and More

    i love ,ever and ever

  37. Emre Yıldız

    Emre was here

  38. 356diane

    this song gives the soothing shivers electricity

  39. Toria Ridgway

    Sade is pure class...👌

  40. Jarek Polske Zbaw

    Still Love 2019 !!!

  41. yumusic

    This is beautiful ❤️

    Thank you to the person who share this with me. I don't know you but thank you


    Helloooooo... it's me :b I'm glad, that you enjoyed it!

  42. Svig

    bboy Cloud !!!!

  43. Jevoudrais Parlez

    The dancer is bad as 👋 hell

  44. Paul Newberry

    Beauty and Brains...always a winning combination!! Great Band!!

  45. Muammer Koldas


  46. Александр Шахновский

    Супер ! , Класс !!! Очень нравится !!!

  47. Polina Postnova

    Боже,как же это гениально! Каждая клетка откликается

  48. Маргарита Петрусенко


  49. Fioravante Esposito

    She still stay on the top


    Cool scale sub zero .

  51. Tevin Chidester


  52. Yiğit Turgut

    Out Of Index ; system failure...

  53. Евгений Демченко


  54. PotholesInMyLawn

    So good I Saw her live and it was so dope... her dancer was amazing!

  55. Yiğit Turgut

    I Pay 4 Holly ONEs.....

  56. Mary K

    Timeless and priceless

  57. Alicia McIntyre

    Love is FAIR women are the fairer sex yes we are

  58. Дмитрий Беринец

    Я за такую музыку просто ЛОМАЮ, простите за то что я люблю музыку.

  59. Anthony Taylor

    Best video

  60. Gary Lee

    Stunning beauty ❤️🇨🇦🔥

  61. Boris Boiko

    Perhaps one of...artists with a 99,9 percent rating. Every comment is positive

  62. Ale

    Oh, my heart go ba-boom-boom-boom, ba-boom-boom-boom

  63. Олександр Тимофійшин



    Reclusive personality in such a talented body .

  65. Petites Etoiles

    Music goes from my headphones to my heart and soul. Sade is queen 👸and her band members are incredibly talented.

    D train 31

    Pas reine, la princesse et si tu aimes, toi aussi tu es reine

  66. Marcus Jones

    Beautiful in every way

  67. Ceyhun Bozkurt

    2019 to forever

  68. Selma Caglar

    I love it

  69. raan

    i was here ,şubat 2019 .

  70. Hadeel Alshamari

    I know my eyes already like you...

  71. Edward J. Rapp

    No words........

  72. zitagirl


  73. luany faria


  74. sherisa little

    I don’t understand why this song and video weren’t more popular. I guess because it’s pure talent and who knows what that is anymore.

  75. Lonisha S

    Today is January 16th 2019 HAPPY 60th Birthday to the Queen 👸🏽🖤🎈🎊

  76. LoUna Jeanjoseph

    This woman is the greatest Nostalgic singers ever! & Love the beat! boom boom boom boom!

  77. Ms.Chi-Town Run it

    Still and always bumping here 2019!!!!💯💯🎶🎶🎶🎶😘😘🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  78. madmaxpaine025

    Here I am in 2019 and I'm just sitting here wishing she was touring right now. Tickets would never been bought faster lol

  79. Schams Dgh

    I’m still in love with this song ❤️

  80. Izie Valo

    2019 baby

  81. Дмитрий Беринец

    Очень КРУТАЯ.

  82. murat öz

    she rocks! and those beats are speechless.. sade is one of my favorites and her songs never get old.

  83. Karen M.

    It's the eve of 2019 ~ still Bahboom ba booming 🍾🎈🎉🎉

  84. frank kizito

    Whos watching all her videos december holidays 2018. I cannot die without going to her concert live. it cannot be too late.

  85. Viva Hate

    Sade 💙🌷i love your Cappuccino SKIN 😎🌷💙🤙

  86. Donna Williams

    Timeless. Beautiful. Dec.25.2018. I will always listen to her music. She is freaking awesome! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  87. Дмитрий Беринец

    Очень КРУТАЯ.

  88. Дмитрий Беринец

    Рвем за такую музыку.

  89. MDMA8 IOIL

    хера там говорить

  90. ilismo ilismo

    I am in love with her even more now after finding this song😘😘💝💝😍😍. Soo adding this to my song list for my gigs

  91. Ray Hanson

    took me 7 years to discover this song thru Pandora, just don't understand why they didn't play it sooner, love it